Set up Pt.1

Little me
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In Class .........................

Teacher: "Today we will be receiving three new students."

(My classmate's faces after the news )


The next moment three boys walked into the class

???:" Annyeonghaseyo. My name is Felix, 18 years of age, please take care of me." One of them said in a deep but calm voice with a slight bow and a charming smile

???:" Annyeonghaseyo. Hyunjin is my name, Also 18, please take good care of me". the one beside him said with the same bow and expression on his face.

???:" Annyeonghaseyo.My name is Woo-jin, please take care of us."

After they all introduced themselves,

Teacher: "You can take your sits around her". she said motioning them towards me

"Me," I said after looking in all directions possible

Time skip........................


It was lunchtime I had totally forgotten about Mark, I was at my locker when I suddenly felt someone's presence (A/N; she was alone in the hall as everyone was going to the cafeteria) behind me then I slowly turned around to see a boy who s taller than me by at least a feet, I looked up to see Felix smiling at me, I looked down in nervousness and gave a quick bow before attempting to leave the hallway

Felix: "WAIT." he yelled as I paused in my tracks before turning around still looking down while holding my books, as he walked towards me, the closer he got the more I wanted to run away but my body wasn't cooperating with me so I ended up looking like a statue.

"Are you okay ?" he asked and I nodded my head in a motion that said yes

"Y/n right," he asked and again nodded my head in a motion that meant yes.

"Do you mind sitting with me at lunch?" He asked causing me to look him straight in the eye only to see him still giggling which made me confused

" I'm not really good at conversations so please forgive me if I'm being rude," he said

" No, it's fine,"I replied without thinking

" so" he asked expecting an answer from me

Then It suddenly flashed in my mind that I had told Mark that I would eat lunch with him,(well, he made me) but I decided to go with Felix instead, I want to avoid Mark as much as possible, as he is also dating my stepsister Mia and she is also my bully in school to top it all off she hates me the most in this entire universe. As we made our way inside the cafeteria I could feel the gazes of everyone on us all of a sudden I felt someone's manly hands around my shoulder in a friendly manner.

Felix's POV

As we entered the cafeteria people started giving us weird stares which I wasn't really bothered, I looked over to Y/n and saw that she wasn't feeling comfortable then I decided to put my right arm around her shoulder in a friendly manner. we sat at our table and then I offered to get us both lunch which she was

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