Chapter 8: Friends

Little me
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Jin's POV

I was 3:45 am, I decided to go check on y/n, when I got there the door was locked from the outside, but that wasn't a problem since I had the master keys. I walked in and she wasn't there, ran into the bathroom but she wasn't there I was panicking for a second then I noticed Sobbing sounds coming from the closet, I opened I and there was a small figure curled u in a coner while burying her face in her legs. she slowly looked up at me her eyes were full of fear and horror, her checks were all puffed, she had eye bags and tear stains going down her face, I could tell that she had been crying for a while, I bent over to her level and tried to touch her but she tried to move back even though she was completely backed against the wall, I walked out of the room and made my way to Tae's room where Tannie was,I think that's it's name, I grabbed the dog and went back to her room, when she saw Her dog her face lit up in excitement as she cuddled it, Seeing her happy made me feel relived,

???: "Thank you" She said not meeting my eyes leaving me in shock as she had the sweetest voice I've ever heard.

Jin: "No problem, Do need anything?"I asked hoping she will answer me but to my suprise she shock her head saying no.I strached my hand towards her gesturing her to come out but she shaked her head signalling no.

Jin:"It's fine I won't hurt you I promised" I said reassuring her.

she finally came out,then the door shut with a loud thud causing her to to hug me like her life depended on it, I lifted her into my arms as she buried her face in my chest, A few minutes after she had already fallen asleep, she looked so cute,

How could could someone like her had killed someone,she is too innocent.

I thought to myself as I tucked her in and and placed pillows on all sides of the bed, I was about to walk out of her room when she suddenly held my hand, not wanting to let go, I bent over to her level, but she was still asleep. so I decided to stay with her, I couldn't help but stare at her for some reason she reminds me of Jimin.


Y/n's POV

I woke up but this time around I was in a bedroom


I tried to stand up but my stomach still hurt from the punch, that's when I noticed that I haven't seen Tannie since i was Kidnapped,my thoughts were interruppted when I heard footsteps I ran into the closet an held my legs close to my chest as I started to tear up. I started to cry more when I noticed someone had entered the room. I was crying so hard I felt like I was going to faint at any second when someone opened the closet, I looked up and saw a man he looked like he was in his twenties, he brosd shoulders and wore a warm smile

Who I saw:

I could see relive in his eyes maybe It was because I was still alive so they could torchour me more. he tried to touch my head but I moved towards the wall even more, I saw him go out of the room, at that point in time I thought I was going to died for sure until he came back with Tannie in his hands, I hugged my Tannie the moment he was in my hand I noticed the guy smiling at me warmly making me feel some warth save,with my last courage I said

" Thank you" in my lowest possible voice hoping he well not have heard me but he did

???: "No problem/ Do you need anything?" he said looking at me with worried eyes.I shooked my head in a way that says no.

He then gestured me to come out but I still said no

???: "It's fine, I won't hut you I promise" He said with a reassuring smile, It reminded me of my mum. I decided to trust him, I let go of Tannie and tried to stand up but due to the pain I couldn't, I felt some one holding my arm supporting me as I stood up, he helped me out of the closet , as soon as I walk

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