Chapter 7:Kidnapped

Little me
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ke someone was following me, only to feel someone pin me down  against the wall beside me and insert a syringe into my neck,

Every thing started to turn black and the last thing I heard was someone saying

"she is the one"


Felix's POV

Y/n: "you can leave now my house Is not that from here" Sh said in the sweetest voice ever

Felix:" fine" I replied after a lot of arguing, but I wasn't really going home as I was suppose to spy on her.


On her way home her dog jumped out of her bag ( dog carrier) and made both of us run all the way to the same park we just left I continued to follow her until she found her dog with another one that looked familiar it was Yeontan,After feeding Yeontan she decied to take him back home not bothering about the fact that It was already dark outside but As she was about to leave the park she was disturbed by three other girls, The one in front looked like The one who bullied her at school( Mia), she placed her dog carrier on the ground 

Y/n: Mia, What her words were cut off by Mia reviling her face by removing her mask.The next thing I knew Y/n was beating the hell out of Mia, after leaving her with a good amount of brusies she turned to her friends and warned them not to tell any off these to any body.


Namjoon's POV

I was in my room expecting feed back from Felix about how his first day went when I suddenly got a text from him telling me that she was leaving the mansion, I was a bit confused at what he meant but I looked out the window to see the her laeveing the mansion, I quickly grabbed three masks from the closet and ran down stairs I saw Hobi and Jimin in the living room both on their phones, I through them both a mask and yelled target I close by.

J-hope's POV

I was on my phone in the living room with Jimin when someone threw a mask at me I looked up to see Namjoon coming down the stairs in full speed as he said Target in close by, I quickly took my mask along with Jimin and we all ran out side for a second we though we lost her when, she suddenly walked into the dark alley where we were. we slowly followed her till we  caught her off guard.


As soon as we noticed her coming in our direction Namjoon hyung passed me a face towel which I gussed it was already laced with something, The moment I saw the chance I ran up to her, pinned her against the wall while covering her nose and mouth with the face towel until she out then I signalled the others to come and check if she is the one, Namjoon hyung confimes  it, He then carried her bridal style to the mansion, I was about to leave when I turned arond and saw a grey pomeranian, It was barking agggresssivly so decided not to touch it so I won't bite me, I carried it through the dog carrier and made my way behind Namjoon hyung and Hobi hyung,  we were met with many questions but all of them paused when they saw Namjoon hyung carrying a girl,

Jin: " who is that?" he asked looking at the motionless body Namjoon just placed on the  couch.

Yoongi: Yah hyung, can't you see that it's the girl?" he asked aounding annoyied

Jungkook: "hyung you are getting old" he added

Jin: you ungrateful children I carried you in my womb for over 15 good years and this is how you decied to repay my kindness to you, wow I'm highly disapppointed. he said but got cut off by Jimin.

Jimin:"Yah hyung your'e just being over dramatic then again

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