Little me
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Y/N is a normal girl, she lives with her abusive step-parents and step-siblings. Her parents died in a car crash when she was  3 years old, and was later adopted by her step-parents who treated her really badly. She is good at cooking.



It's 3:00 am in

I woke extra early today to finish my house chores before making my way to school, I got out of bed even though I was really tired but didn't really have a choice, I decided to stretch and suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my back and then remembered how I got them.




Last night while I was cooking for them (step-parents and step-siblings), all of a sudden I heard someone scream my name, I was startled but I immediately ran towards the living room and saw My step brother (Lucas) walk in with a strange girl with his arm over her shoulder I stood in front of them and didn't dare to raise my head

(what he looks like)


"Y-yes, y-you called me," I said stuttering still not daring to look at them, and suddenly I felt someone hit me hard on the face causing me to fall on my back with my head banging hard onto the wall

"How dare you refer to me like that ." he said while choking me in the air

"I-I'm s-s-sorry." I managed to say between my breaths

"Honey let her go," The strange woman beside him said in a flirty voice" I don't want this idiot to ruin your mood." she continued as she held ont

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