Little me
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           Y/N' S POV


As soon as he left my room I managed to crawl into my bed and cried myself to sleep with Tannie by my side.


As I started to recall all that had happened last night I couldn't hold back my tears and started to cry. All of a sudden I felt something pulling on my sweatpants, I looked down to see my tannie having fun so I picked him up and landed a gentle kiss on his forehead which he retaliated by giving me doggy kisses all over my face, It made me smile and always helped me focus on the positive parts of life, I finally put him down. Made my way to the washroom and cleaned up myself.


And got changed into a more comfortable outfit,

What I wore, Clothes:


And rushed down Staris to start my chores.

Time skip.................

Now I was done with my chores and Was almost done cooking breakfast. As soon as I finished cooking I set the dining table and quickly ran up stairs to my room and freshened up again and then I got ready for school.

What I wore:

My shoes:

My hair:

My bag:

I don't like to make up so I just used lip gloss instead and then I wore a black  mask on It, I put Tannie inside his dog carrier

            ( Don't mind the other dog In this photo)

And went out through the back door. My school is only about a 15-20 minute walk from my home. I first had to take Tannie to his caretaker which was along the way. Tannie, 's caretaker is actually a kind old lady whom I have known ever since I was a kid, she owns a cafe not too far from school, That was how I

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