Chapter 10: New faces pt.2

Little me
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" come in" I walked in and saw y/n hugging Jk from the back trying to hide from me


Jungkook's POV

Tae came in and y/n back hugged me tight, I cupped her face in my hands, she  had eye bags, her nose was red, and checks were wet, she looked so vulnerable, 

" His not gonna hurt you" I gave her a reasurring smile  as Tae crouched down beside her I knew she was still scared, She looked at Tae who now has one hand on her cheek, 

"I'm sorry about everything that happened between us last night, I didn't ment for you to get hurt and the gun was only to scare you I wasn't planning to hurt you or anything like that,please forgive me" he said not being able to meet hr eyes as she just sat there staring at him before she she finally said

" It's fine" Tae looked at her a bit surprised as to how fast he had forgiven her

" Thank you"  

~Time skip~

" YAH  YOU GUYS SHOULD COME DOWN STAIRS SOON OR THE FOOD WILL GET COLD"  I knew It was none other than Jin hyung who was shouting.

( Breakfast)

" You talk too much no wonder you are ageing faster than you should" Jimin said while walking down the stairs.

" You ungrateful child, I can't blame you Hobi has has spoiled you way too much" very soon every one was sitting at the table.y/n was sitting beside me and Taehyung opposite to Jimin.

Jimin's POV

I came  down stairs only to meet Jin hyung yell for us to come down stairs,

" You talk too much no wonder you are ageing faster than you should" I said not regretting a single word

" You ungrateful child, i can't blame you  Hobi has spoiled you way too much" I noticed y/n was staring at us so I sat opposite to her

 He made dinner today to make y/n feel welcome, I came down stairs and saw Y/n Jungkook, Jin hyung and taehyung.


We all sat around the Dinning table It felt like I has been a long time that we have had breakfast together, we couldn't stop looking t her y/n she looks so cute and innocent we can't believe we were about to hurt such a beautiful soul.


We were all having breakfast like a family would, I looked over to y/n she wasn't eating but I could tell that she was scanning us, she looked over to me and our eyes made contact for a few seconds, she looked down quickly i couldn't help but smile at her cuteness, she had cheeks like Jimin's, 

~Time skip~

(In the living room.)

We all sat around the couch

" So y/n do you know why you are

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