Chapter 9: New faces

Little me
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Jin,s POV

After the meeting I rushed down stairs to go get breakfast ready, I was busy making pancakes when I got startled by a voice coming from behind me, I turned around and saw Jungkook holding y/n's hand, she was wearing Jungkook's clothes,they looked huge on her, I asked them to go get the other and a worried look was visible on her face as she looks at Jungkook who gives her an assuring smile.

    Jungkook'S POV                         

As soon as Jin hyung asked us to get the other she gave me a worried look but I assured her that I will be fine. first was Yoongi hyung and Hobi hyung their rooms were across from each other, so I asked her to wake Yoongi hyung and I will wake Hobi hyung. I went into hobi hyungs room and he was already getting ready , well they were already awake before but I'm sure most of them would have gone  back to sleep. I walked out of Jimin hyung's room when I felt some one hold me tightly from behind, I looked backed and saw Taehyung at the door step of his room while y/n was hugging me tight from behind.

Yoongi's POV

That meeting Is finally over I can finally go back to my baby ( his bed), I was laying on my bed when I heard my door open I didn't bother  to turn around thinking I was Jimin as he is the only one who would come into my room so quietly, he came towards me and started poking me with I found very annoying I turned around and was about to hit him when my eyes met with someone else. i saw the girl that was brought home yesterday infront of me she was in Jk's clothes which was really big on her making her look cuter than she was yesterday, she looked at me and fear was still visible in her eyes that was when I noticed that I still had my hand up in midair, I quickly put it down,

"Ummm..........breakfast is ready" she said as she tried to run out but I grabbed her wrist and she was about to slip but I caught her I couldn't help but smile at her cuteness she opened her eyes and looked at me with fear in her eyes I let her go and 

"sorry about what happened"I said letting her go but before she could respond I ut her off

" By asking did I hurt you you?" I asked while examing h

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