Set up pt.2

Little me
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Mr.Lee's POV

As I stood in front of the lifeless body awaiting Mr.Kim and his wife, After a few more minutes of waiting they finally arrived with Y/n, Mrs. Kim was holding a small gray pom in her arms before attaching its leach to a pole and pointing a gun at it, All this while Mr.Kim was discussing with me about when and how the body was gotten. 

Time skip......................

After the seen

"Contact BTS" I heard him say in a dark voice 

???'S POV

I was peacefully ready for a book in my room when my phone suddenly rang, I picked it up to see an unknown ID so I assumed that It must be another client so I picked up the call.

???: "Who am I speaking with?"  spoke in a scary but calm tone

Mr.Lee: "Is this Mr.Kim Namjoon?" A familiar voice said

???:" Yes but you still haven't answered my question, who am I speaking with? " I  said still using a professional voice

Mr.Lee:" You are speaking to Mr.Lee lawyer of the Kim family." he responded trying to hide his fear.

Namjoon: "So, how can I help you?" I  asked 

Mr.Lee:" We have an assignment for you guys, and I would like to meet you in person with my clients."

Namjoon:" In three days you know where to come if you want to speak with us in person." I said before hanging up the call.

Then I texted the rest to meet in the meeting room, before making my way there myself. After a few minutes, everyone had walked into the meeting room and taking their sits when I noticed that there were only six of us there, then I noticed Yoongi Hyung was missing so I asked Jin Hyung where he was and he replied

Jin: He is probably sleeping, Jimin go get Yoongi and tell him that we are having a meeting". he said in a calm but scary voice.

Jimin: Yes hyung. he replied in a more casual voice.

Jimin,s POV

I was in Tae's room playing with Yeontan when I suddenly received a message from Namjoon Hyung, telling us to go to the meeting room, I showed Tae the message and we both made our way to the meeting room, We were the last to arrive so we sat opposite to each other, I noticed Namjoon hyung scanning the room like he was looking for someone when It finally caught me like an arrow that Yoongi hyung was nowhere to be found so Jin Hyung asked me to go get him as he was probably sleeping again. I walked into Yoongi Hyung's room and as expected he was asleep, I tried calling his name and as expected he only moaned and turned the other way, then I told him that we had another mission and that the others were waiting for him in the meeting room, Before walking out of the room leaving the door slightly open.

Yoongi's POV

I was peacefully sleeping with my one and only true love ( his bed), when my phone bussed but I ignored It as I wasn't in the mood to read any messages. A few minutes after receiving the message  Someone walked into my room but I didn't b

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