Little me
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My thoughts were cut off by Tea Hyung reminding us that we have somewhere else to be. 


I  was alone at home so I decided to do all my chores quickly as I didn't want any trouble from my step-parents, 

Parents?,  they are not even humans they are nothing but animals in human skin anyways I also want to take my Tannie for a walk, It's been a while since I actually gave him the attention that he deserves for bringing happiness into my life.


I had just finished my  chores so I went up to my room to freshen up and I wore some comfy clothes,

What I wore:

(Please ignore the bad pretend It's her dog carrier ( which It's supposed to be))

My hair:


After getting ready I got Tannie's Dog carrier and his leash as I also wanted to walk him a bit, I got a black cloth mask and we finally escaped hell.


We arrived at the xxx park, It was about a 20 minutes walk away from hell ( home), I looked over to Tannie who was overwhelmed with Joy to be away from home, so I let him down as he ran around the park I made sure to keep an eye on him so he won't wander off too far, as I continued to watch Tannie I caught sight of a doll laying on the ground, I picked it up and continued walking then I saw a  little girl who was crying, I ran over to her and 

Y/n: "Hey, are you okay? why are you crying?"  I said in a calm voice

???: "I lost my doll". she managed to say not looking at me as she held her legs closer to her

Y/n: "Is it this one?" I asked with a Smile

???:" Yes," she said as her face lit up in happiness I couldn't help but smile at her cuteness 

I gave it to her and then asked her name I wiped her teary face

"Lia" she replied with a smile all this time keeping an eye on Tannie from the corner of my eye

"Are you here alone?" I asked in a worried tone

" No," she said holding my hand as she stood up

"So who is here with you?" I asked 

" My brother," she said pointing towards a guy standing in the distance before running over to him.

I turned around trying to locate Tannie but he was nowhere to be found

I take my eye off him for more than a minute and the next thing I know he is nowhere to be found, where could he be I hope nothing happened to him caus..............

My thoughts got caught off when I saw him walking in front of a moving car the next thing I knew I ran In front of the car to cover Tannie and as I awaited the Impact of being hit by a car, but nothing happened as soon as I stood I was surrounded by men in black with guns then a guy stepped out of the car 

"Why did you jump in front of a car like that are you blind or something, If you want to die then die somewhere else," he said in a cold and scary voice that left shivers in my spine but I managed to reply,

" I'm sorry I was only trying to protect my dog, you were about to run over him," I said trying my best not to shutter but fear was clearly visible in my voice as I got a glimpse of who was talking to me, he was wearing a black suit h had a very hand

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