Street Women Fighter 2 Oneshots collection

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This story will be a collection of oneshots regarding the dancers of Street Women Fighter 2


❗️This is purely fiction, so do not hate or criticise the girls for what happening in the story

❗️Everything here is all my work. Please do not copy and anything that is similar to other stories are purely a coincidence but do tell me if it is much similar so I can credit the writer

❗️Slow update


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Chapter 9: I love all dance crews but Deep N Dap a little more since their dancing stood out to me. I also love the members. Soll and Jahoon worked so well together in the photoshoot. Their chemistry was sweet. Loved the shot!
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Chapter 7: This was so sad, poor Haeun. Now she is all alone without her lover by her side.At least they got to enjoy their trip together.
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Chapter 6: Minny and Jahoon have good chemistry. They tease each other but also show deep care and appreciation.
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Chapter 5: Wow, this is just perfect. Thank you so much for accepting and writing my request!

I love how well portrayed were the emotions of Mina, she has been through a lot but thankfully she has her team members by her side, including OC who takes good care at Mina when she needs it the most.

Thank you again!
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Chapter 4: While cheating is bad Eunji proved herself to be worthy of a second chance.

Thanks for writing SWF inspired stories. I really liked the show but never expected to see stories about them on here.
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Chapter 3: My heart melted reading this, it was so wholesome to see the girls interact and spend a romantic night together watching the sky and even seeing a shooting star!
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Chapter 1: I have a request but you can decline it if you don't feel comfortable writing it!

It is Deep n Dap Mina Myoung focus story, where Mina feels like a bad leader because her team hasn't done as well as expected and the members comfort her.

Additionally,Manequeen shows their support to Mina. You can chose if you want to include or exclude this part.

Can be romance or just comfort /friendship story.

Whatever works the best for you!
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Chapter 2: Poor Jahoon, there seems to be misunderstanding which brought them to the current point.

Jahoon loved Bada but did the other woman love her back? Maybe or maybe not since she had a boyfriend. Maybe she just wanted to be friends again with Jahoon like they used to be.