New Journey

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Winter loves her 10 years old younger sister so much, that she's ready to throw her hands at anyone who will make her sister cry. Her precious baby sister who loves baseball and studying. She thought her precious little sister can't even hurt a fly and an angel who was born to make her life easier


or maybe .. Not



So when Ryujin, her childhood buddy suddenly barged into their house while she was in the living room drinking her hot coffee and having a peaceful afternoon, she didn't expect to see her best friend with her 12 years old cousin who was loudly crying and ryujin telling her that her dear younger sister made her cousin cry.


Winter looked at the two in shocked and confused.


"Why would my precious little haerinie would make your cousin cry?" Winter asked her best friend in disbelief while ryujin raised an eyebrow at her.


"Are you for real now, win? Hanni is crying here because your precious little haerinie stepped on her feet and made her feet bleed" Ryujin explained while showing her cousin's injured feet. Winter then looks down, and that's when she noticed that Hanni is only using her one foot for support while holding onto Ryujin's arm. It's already treated and has a bandage around it.


She's still processing everything when someone enters their house again. They turn their heads to look at the person who just made the commotion and look at the culprit.


"You!" Hanni, who still have tears on her face, suddenly shouted while pointing at Haerin, who was only staring back at them blankly.


All of them waited for Haerin to say something. Instead, she walked through them without saying anything. The only sound they heard after minutes of silence was the closing of the door of her room. That's when Winter snaps back to reality and looks at her sister's door in bewilderment.


"See? That's what I've been telling you about winter! You have been spoiling her so much that she's been acting like a brat these days."


Winter can only accept her best friend's scolding because she indeed spoiled her precious little sister so much.

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