New Journey
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Winter tried knocking on her sister's bedroom door after talking to Ryujin and calming Hanni downstairs. She still couldn't believe that her sweet baby sister could make someone's feet bleed.



"Did I spoil her too much?"




"Haerinie, come on now. I need to talk to you." 


Winter tried knocking again, but Haerin being stubborn, didn't answer.


Thinking of her sister's weakness, she tried saying the only threat she could come up with.




"If you don't open this goddamn door, I will talk to your coach about not allowing you to go to your baseball tournament in Japan next week."




Like what winter expected, the door opened so fast, revealing her little sister glaring at her.


"What did you just say?"


Winter knew her sister's attitude smirked and stared back like she always does when her little sister is upset.



"Ugh, unnie! stop that already." Haerin started whining and stamping her foot like the kid she was.



Winter only stared at her and crossed her arms, suddenly becoming serious, which made her stop her act and look back with a pout.

When she saw her older sister giving her a look, she straightened her back while looking down.



"Okay, fine. I will tell you what happene

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bbiiWinkim #1
Chapter 7: gahaman sa salapi tong si lee at Yu, buti na lang din at nagising tatay ni yeji na kasusuklaman siya ng anak niya pagdating ng panahon
kasterian #2
Chapter 7: hwang is a good dad; the other two tho… they can go to hell
Soumyapunz5 #3
Chapter 6: Can't wait for the update 😭
kasterian #4
Chapter 6: awwweee poor baby… haerin’s too young to be so heartbroken 😭
Chapter 6: so Karina isn’t actually happy with Jeno and just with him for the family business? wonder if there’s more to that….
Chapter 4: awhhh Haerin, it’ll be okay 🥺
Chapter 6: Smell the complicated story behind minjeong and jimin's backstory
No_looksies #8
Chapter 5: I definitely am super curious about how things ended up between Jimin and Minjeong.. so the reason why minjeong have up on jimin was so that the latter could be happy with jeno.. I feel bad for minjeong and I don't think she has moved on..
I am so excited to see how the four girls will interact with each other! Yeji with ryujin and Jimin with minjeong! Also the love story between Haerin and Hanni is also cute!
Aaaahhh I am so curious and excited to read more!
Thank you for writing this author nim!
Hiccups_ #9
Chapter 5: What did Karina do? (⁠ノ⁠`⁠Д⁠´⁠)⁠ノ⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻
bbiiWinkim #10
Chapter 5: why would winter cry and begged??