New Journey
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"Shut up, Yej"










"Oh, come on Rina. Smile a little, will you?"





Yeji smirks at her best friend who's still keeping a straight face. 





"I told you to stop calling me that."





Yeji only laughed when she saw the latter glaring at her.











"Why? It reminded you of someone?" Yeji smirks at her.





Karina groaned and started walking away, frowning at what Yeji asked her.








"Min and Dani, let's go."

The two kids immediately followed her silently. 








Looking at each other, Minji leaned in so only Danielle could hear her while still following behind her sister and Yeji, who was holding into Karina's arm and continuously teasing her about someone.









"Do you have any idea who they are talking about?" Minji whispered curiously at Danielle who was listening closely.





"I don't know, yeji unnie never mentioned any names other than Jeno."






Minji then giggled when she heard Danielle calling her sister's boyfriend's name without using an honorific.





"You don't like calling him oppa?"





"Yeah, I don't like his guts. Something about him makes me irritated for some reason." Dani whispered angrily.





"He was always leeching on Karina unnie like boy, Karina unnie deserves someone who respects her.

He always acts like your sister is some trophy to show off."







Minji nodded, agreeing with what her friend is saying about her sister's boyfriend.

Both of them don't like him because of how he acts whenever they are with other people, mostly with Jeno's friends who are all admiring the relationship of the couple. Minji and Danielle can't see where the admiration is coming from when all Jeno did was brag about how their Karina unnie chose him and loves him more than anyone.











"She probably has no choice because of your family business," Danielle said, rolling her eyes. 







Minji looks at her, nodding again.









"That's surely one of the reasons she can't break up with him."


























Hanni jumped a little when someone touched her shoulder from behind.

She stumbled and turned around to look at the person who called her.







She was shocked to see Minji and her other friend, Danielle.






The two girls laughed at her reaction.










"Sorry for startling you." Minji keeps laughing at the red face girl, looking embarrassed. 






Hanni cleared , acting like nothing happened. 







"What are you guys doing here?" She asked the two girls who were smiling at her.








"We were just shopping and looking around with our unnies. Are you alone? Do you want to join-"
















"Hanni unnie! I found it!" 




Haerin didn't notice the two other people Hanni's talking to.

She ran to Hanni excitedly, showing her the tomato frog keychain that Hanni gave her as a birthday present 2 yrs ago.

She's grinning at Hanni while shaking the keychain in her hand. Hanni laughs and smiled at her best friend.







Minji and Danielle can only watch the two amusedly. 







They are in their own world.









"Where did you find it?" 





"I remembered we sat at the nearest bench and there I saw it under it! I'm so glad I didn't lose it or else I will search for it the whole day."




"What?! you don't need to do that haerinie! I can buy you a new one."





Haerin looked hurt for a second and hugged the keychain she was holding.






"How could you say that? This gift is so precious to me! you can't just replace it!"






Hanni's eyes widened at her best friend's reaction. She didn't expect the outburst. 







She panicked when she looks at the girl who was now looking at her teary-eyed.










"H-hey, I didn't--"








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bbiiWinkim #1
Chapter 7: gahaman sa salapi tong si lee at Yu, buti na lang din at nagising tatay ni yeji na kasusuklaman siya ng anak niya pagdating ng panahon
kasterian #2
Chapter 7: hwang is a good dad; the other two tho… they can go to hell
Soumyapunz5 #3
Chapter 6: Can't wait for the update 😭
kasterian #4
Chapter 6: awwweee poor baby… haerin’s too young to be so heartbroken 😭
Chapter 6: so Karina isn’t actually happy with Jeno and just with him for the family business? wonder if there’s more to that….
Chapter 4: awhhh Haerin, it’ll be okay 🥺
Chapter 6: Smell the complicated story behind minjeong and jimin's backstory
No_looksies #8
Chapter 5: I definitely am super curious about how things ended up between Jimin and Minjeong.. so the reason why minjeong have up on jimin was so that the latter could be happy with jeno.. I feel bad for minjeong and I don't think she has moved on..
I am so excited to see how the four girls will interact with each other! Yeji with ryujin and Jimin with minjeong! Also the love story between Haerin and Hanni is also cute!
Aaaahhh I am so curious and excited to read more!
Thank you for writing this author nim!
Hiccups_ #9
Chapter 5: What did Karina do? (⁠ノ⁠`⁠Д⁠´⁠)⁠ノ⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻
bbiiWinkim #10
Chapter 5: why would winter cry and begged??