New Journey
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A/n: Italic font = Flashbakcs

       Bold + Italic font = thoughts of someone








"Hey, win. I heard we're going to have new, three transferees today,"


Ryujin said while putting her bag on her chair. 



Winter didn't say anything, ignored her friend, and continued reading her book. 





"Ryu, you should review. We have a quiz on our math subject." 



As always, Winter didn't mind what gossip Ryujin would tell her. She only has an interest in studying and reading.

Ryujin pouted, sat beside her, and put her arm around Winter's shoulder, trying to annoy her best friend like always.

"Win. Why are you so boring? Can you at least look at me while I'm talking?" Ryujin whined at her friend and sulked in her seat.


Winter just glared at her and tried to shake off her arm around her shoulder.



"Can you please put your damn arm off my shoul-" 







Rryujin started choking her playfully, then suddenly puckered her lips in an attempt to kiss her. Winter looked at her best friend in horror and tried to break free, but Ryujin had more strength.



She was pushing Ryujin's face away from her, fighting for her life, when three girls and their teacher entered their classroom and looked at them weirdly.

Ryujin got off her so fast and acted like she aint trying to do anything while Winter was still glaring at her.






"Ms. Kim and Ms. Shin, I hope you guys stop choking each other in my class," Mr. Lee said to scold them, making Winter turn her head so fast to complain about Ryujin bothering her she was about to open when her eyes landed at the girl beside Mr. Lee instead.





"Damn, she's pretty."




Winter keeps staring, wide mouth open like a fish. The pretty girl looks back at her, but feeling her stare, the girl suddenly feels anxious because of the look she and her friends are getting, especially the girl with short bob hair looking like a lovestruck puppy staring at her.


Ryujin snickered beside her witnessing her best friend's lovestruck face.




"Win, stop daydreaming. You look like an idiot. Close your mouth." Trying to save her best friend from embarrassing herself further, Ryujin whispered loudly enough to hear so Winter could snap back to reality.



Everyone started murmuring and talking excitedly because of the three beauties in front of them.



"Okay, everyone, stay quiet now. As you can see, you have new classmates here. I hope everyone will be nice and welcoming so they won't feel uncomfy today. You can introduce yourself now, girls."

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bbiiWinkim #1
Chapter 7: gahaman sa salapi tong si lee at Yu, buti na lang din at nagising tatay ni yeji na kasusuklaman siya ng anak niya pagdating ng panahon
kasterian #2
Chapter 7: hwang is a good dad; the other two tho… they can go to hell
Soumyapunz5 #3
Chapter 6: Can't wait for the update 😭
kasterian #4
Chapter 6: awwweee poor baby… haerin’s too young to be so heartbroken 😭
Chapter 6: so Karina isn’t actually happy with Jeno and just with him for the family business? wonder if there’s more to that….
Chapter 4: awhhh Haerin, it’ll be okay 🥺
Chapter 6: Smell the complicated story behind minjeong and jimin's backstory
No_looksies #8
Chapter 5: I definitely am super curious about how things ended up between Jimin and Minjeong.. so the reason why minjeong have up on jimin was so that the latter could be happy with jeno.. I feel bad for minjeong and I don't think she has moved on..
I am so excited to see how the four girls will interact with each other! Yeji with ryujin and Jimin with minjeong! Also the love story between Haerin and Hanni is also cute!
Aaaahhh I am so curious and excited to read more!
Thank you for writing this author nim!
Hiccups_ #9
Chapter 5: What did Karina do? (⁠ノ⁠`⁠Д⁠´⁠)⁠ノ⁠彡⁠┻⁠━⁠┻
bbiiWinkim #10
Chapter 5: why would winter cry and begged??