Japan (3)

New Journey
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"Win, Is Haerin okay?"





Ryujin worriedly watches the kid at the baseball field.






Winter furrowed her brows, more worried than anyone in the crowd.

She sighed when she saw Haerin's coach approach her sister for the nth time. 






Haerin was looking down, shoulders slumped, holding her baseball bat down.






"I don't think so." Winter can only look at the latter.





"Can't Hanni go and watch? I thought she wanted to surprise Haerinie?"






She hopefully looks at Ryujin, wondering what made Hanni absent at her sister's tournament.





Ryujin's face looks apologetic. She scratches her head thinking of how she can tell what her cousin said about her plans.





"Unfortunately, minji pleaded to her last night to go with her today to Danielle's swimming competition.

Yu and Hwang can't attend because of a sudden emergency. Hanni expected she could watch minji and Haerin's games on different days.

She was thinking about it real hard last night and barely slept."



Ryujin explained on behalf of her cousin, having the idea that Haerin is sad and can't focus because of her cousin's absence.






"So she chose to accompany minji?" Winter sadly asked. 







Ryujin could only nod her head, feeling sad as well.




Winter feels sad for her sister but at the same time. She understands the situation of Minji and Danielle.

The two were probably devastated that their guardians who came with them couldn't even go and support them.





I hope Hanni can make it up with Haerinie.








They watched her walk to her position, fixing her posture and holding her baseball bat up,




"Did Hanni tell her this morning why she can't go?"





















"Hey. Sweetie, do you want some more meat?" Winter asked her sister softly.

The kid looks defeated and only eats her food silently.







They are at the restaurant, celebrating her sister's game.

Win or lose. She always wants to celebrate the after-game.

She knows that Haerin deserves a treat for working hard.







Ryujin can only watch the two in silence. She felt guilty and worried for Haerin.

She watched Winter put more food on Haerin's plate while the kid was spacing out and chewing her food.









"I told you that it's okay to lose. I'm still proud of you, no matter what. You did so well.

Unnies was amazed by your skill. You look so cool and-"








"I don't have an appetite to eat, Unnie."








Winter and Ryujin flinched at the tone of her voice. She coldly looked at them and pushed the plate to Winter's side gently.







"I want to rest. I'm going back first." 






Winter was about to protest, but she saw the look her sister was giving her.

The look clearly says, "I want to be alone.".





She sighed and nodded her head. She's worried sick for her sister. She knows she needs time for herself.





Haerin then stood up and bowed at them. She still tried smiling at them, but it didn't reach her eyes.

That made Winter sad. It gave her heart a crack.






They could only worriedly watch her walk away from them. 











"I'm sorry, Win." Ryujin looked down and played with her spoon.






 They both lose their appetite after seeing Haerin like that.






"Hey, you don't have to say sorry. It's no one's fault. Things can happen."



Winter patted Ryujin's hand on the table, giving her best friend a comforting smile.






"I just hope the two kids can talk and make up."





Ryujin sighed and nodded her head. She was thinking of talking to her cousin later.





"Yeah, this can damage their friendship. I'm honestly worried about that.

They have known each other for a long time like us, but when I think about it, we never fought with something like this."







Ryujin frowns, thinking hard if she and Winter had a misunderstanding like the two kids are having.







"We always just let each other do our own thing, especially when we had a crush on someone.

I remember you even pushed me away so I could have my chance with Lia, even though it was your mathematics competition."

Ryujin chuckled at the memory.






Winter cleared . Knowing what's the real reason why her sister acts differently. Ryujin then looks at her suspiciously.








"Are you hiding something from me, Win?" Ryujin's eyes narrowed, looking at her fidgety best friend.







"I don't know if Haerin is comfortable with you knowing it."





"What is-"











"Ryu unniiieee!" 







They got startled and turned at the kid who was running towards them. 





Hanni was panting hard while holding a yellow paper bag in her right hand.



She looked at her two Unnies confusedly, searching for someone.






"Where's Haerinie?? Is she at the restroom right now???" Hanni asked eagerly.


She's excited to hug and congratulate her friend.






Winter can only give her a sympathetic look. Ryujin is contemplating what to tell her.






"Well, she's tired because of the tournament and wanted to go to the condo first." Ryujin meekly said.






Hanni's excitement dies down. She sat in the chair in front of her Unnies tiredly.


She sighed and pouted.



"Did you run all the way here? Why are you so sweaty?"





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bbiiWinkim #1
Chapter 7: gahaman sa salapi tong si lee at Yu, buti na lang din at nagising tatay ni yeji na kasusuklaman siya ng anak niya pagdating ng panahon
kasterian #2
Chapter 7: hwang is a good dad; the other two tho… they can go to hell
Soumyapunz5 #3
Chapter 6: Can't wait for the update 😭
kasterian #4
Chapter 6: awwweee poor baby… haerin’s too young to be so heartbroken 😭
Chapter 6: so Karina isn’t actually happy with Jeno and just with him for the family business? wonder if there’s more to that….
Chapter 4: awhhh Haerin, it’ll be okay 🥺
Chapter 6: Smell the complicated story behind minjeong and jimin's backstory
No_looksies #8
Chapter 5: I definitely am super curious about how things ended up between Jimin and Minjeong.. so the reason why minjeong have up on jimin was so that the latter could be happy with jeno.. I feel bad for minjeong and I don't think she has moved on..
I am so excited to see how the four girls will interact with each other! Yeji with ryujin and Jimin with minjeong! Also the love story between Haerin and Hanni is also cute!
Aaaahhh I am so curious and excited to read more!
Thank you for writing this author nim!
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