Chapter 9

Blue Moon
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During the night, Donghae woke up to his son's thin cry and noticed that Hyukaje was lying next to him, but separated by their baby boy. Before he could wake the alpha, he picked up the baby and noticed his dirty diaper. 

 "Yay!" he rolled his eyes as he realized that he was still at home in the northern pack and that he had nothing there for his son. 

 Carefully and quietly, she left the room slowly seeing that the hallway was clear and walked in the dark looking for something where they could keep utensils and supplies for the pups. 

 Donghae : Calm down my baby (rocked him calmly)

 DDD : Do you need help? 


 The brunette was startled to hear a voice behind him. 

 Donghae : It depends... (stared omega up and down)

 DDD : My name is Kwan, I am your appa's husband.

 Donghae : He is not my appa (said nervously and with a certain brutality)

 Kwan : Right! Looking for something?

 Donghae : Do you have any diapers?

 Kwan : Sure, come on (pointed to the front)

 Donghae : I will follow you


 The younger one followed the other omega to a small room with a small pantry. 

 Kwan : I didn't throw anything away, because I hoped that one day everything would come for my grandson.

 Donghae : Soon you will have your grandchildren (he threw a sarcastic smile at her)

 Kwan : Yes, one day (The two remained silent while the brunette changed the cub) Daewon is not a bad appa

 Donghae : I didn't say anything 

 Kwan : He suffered when his mother died

 Donghae : I didn't think so, in fact he cut his head off in front of everyone

 Kwan : I'm talking about Jiyoung (the other didn't say anything) I, in the first months of marriage, was competing with a dead love

 Donghae : Listen, I don't want to sound rude (sighed) But I don't want to have anything to do with the North

 Kwan : Are you going back East? Or to the city?

 Donghae : What do you care?

 Kwan : If I stay, one of my sons doesn't have to marry who he doesn't want (whispered softly) In front of the north has always been the blue moon wolf family and I thought...

 Donghae : Do you really think I have the profile to be a leader?

 Kwan : With an alpha by your side, you would 

 Donghae : I'm done (said after putting his puppy away)

 Kwan : Let's go


 The other nodded and guided Donghae back to the room he was in. As soon as the brunette entered, he noticed that Hyukjae was not in the room. He shrugged and lay down on the bed again, so that he could rest.

Tomorrow he would soon see how he would get out of the north, so with that thought he fell asleep around the smell of the alpha that he felt so much and wished he had by his side in his pregnancy. 

 The next morning, the sun came in through the window and hit the brunette directly in the face. He got up and got as tidy as he could and got up with the baby so he could get out of there, however, when he reached for the doorknob the door wouldn't open. She tried again and nothing, so she put her son down on the bed and tried again and again nothing. 

He opened his eyes as he realized that he was trapped in his room and still locked out of his keys, he wanted to scream and knock on the door, however, he was aware that he had a baby sleeping on the bed. He took a deep breath, containing the screams that wanted to come out and call for someone to open the door. 


 A nervous Hyukjae paced back and forth nervously, but stopped as soon as he saw his hyungs arrive with Ryeowook. 

 Kangin : What happened?

 Hyukjae : Donghae (took a deep breath)

 Leeteuk : Is he here? (the other nodded) Why?

 Hyukjae : Ajumma Eunji is dead (bowed his head) Donghae's Omma

 Kangin : What?

 Hyukjae : Donghae is Daewon's son (all three widened their eyes)

 Ryeowook : Donghae hyung is my brother? (East alpha nodded) The blue moon appeared, that means?

 Kangin : Hyukjae!

 Hyukjae : Donghae had a baby of mine and didn't tell me (bowed his head) 

 Ryeowook : Betrayed my brother?!

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Chapter 9: All of them are stupid, very very stupid... I'm getting a headache
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But wait, did Daewon changed? Like he cared for hae but wasn't able to properly show it?

Thanks for the update! ^^
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Chapter 8: Ohh. So hyuk was supposed to marry Daewon's son who happens to be hae.. I still don't like daewon. Now that he knows his son was a bluemoon son and now his grandson too. Feels like he's plotting something.
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Chapter 2: Wow got a lot to catch up with..
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