Chapter 7

Blue Moon
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A faint crying noise was heard, Donghae smiled towards the source of the sound and picked up the puppy on his lap. 

 Donghae : Shi shi, it's okay baby (rubbed his nose on the little head feeling the good smell) Halmeoni Eunji just went for a walk, but I'm here and ready to take care of you


 A few small whispers without any sense were heard, making the brunette smile even more, he sat on the bed so he could better admire his offspring. 

 The feeling of having his child in his arms was great, however, his thoughts couldn't help but run away and imagine Hyukjae by his side as they admired little MinGyu. 

 He felt a few tears want to come out of his eyes and at the same time a bitter taste formed in his mouth as he swallowed the cry that wanted to come out. Donghae would not cry while holding his child in his arms. The cub didn't need to see his omma crying so soon. 

 The smell that was gradually forming making known what his rank was, he knew he would be caring for and raising an alpha and within the omega was born an insecurity, but having his mother by his side, he would know that everything would be okay. 

 Donghae : We'll be fine (whispered softly cradling the baby)


 A few hours went by and Donghae was getting more and more worried without hearing from his omma, until a knock was heard at the door. He glanced at his son to see that he hadn't woken up at the noise and went to open it.

 As soon as he opened the door, his world stopped. 

 After 8 months, he was standing there in front of her!

 The alpha who was her son's appa was at that moment in front of her!

 Hyukjae : Hae...

 Donghae : What are you doing here?

 Hyukjae : Pack your things, we need to go east (went inside the house trying to get closer to the smaller one)

 Donghae : No (walked away)

 Hyukjae : Please don't be stubborn (sighed) Let's go east 

 Donghae : Shouldn't you be with your spouse?


 The brunette was so nervous having his eldest in front of him, even more so when he had a newborn who wasn't even a day old, fast asleep in his room. 

 Hyukjae : I'll tell you everything, but you have to come with me to the East

 Donghae : No

 Hyukjae : Donghae! (deep breath) Listen to me, I'm trying to keep you safe 

 Donghae : De?

 Hyukjae : I'll tell you everything on the way, but pack your things and let's go 

 Donghae : Omma

 Hyukjae : I have to keep him safe


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