Chapter 11

Blue Moon
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Waking up with Donghae beside him was nostalgic for Hyukjae, even more so when the latter had voluntarily moved closer to him after waking up in the middle of the night to feed little MinGyu. 

 Two knocks were heard at the door, and more than in a hurry, the alpha got up without disturbing the omega's sleep so he could answer it. He sighed as soon as he found the middle son of the northern leader. 

 BaeSoo : Aren't you going to let me in? (he stepped forward, but the other closed the door behind him)

 Hyukjae : What do you want?

 BaeSoo : I want to know why my fiancé is sharing a room with another omega?

 Hyukjae : You know I'm not your fiancé anymore (the omega widened his eyes) And I'm sharing the room with my family

 BaeSoo : So it's true all along? (questioned dismissively) You got another one pregnant out of wedlock, an omega from the city?  

 Hyukjae : Watch your words! (threatened without raising his tone of voice) And that other one is your brother

 BaeSoo : My appa may be mistaken, that omega is not my brother

 Hyukjae : Do you need something BaeSoo? (no reply) Then, if not, you can go ahead

 BaeSoo : Hyukjae...! (he was about to shout, but was shot) How hateful!


 The older man waited for the ex-fiancé to come out of his bedroom door so that he could enter again and be with his little family.

 XXX : Don't even think about coming in! (commanded a voice)

 Hyukjae : Why Daewon?

 Daewon : We need to have a very serious talk

 Hyukjae : Look

 Daewon : Don't test my patience


 The east alpha rolled his eyes, took a deep breath, and stared hard at the elder's face. 

 Hyukjae : You have five minutes.

 Daewon : I have as long as I want 

 Hyukjae : No! The ones who have as much time as they want are my family and Daewon

 Daewon : As much as you don't want to, we are family (threw him a wry smile) Since you had no shame in leaving my eldest son pregnant and alone 

 Hyukjae : I won't talk about the same thing again (said tiredly) 

 Daewon : What I want to say is too fast 

 Hyukjae : Say it?

 Daewon : Pack your bags and you can leave the northern pack 

 Hyukjae : How?

 Daewon : That's what you heard (shrugged) Pack your things and you can leave

 Hyukjae : Why?

 Daewon : Isn't that what you always wanted? Cancel the wedding and go back East? I'm releasing you from the arranged marriage that was going to happen! BaeSoo is no longer your fiancé!

 Hyukjae : What is the reason for this decision?

 Daewon : There is no reason

 Hyukjae : Fine, I'll come back (the northern leader smiled) But Donghae and my son are going with me (and the leader's smile dropped making him smile) Do you really think I would leave Donghae and my son in the North? (asked sarcastically) Stupid alpha (whispered)

 Daewon : Donghae is my son!

 Hyukjae : And my omega!

 Daewon : You are not married and there is no mark that unites you!

 Hyukjae : I could be married to Donghae right now, if it wasn't for Daewon maki

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17 streak #1
Chapter 9: All of them are stupid, very very stupid... I'm getting a headache
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Chapter 6: I wonder why the East Clan is stupid... shouldn't they check the background of the other clan first before agreeing to a unification???
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Chapter 14: Yay. An ending they deserved. ^^
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Chapter 13: Loved how hae stood up for himself and for his family. Esp in the last update, where he said to hyuk that it would be the last time they'll move becayse his son has been exposed to many scents alr.
But wait, did Daewon changed? Like he cared for hae but wasn't able to properly show it?

Thanks for the update! ^^
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Chapter 11: Oh theyre back together again 🥹 cried over when hyuk said he's gonna fulfill his promise when theyre 6 years old 💙
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Chapter 8: Ohh. So hyuk was supposed to marry Daewon's son who happens to be hae.. I still don't like daewon. Now that he knows his son was a bluemoon son and now his grandson too. Feels like he's plotting something.
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Chapter 2: Wow got a lot to catch up with..
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Chapter 1: Subscribed! OMG. This is nice.