Chapter 2

Blue Moon
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Two children were running freely in their wolf form through the vast bush around the pack on a very sunny day, the people standing near them were just smiling with the little youth totally oblivious to the mischief that one day life could have.

 AAA : Donghae, Hyukjae come eat (shouted a laughing voice to the two)


 Both wolves ran up to the boy a little older than them and turned to their human form so they could join in the wheel of friends. 

 Hyukjae : Teuk hyung (said in his newly discovered 12 year old voice) What did you guys do today?

 Leeteuk : The ajushis and ajummas made broth 

 Donghae : I like it (smiled happily) 

 Leeteuk : Your ommas are waiting for you, they asked me to call you


 The three chicks walked between jokes where a large part of the population was sitting for months, as a habit, the two friends, Donghae and Hyukjae sit next to each other at the same table as their parents. 

 Donghae : Hyuk tells again about the blue moon story 

 Hyukjae : Again Hae? 

 Donghae : Yes please, but I want the full one 

 Hyukjae : But ajumma Gyuri only told me that part too (faced the minor's mother)

 Donghae : Omma! (pouted as he looked at his mother)

 Gyuri : My little omega (pulled his bangs out of his eyes) There's nothing else to tell

 Donghae : But where did the blue moon wolves come from?

 Gyuri : Some say that it was the chief of the pack Yeon to protect his clan from a great battle, he asked the spirits for help and in reward he gave his son to the moon to protect the world from evil and that's why this legend arose, the blue moon wolves being stronger 

 Donghae : The Yeon pack is where?

 Hyukjae: The teacher said you were born on the north side (shrugged)

 Donghae : When does the blue moon appear?

 Gyuri : As soon as the omega or the mate of the alpha of the blue moon wolf bloodline was bringing the pup to the world

 Hyukjae : Forget about it and eat more (pushed the plate with the broth)

 Donghae : I don't want to. Omma can I have a slice of ajumma Chorong's cake? (asked pointing to Hyukjae's omma omega pot)

 Gyuri : Of course my prince (smiled)


 Once the two young men finished eating they joined their small group of friends. 

 Donghae : Hyuk, let's go play in the river (pulled his friend)

 Hyukjae : Let's go with Hyungs and Henry 

 Leeteuk : The river is dangerous 

 Donghae : Please hyung (pouted)

 Kangin : I'll go in with little Donghae (smiled, holding the 10-year-old's hand)

 Hyukjae : No! (stood between them) I'll go with Donghae

 Donghae : Let's all go in (Grabbed the two alphas' hands and pulled them to the riverbank)

 Sungmin : But we just ate

 Donghae : Just get your feet wet (started running with the others in his reach) 

 Henry : Come on Yesung hyung 

The 7 children ran around happily pulling the other puppies along the path while the adults looked on excitedly as they played. 

 Seeing that they were all distracted, Donghae launched himself at Hyukjae who soon grabbed him and threw himself into the water, ca

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