Chapter 12

Blue Moon
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The snow was present even though it was the beginning of winter, the North never stopped having snow in its landscapes. Some members of the pack were chatting among themselves, others practicing various types of sports accompanied by the younger ones who were having fun in the middle. However, the attention of those watching those scenes was directed by the slight grumbles of the cub resting serenely in his arms.    

 The omega calmly rocked the baby and could not resist sniffing the little one's head. He was addicted to the little smell that was so involved before he brought MinGyu into the world. 

 XXX : This could have been all yours (said quietly a voice behind the brunette) It could have been all yours, if you hadn't been turned away from the North 


 The brunette stared at the person approaching him and stood beside him so that he could get a wide view of what the other had. 

 Donghae: Yes, a sad story (rolled his eyes)

 XXX : Since from my ancestors, the North has always been ruled by a blue moon wolf and Yeon lineage, either omega or alpha (there was no response) Daewon is not a bad leader as they say, it is true that his first marriage may have ended badly and the news spread with a motive based on lies....

 Donghae: Lies?

 XXX : He was good to his omma Jiyoung, everyone saw that... 

 Donghae: And when you two were alone?

 XXX : It's a couple's privacy

 Donghae: So don't say it was based on lies and say that there may have been rumors whether they are true or false 

 XXX : But they will always be rumors where you can't know the truth or falseness (smiled) Yes, we can use that word that a rumor has been spread a bit nasty, but that doesn't make Daewon a bad person 

 Donghae : What are you getting at? (asked impatiently) 

 XXX : I don't remember your omma being so impatient (joked making the other roll his eyes again without ever looking at his face) As I was saying, this could all be yours and still can 


 Hearing those words, the brunette couldn't help but let out a sarcastic laugh. 

 Donghae: Let me guess what's next (for the first time he looked at the alpha next to him) You're going to make me an offer to stay in the North and that offer would be marriage 

 XXX: I...

 Donghae: And this marriage would be with you, right? (questioned still sarcastically) I know who you are, JinYeong! The future leader of the North! 

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But wait, did Daewon changed? Like he cared for hae but wasn't able to properly show it?

Thanks for the update! ^^
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Chapter 8: Ohh. So hyuk was supposed to marry Daewon's son who happens to be hae.. I still don't like daewon. Now that he knows his son was a bluemoon son and now his grandson too. Feels like he's plotting something.
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Chapter 2: Wow got a lot to catch up with..
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