Chapter 13

Blue Moon
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The streets became silent that day, only glances were cast at the people who were piling up outside the Northern leader's house. 

 The faces were familiar! Leaders from the East, the future leaders of the South, and the first son of the Northern leader with his mate. 

 However, the wolves of the North's pack widened their eyes as they saw the East's right hand man come out of the house with a baby on his lap and an omega behind who soon embraced another omega. 

 Heechul : Finally, I'll be able to enjoy little MinGyu (he said still hugging his dongsaeng) 

 Leeteuk : He's a cutie, Hae (smiled at the baby who stared at everyone around him in his paternal parent's lap)

 Siwon : I could offer the southern pack one more time, but I know you'll want to go with Hyukjae (hugged his friend after Heechul let him go)

 Donghae : Ask Minho to visit me (spoke seriously and everyone but Sichul stared at him) I want to see if this rebel alpha 

 Siwon : He already knows that MinGyu was born and was just waiting for my permission to see him, but due to events...

 Donghae : I know, but I want to see him 

 Hyukjae : Shall we go? (asked in a jealous tone) 

 Heechul : Relax Hyukjae, there's no need to be jealous

 Hyukjae : We still have a long way to go, that's all 

 Heechul : Of course it is (wryly released)

 Ryeowook : Hyung (approached his older brother) I got him this (handed him a well decorated vase) When I realized that our appa (the brunette shot him a look) Daewon (sighed correcting himself) Was going to burn Eunji, I asked him to keep the ashes

 Donghae : Thank you Ryeowook (carefully picked up the jar)

 Heechul : These looked entered needlessly! 

 DDD : Just admiring how Donghae looks like Jiyoung (replied after everyone) You look like your omma 

 Ryeowook : Omma...

 Kwan : It's ok Ryeowook (smiled) I just came to warn you that Daewon is coming and if you don't want to meet him you should go 

 Hyukjae : What does he want? (asked without patience)

 Heechul : I don't like this East's right hand man (whispered) I liked the alpha who used to frequent the city better 

 Siwon : Hyukjae is just trying to protect his family, remember that (boyfriend nodded)

 Kangin : Let's take it easy (asked his friend)

 Leeteuk : It's best to hurry up 


 Everyone nodded, while, everything was ready to get into the cars, already with MinGyu this time on Donghae's lap, a growl stopped them from moving him forward and so Hyukjae caught sight of the figure that stopped them, he rolled his eyes. 

 Hyukjae : What do you want Daewon? 

 Daewon : I told you not to take my son away 

 Hyukjae : Again with this conversation! (exclaimed a little arrogantly) 

 Donghae : That should be my choice, whether I want to go or not (stared the man from the north in the eyes and defiantly) 

 Daewon : Donghae is my son... (tried to get closer)

 Donghae : No! I am Lee Eunji and Gyuri's son, not yours! And I still haven't forgotten what you did

 Daewon : Listen, I didn't kn

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61 streak #1
Chapter 9: All of them are stupid, very very stupid... I'm getting a headache
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Chapter 6: I wonder why the East Clan is stupid... shouldn't they check the background of the other clan first before agreeing to a unification???
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Chapter 14: Yay. An ending they deserved. ^^
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Chapter 13: Loved how hae stood up for himself and for his family. Esp in the last update, where he said to hyuk that it would be the last time they'll move becayse his son has been exposed to many scents alr.
But wait, did Daewon changed? Like he cared for hae but wasn't able to properly show it?

Thanks for the update! ^^
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Chapter 11: Oh theyre back together again 🥹 cried over when hyuk said he's gonna fulfill his promise when theyre 6 years old 💙
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Chapter 8: Ohh. So hyuk was supposed to marry Daewon's son who happens to be hae.. I still don't like daewon. Now that he knows his son was a bluemoon son and now his grandson too. Feels like he's plotting something.
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Chapter 2: Wow got a lot to catch up with..
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Chapter 1: Subscribed! OMG. This is nice.