Chapter 6

Blue Moon
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Daewon had been pacing back and forth totally nervous since he had interrupted his son BaeSoo's wedding, he hadn't slept at all during that early morning. He wanted an explanation why the blue moon had been present until earlier that day. 

 The alpha saw his wife in the river and drowned, he managed to recover the body when it was found a little lower in the current, but the truth was that he had never seen the body of his first child, the baby he so desired.

 Daewon: Keumjo here and now! (commanded angrily to one of his right arm)


 It didn't take long, until beta who was the most trusted maid of his late wife walked in. 

 Keumjo : You sent for sir (bowed his head)

 Daewon : Do you have something to tell me?

 Keumjo : No 

 Daewon : How no?! A blue moon appeared over our heads 

 Keumjo : I saw it too, leader 

 Daewon : So?!

 Keumjo : But I also arrived at the same time as you to see Mrs. Jiyoung being lifelessly pulled out of the water 

 Daewon : And before?

 Keumjo : As you know, I had to go back home at the request of his late wife to get other fruits and when I came back, Mr. Daewon was with her

 Daewon : Is that really what happened?

 Keumjo : Yes it was 


 The man from the north came close to the woman making her shrink a little. 

 Daewon : Look in my face and tell me you didn't take my firstborn away at that 's request!

 Keumjo : Mrs. Jiyoung was a good woman (faced the leader, but without looking at his face) 

 Daewon : Where is my son? (used his alpha voice to submit the woman to his command) What have you done with him? (no answer) Keumjo : Don't make me go after your sister so I can get the truth from you

 Keumjo : My sister has nothing to do with this

 Daewon : Don't worry, through her you will tell me the truth (smiled superiorly) You can take her and we will go after Lee Eunji

 Keumjo : My sister has nothing to do with this 


 As soon as the beta was dragged away by the other alphas, Daewon stared at the gray sky that opened up hinting at the start of another day. 

 Before he could take any action, the leader of the east and his right-hand man entered. 

 Kangin : Tell me why did you stop our trip? What are we waiting for?

 Daewon : The wedding won't happen

 Hyukjae : We get that, but what is the east still doing here?

 Daewon : Right now, we are going after that woman's answer to know the truth about my son

 Kangin : And what do we have to do with it?

 Daewon : The beta you saw, her name is Lee Keumjo and we know that her sister is in town with her family (took a deep breath) Hyukjae being that you are going to be my son-in-law should accompany me at this stage 

 Hyukjae : No way, the wedding was to strengthen the bonds between the clans, since it didn't happen I have the right to go back to my pack 

 Daewon : The wedding just had to be postponed 

 Kangin : Listen...

 Daewon : No! You will help me find my son!

 Hyukjae : And what are you going to do? The blue moon only appears when there is the birth of a new descendant Yeon 

 Daewon : Regardless of your rank, I can kill his partner 

 Hyukjae : I won't participate in a wrongful death 

 Daewon : We will be family, you must support me 

 Hyukjae : No way! (and left the place together with Kangin) 

 Daewon : Hyukjae remember that the wedding is going to happen start! (shouted to be heard)


 The man from the north snorted when he noticed that none of the men heard him.

 Kangin : Where are you g

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