Chapter 4

Blue Moon
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The wedding was abruptly interrupted.

 Hyukjae : Why did you interrupt?

 Kangin : Can we continue the ceremony?

 BaeSoo : Appa!

 Hyukjae : It's disrespectful to do that, especially when I spent 8 months learning your customs. Respect my marriage and your son's!

 Kangin : Aren't you going to say anything?

 Ceremonialist : Sir?


 Everyone was aiming at the northern leader waiting for a reaction who was still aiming at the blue moon.

 Kangin: Daewon! (He shouted as loud as he could)

 Daewon: Calesse! The north is witnessing a blue moon!

 Hyukjae : Yes, and then?

 Daewon : She died (now faced his alphas and betas) We were there that night when everything happened 

 Leeteuk : What are you talking about!

 AAA : Yes sir. The body was recovered and we had the funeral 

 Daewon : So, how do you explain this?! (growled angrily) There is a blue moon over our heads! While the last blue moon wolf drowned!

 BBB : Your firstborn is alive (said shocked)


 The people from the east and the young people from the north stare at Ryeowook without understanding. 

 Kangin : What's going on?

 Daewon : None of your business!

 Kangin : Excuse me?

 BaeSoo : Appa...

 Daewon : Join your omma and your brother (ordered, before turning his back to everyone and leaving)


 The people who remained in the enclosure looked at each other without knowing what to do. 

 Leeteuk: Why is Daewon shocked?

 Ryeowook : Because the legend that runs among the packs is true (everyone looked at him) The blue moon represents the birth of a wolf from the Yeon lineage 

 Yesung : But how?

 Ryeowook : Before my appa married my omma, he had a first marriage 

 Yesung : The wife who died?

 Ryeowook : Her name was Jiyoung, she was walking along the river with her maid when she slipped and was carried away by the river waters

 Kangin: And the baby?

 Ryeowook : They say she drowned, they only managed to recover Jiyoung's body and everyone thought that the Yeon bloodline had died with her 

 Leeteuk : But it turns out not (everyone nodded) That's why your appa is so shocked

 Ryeowook : Everything indicates that my older brother is alive

 Henry : Was it an omega?

 Leeteuk : The blue moon could represent being the wolf's partner or even the wolf itself giving birth 


 The leader of the east stopped listening to the conversation between his friends, when he put his gaze on his right arm that was sitting on one of the benches where the guests were earlier while watching the

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