Chapter 5

Blue Moon
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The beta tired of running, after leaving the baby wrapped up in the doorway of a house, she walked away until she discovered a small rock and hit it against the window almost next to the door and ran out once again, leaving the now frightened baby crying.

 The woman wanted to get away, but she couldn't take the risk of someone catching that child and taking her away, she hid behind a tree as soon as she saw the alpha of the house leave and looked around for someone, however, she lowered her gaze when she heard the little one crying.

 XXX : My little one what are you doing here? (took the little one on her lap and looked around once more) Keumjo (let out the name of the woman who was hiding and walked towards her)

 Keumjo : Eunji unnie (smiled weakly) 

 Eunji : Whose baby is this?

 Keumjo : Unnie promise me that you will take care of him

 Eunji : What have you gotten yourself into Lee Keumjo? What have you done my dear sister?

 Keumjo : Nothing (sniffles)

 Eunji : Whose baby is this?

 Keumjo : Unnie must promise me that you will take care of him 

 Eunji : Who is he?

 Keumjo : He is Jiyoung unnie's son

 Eunji : What are you doing with the future heir of the north and the blue wolf?

 Keumjo : It was a request from Jiyoung 

 Eunji : Why, (demanded) Tell and bluntly 

 Keumjo : Jiyoung was forced to have the baby because he is a blue moon wolf, Daewon will subject this child to bad things 

 Eunji : How do you know?

 Keumjo : Jiyoung told me 

 Eunji : And you take her word for it?

 Keumjo : Daewon is a manipulative and calculating man who will take advantage of his son (said tearfully) Promise you will take care of him

 Eunji : Keumjo

 Keumjo : Please unnie?

 Eunji : I can't!

 Keumjo : Unnie for me, stay with him

 Eunji : How long, Jiyoung had him?

 Keumjo : It's not even hours old yet (the woman widened her eyes) I came running, because I know Gyuri is waiting for your baby 

 Eunji : He passed away (looked down) I am comforting my wife about the death of our baby 

 Keumjo : I am sorry 

 Eunji : Please give it to your leader (tried to pass the cub who was still crying)

 Keumjo : I can't 

 Eunji : I don't know if it's a good idea to keep this baby?

 Keumjo : Please?


 Before the alpha could say anything, an omega came out the door wrapped in a robe, her eyes swollen from crying so much. 

 Eunji : My love, you should be in bed (walked over to his wife)

 Keumjo : Thank you unnie (and ran off in the direction sh

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35 streak #1
Chapter 9: All of them are stupid, very very stupid... I'm getting a headache
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Chapter 6: I wonder why the East Clan is stupid... shouldn't they check the background of the other clan first before agreeing to a unification???
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Chapter 14: Yay. An ending they deserved. ^^
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Chapter 13: Loved how hae stood up for himself and for his family. Esp in the last update, where he said to hyuk that it would be the last time they'll move becayse his son has been exposed to many scents alr.
But wait, did Daewon changed? Like he cared for hae but wasn't able to properly show it?

Thanks for the update! ^^
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Chapter 11: Oh theyre back together again 🥹 cried over when hyuk said he's gonna fulfill his promise when theyre 6 years old 💙
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Chapter 8: Ohh. So hyuk was supposed to marry Daewon's son who happens to be hae.. I still don't like daewon. Now that he knows his son was a bluemoon son and now his grandson too. Feels like he's plotting something.
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Chapter 2: Wow got a lot to catch up with..
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Chapter 1: Subscribed! OMG. This is nice.