One Way Street To You
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Woohyun’s forehead creased when Sunggyu just passed him after returning his greetings. He knew something was wrong, something was troubling him, and he would never be wrong about it.


He left the living room and quietly followed Sunggyu. He found him facing the wall of the kitchen counter, spacing out. Slowly, he walked towards him and back-hugged him. Woohyun felt Sunggyu’s body stiffen with his touch until he relaxed in his arms and leaned his body on him.


He settled his chin on Sunggyu’s right shoulder and gave a soft kiss on the other’s side of the neck. “I missed you.” Sunggyu’s right hand moved up to his cheeks and pushed his head a little so their cheeks would touch.


He would be lying if he said he wasn't waiting for the other, for he was. He wanted to see him before he slept; as if he wouldn’t be able to peacefully sleep if he didn’t.


“I missed you too.” His heart skipped at Sunggyu’s words. Three words that brought a wide smile to his face. Sunggyu’s voice was soft and he could feel the longing hidden in it.


It just felt right having Sunggyu in his arms. And at that moment, he wanted them to stay that way forever. At that very moment, he slowly realized that it was him who he needed in his life. It cemented all his realizations and there was no way he could escape the truth.


There was no denying anymore that along the lines between hatred and lust, he began liking the man in his arms too much; too much that he didn’t care if he left a girlfriend in Seoul. It all just took a week for his heart to beat for Sunggyu. A week for him to steal his heart away from Yejin. Seven days to forget the six years he spent loving the woman he met when he was seventeen and a teenager. And he didn’t care. His heart never wanted to care at all.


Woohyun squinted his eyes to the left and noticed that Sunggyu had closed his eyes. As he saw him calm and comfortable against his body, he smiled. How he would love to see him so peaceful and relaxed in his arms for eternity.


He hugged him tighter. After that, the words he had been preventing himself from uttering escaped.


“I like you.” Again, Sunggyu’s body became rigid again and from the periphery, he could see how his eyes snapped open.


Sunggyu turned abruptly into his embrace but he didn’t let him move away from him. "What?" His small, sharp eyes showed how shocked he was.


His hands cupped Sunggyu’s face and repeated what he had said. There was no turning back. He had already spilled the beans.


“I said I liked you and I like you a lot.”


“Woohyun, you can’t. You have a girlfriend. And if it’s a joke please stop it.”


There was something in Sunggyu’s eyes that was translating to take his confession back. But he wouldn’t. He knew what he was putting himself into. He would stop at nothing until he got Sunggyu, no matter how long it took or how much it cost.


“Do I appear to be joking to you? Your eyes are telling me to take it back but I will not, Gyu. It’s what I feel. I don’t care if you’re not feeling the same way. I like you and you have to live knowing that.”


“Woohyun, you can’t like me. Don’t do this to me please.”


Sunggyu said softly while looking down at the floor. He tilted his head so he could look at him. And he saw… fear.


“Why can’t I? And why are you scared?”


“You just can’t Woohyun. Please don’t.” The sound of his voice, his eyes, his expression, all desperately begging him to take back everything he said.


It confused him more.


"Please tell me why I can't, and I will take it back. Tell me a sound reason why I shouldn’t feel this way towards you?”


Just like a whisper, Sunggyu responded to him in the softest voice he had ever heard from him. “I-I don’t want you to get hurt.”


“Why would I get hurt? Are you planning to reject me? I told you I didn't care if you didn't feel the same. I’ll wait until you feel what I feel. I’ll wait no matter how long it takes.”


“It’s not that… it’s not like that, Hyun.” Sunggyu looked down again.


He wanted to confirm if what he had heard was right. Because for him, the words 'it's not like that' implied that he wasn’t rejecting him. That behind those desperate eyes pleading for him to retract his words, he also liked him in some way if not exactly in the same way.


“Look at me.” It was only answered with a shake of his head. “Look at me, please?” He pleaded.


It was rare for him to say please unless he was at work and talking to his parents. And him saying please was a big thing and was taking too much of his energy.


Sunggyu slowly lifted his head and he found tears b from his eyes. When he blinked, it trickled down his cheeks. He wiped it gently with the pad of his thumb. It was surprising to see the mixture of desperation, confusion and fear in Sunggyu’s eyes.


“Hey, why are you crying?” He wrapped his arms tightly around him.


Woohyun could hear the tiny sniffles from Sunggyu and he felt how he was trying not to cry more.


“Stop crying Gyu. I’ll take it back if that’s what you want but answer me honestly.” Sunggyu nodded. And without hesitation, he asked him, “Do you like me?”


Silence was engulfing them. Woohyun didn’t know if he would get any answers or not but he had to at least try to know what Sunggyu felt.


There was a deafening stillness until Sunggyu’s arms moved to encircle his neck and buried his face in it.


“A lot.”


The arms around his neck clung tightly to him. And he was giving out whimpers again but this time it was louder and his shoulders were shaking.


Woohyun smiled and hugged Sunggyu more than he already was.




Sunggyu didn’t know how the simple getting the copy of his plane ticket led into confession. He was caught off guard by Woohyun. And him being manipulated to spilling his feelings for him made him wanted to shoot himself with the gun that he was hiding in his study; because he gave away something to Woohyun again.


Again, in his moment of weakness, he committed another mistake. It shouldn’t happen that way. He would be the one pushing Woohyun to his grave with the danger that always followed him being a mafia boss. But, he couldn’t erase or take back that mistake anymore. It would be impossible with Woohyun being as stubborn as he is.


Sunggyu didn’t realize that he was staring at Woohyun for so long until he felt hands on his right cheek, caressing it.


They were lying on his bed face-to-face with a narrow gap between them. It was the first time they were on the bed, dressed and not having or cuddling — a very rare time. They just lay there looking at each other, feeling the serenity brought by what happened earlier.


“Stop thinking babe. Let’s just lay down here without thinking about anything.”


He put his hand on top of Woohyun’s. “Promise me one thing. Whatever happens, when I tell you to go back to Korea at any time, you will go back.”


“Why? Don’t you want me here? I like it here. And why would you send me away?”


“Woohyun, it’s complicated. I cannot tell you right now. Please? Promise me you will go back home until I ask you to board the next plane or the earliest flight to return back here.”


Sunggyu heard the man in front of him sigh.


“Ok. I promise. But you owe me an explanation babe. I hate following instructions blindly but for you, I’ll make an exception.”


“Thank you.”


Even in the middle of all the uncertainties he was feeling, Sunggyu’s lips curled up into a small smile.


“You smiled!” He changed back into his impassive face. “I made you smile. And I saw you smile. It was beautiful baby."




He was pulled into his embrace again and he couldn’t help the unrestricted smile spreading on his face, hidden from Woohyun.


“Do you want to go to sleep?”


With a nod from him, Woohyun hummed a song that slowly lulled him to dreamland. He was barely awake when he felt a kiss on his forehead and his legs tangling with his, pulling him closer.



Before they had to face another week of madness at work, Sunggyu snuggled up to Woohyun.



Wednesday came. After 2 days of calm atmosphere in KSG, Woohyun and Sunggyu brought the storm again.



As soon as Woohyun arrived in his office, it wasn’t even an hour that he was sitting in his chair when his department manager was pinging him with messages, reporting multiple corrupted files and applications that were failing to launch.


He immediately called his IT manager while his hands were working quick on the keyboard to disconnect network connections.


“Sungjong, I’m shutting down the network connections. Also, I alerted the IT security team for reports of malware attacks on the firewall. For now, spread out the team in all the departments and identify where the malware originated and all computers affected and isolate it.“


"Hyung, I already asked the team to get started but..." There was a pause.


"What is it Sungjong? I have no time to guess.”


The IT manager sighed. “…two departments are affected and also the CEO’s computers. He just came here shouting at everyone.”


Woohyun cursed between his teeth. It would be another day of dealing with a hostile Sunggyu.


“Don’t worry. I’ll handle that . Update me.”


He dropped the call and called the IT security team for their update. Good thing, the malware wasn’t breaching the firewall and they could keep the server up and running.


A while later, Sungjong sent him an email report that they had confiscated the infected computers and discovered where they were from. Apparently, a newbie employee from the business development department accessed her personal email and clicked a malware link disguised as an invite link for credit card application.


Woohyun asked the manager conduct a meeting in the afternoon with all employees reiterating the use of internet for firm’s businesses only and always use the intranet browser specifically instructed.


The storm was yet to come because Sunggyu suddenly charged into his office with angered expression.


“You ing tell me when do I ing get my ing computer because I have many ing things to do!” Sunggyu was spi

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