One Way Street To You

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Kim Sunggyu grew up just like his father -- smart, calculative, serious, cold and stoic. His mother died while giving birth to him and the only people he could call family were bunch of criminals working underground. It had always been him and his father and his father's bestfriend. One day he saw Nam Woohyun, his father's bestfriend's son and from that moment he claimed him as his. However, everything was bound to change in the future. Years later, he met Woohyun and they hated each other.


Sangue Infinito, the name built by Kim Jeonghan and Nam Sunghyun; two best friends who built an empire of shady dealings. In the surface, the conglomerate was named as KimNam Empire and it was consisted of chains of hotels and casinos and an accounting firm. Underneath those slew of businesses was where their illegal transactions were made, where Sangue Infinito functions. The future of the organization lies on the hand of the one and only son of Jeonghan, Kim Sunggyu. But everything went complicated when Nam Woohyun arrived and asked what his claim on Sangue Infinito and KimNam.





Kim Sunggyu: 23 years old. Heir of KimNam and future of Sangue Infinito. CEO of KImNam and KSG.

Nam Woohyun: 23 years old. Son of Nam Sunghyun. IT Director of KSG

Jang Dongwoo: 22 years old. Audit Director of KSG

Lee Howon: 22 years old. Chief Accounting Executive of KSG

Lee Sungyeol: 21 years old. Marketing Director of KSG

Kim Myungsoo: 20 years old. Chief Marketing Officer of KimNam

Lee Sungjong: 20 years old. IT Manager of KSG



I was wondering for the whole day if I have to start publishing this story. I'm still somewhat insecure of my writing and I don't know if I can pull this theme off. I hope I could. The thing about this fic, I tried my best to research some things but I know I still lack on describing things and scenes. But nonetheless, this is something I enjoyed whenever I have free time. I hope all of you will like this. 


PS: This is a mixed AU :))


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