He Tried But He Failed

One Way Street To You
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Sunggyu was in the middle of the transactions happening in an old dilapidated warehouse away from the city. Conversations were happening in the background and his focus was slowly shifting away as their negotiations came to an end. He had no idea how his uncle Sunghyun got a contact with Hong Kongers/Chinese rebels but the rebels were easy to transact with. Just give them what they needed and they would be paying right off the bat.


“Mr. Chong, it was a pleasure dealing with you. Call us if you need more.” He heard his uncle Sunghyun said. “But remember, if these are fake gold bars, we will anhilate your group. Don’t test us because we will.”


Hoya translated everything his uncle said. He could also understand and speak the language, although he didn't have to. Hoya was there for a reason.


“Don’t worry. We will not lie. It's real gold." The rebels answered confidently before they started leaving.


After they parted ways, the rebels were out of their sight in an instant.


Sunggyu walked to their rented van and sat in the backseat while giving instructions to his capo. “Hoya, liquidate the gold bars before we go tomorrow. Funds should be sent to the account as soon as possible. We’ll be shipping 5 crates of to Cebu in the Philippines."


“Uncle, you closed that deal already?” asked Hoya who was quite shocked at how fast the transaction was.


Sunghyun smirked, “Of course. I just have to pull some strings to make everything possible. They already wired the payment. You have to check it when we come back.”


The conversation between Hoya and his uncle disappeared from the background as soon as he closed his eyes. After the transaction was done, his mind was already flying miles away from Hong Kong — to the devastated man he left in his apartment.


Woohyun cried until he fell asleep last Thursday night. It was the first time he saw him vulnerable like that. They didn’t talk about everything. He just let him curl-up beside him and comfort him to sleep.


Comfort. It was something that he had never experienced when he found out the truth. He may not be as angry as Woohyun was but he knew how it felt. He knew how painful the truth was. Unlike Woohyun’s situation, he didn’t have any choice but to accept his fate and the truth because of his father’s heart condition at that time.


His uncle Sunghyun had no idea that his son already knew about the world he built. It was a request from Woohyun. Although he didn't know what Woohyun's plan was, for now, he would just let him be.



When the next day came, the three from Sangue Infinito were at the airport waiting for the boarding gates to open when Sunggyu received a call from Dongwoo.


“Boss, when are you going to arrive? There’s a bit of a problem here.”




“Mr. Smith failed to pay his debt yesterday and he’s missing right now.” Mr. Smith was one of the few who knew him and his face.


Sunggyu gritted his teeth and spoke loudly. “You all ing find him before my flight lands there. I want him bound when I see him.“


He ended the call and curled his fist. Mr. Smith owed him $500,000 and promised to pay in full instead of in installments. No one could run away from him. In no time, he knew he would be in Dongwoo’s hands.


Hoya, who was just sitting beside him, inquired what had happened.


“That dirty old man Mr. Smith ran away without paying his debt.”


“Don’t worry. Dongwoo and Myungsoo will find him.”


“They ing should.”



Their flight landed in New York in the afternoon earlier than scheduled. Sunggyu immediately phoned Dongwoo and was informed that they had located the man. They headed straight to their old HQ where they kept the cell and torture chambers.


When they arrived, Myungsoo handed him his gun. As he kicked the cell, he saw the man looking at him terrified. He scooted to the far corner of the cell as Sunggyu walked towards him.


Mr. Smith kneeled in front as he stopped in his tracks with his hands clasped. “Mr. Kim, give me more time. I promise I will be able to pay my debt.”


Sunggyu crouched in front of him and squeezed his jaws hard to open his mouth. He slipped the nozzle of his gun inside the open mouth and cocked the gun.


“You know it’s not smart running away from me because I will find you eventually.” The venom started spilling in his voice. “I gave you terms of payment and you chose to pay it in full you son of a ! Then you’re going to run off without paying.”


He gripped Mr. Smith’s neck, choking him until life was starting to escape him. “I’m giving you another chance. Pay me the money you owe in two weeks or say hello to your most horrific ing nightmare.”


The hand that was on the man’s neck loosened and Sunggyu removed the gun from his mouth and shot the wall beside him, with the bullet grazing on the scared man's temple. The gunshot made everyone flinched.


“See you in two weeks.” He kicked Mr. Smith’s flabby stomach before walking away. He then faced Myungsoo. “Untie him and have one of your men follow him. I don’t think he will pay. Any signs of him running away, capture him and call me.”


Losing himself and killing the man was easy. He was tired and hungry and not in the mood for any bulls but he chose to spare his life for the meantime. It wasn’t because of anything. It was because he wanted to play with him for a bit. He knew Mr. Smith wouldn't be able to pay even if he gave him more time. The man drowned in debt that he couldn't pay. It was the reason why he borrowed money from him.


“Where do we drop you off?" Dongwoo asked.


“Apartment. I need sleep.” He rubbed his nape and stretched a bit.


It was another 45 minutes of travel going to the city but it’s much better than traveling to Colts Neck. Furthermore, he had to see Woohyun and check on him.



As he reached his apartment, he creased his forehead when Woohyun was nowhere to be found. He checked his room where they usually sleep but still no shadow of him.


Just when he was about to go to the bathroom and shower, he heard a faint sound coming from another room. He looked inside his drawer and sighed when he saw his office keys were missing.


Sunggyu stepped out of his room and walked to the source of the sound. When he opened the door, he was surprised how clean the room was compared to before he left. Woohyun lifted his head and looked at him.


“Hi babe.” The IT director stood-up and left what he was working on to meet him by the door. He was then pulled into a crushing hug. “I missed you.”


“I missed you too. Woohyun can't breathe." The arms loosen a bit but never leave him. He looked at what was keeping Woohyun busy and he frowned. “What are you doing and why are you here? You didn’t have to clean.”


Woohyun looked at the thing he left on the ground before answering. “I bought a brand-new coffee table and I’m trying to assemble it. Sorry, I broke your old one.”


“Ok. So, how are you now? Are you still angry at me?” Woohyun’s eyebrows quirked and his face hardened.


"If I were mad at you, I would strangle you." His lips briefly touched his. “I’m not angry at you, baby. I’m just hurt. But it would be another story with regards to my parents. I couldn’t face them now without getting outraged.”


His hands brushed Woohyun’s hair that fell on his eyes. “Still, I’m sorry. Anyway, you can continue. I need to shower. I’ll answer all your questions when I’m done.” He pulled away from Woohyun’s embrace and started to walk back to his room but he was pulled again.


“Hey, I’m not done with you babe.” He rolled his eyes at him.


“I’m still tired and jet-lagged. So, no for you today.”


“Just kidding, babe. Go now. I’ll finish the table.” Woohyun gave him a forehead kiss before he was released.



As the water dripped on his body, he couldn’t help but think of how to explain things to Woohyun; that wouldn’t send him barging into his parents’ house because of fury. It should be his uncle Sunghyun who should explain it, because he could only say a few things that he knew weren't enough.


When he took over as underboss, he didn't ask his father why he and his uncle had to resort to something illegal. Only Woohyun’s father could answer the whys. But he felt that he also owed an explanation to him. There was no point lying anyway.


After a few more minutes, he finished his bath and took fresh clothes from his closet. He left his room and walked back into his home office.




Woohyun was done with the coffee table. He grabbed all the trash and set it aside before placing the table on the empty spot in front of the leather couch.

For the past two days, he never left the apartment except when he bought the table. He spent Friday drowning himself in alcohol and lying around lazily on the couch. He was too angry and hurt and he just wanted to get wasted. Yejin called, but he never felt the urge to answer it.


Then on Saturday, after nursing his hangover he took the office key and cleaned the room.


In order to cope with the information he discovered, he needed distractions. Cleaning took his mind away from everything though it was odd that the mess he was cleaning happened at the time he uncovered the truth. He bought the coffee table after cleaning and returned home to drink a few more bottles of beer. Just like Friday, he never answered Yej

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