Hey, It’s Me

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Kim Sunggyu and Nam Woohyun were bestfriends but people thought they were dating and their friends want them to date before it's too late.


Challenged by distance. Challenged by fate. All the things that are meant to be will happen at the right place, at the right time.


A/N: I'm back with another one-shot. So, like the usual, I never edited this nor proofread. Sorry for all the grammatical errors. I really don't have much time in my hands these days.  But nonetheless, I still hope you would enjoy it. Sorry if I'm only giving you stories with cliche or simple plots. If only I wasn't busy, I might think of other plots than what I gave you. Anyway, I'm still writing my next chaptered fic and I'm on chapter 19 already. ^_^ Will publish it soon. I'll try to edit and correct some mistakes but if time would never permit me to edit, I might just post it as is.


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Simran20 #1
Chapter 1: Thank you so much for the update author nim ♥️♥️♥️♥️. They were destined to be together 😍😍
Chapter 1: This was so beautiful😭😍
Their love was strong enough to bring them back together💛