I Fall All Over Again

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Woohyun met Sunggyu again after ten years. An old acquaintance from his university. He had no idea that Sunggyu will change his life. His wish to fall in love will come true. However, nothing comes easy when it comes to love.


Woohyun had been single for three years already. All his friends were being taken one by one. He also wanted to feel loved and to feel how to love someone again. How nice would it be to share things with someone you pined and someone who you couldn't stop falling in love over and over again every day. He wished to have a certain person again.







Hi everyone. I'm back with one-shot. I've been really so busy these days T_T Sorry for being MIA after I finished Trick. Anyway, I have a chaptered story coming up but I don't know when would I have a time to finish it and edit.

I hope you all would enjoy this story. 


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Chapter 1: Aww this is so lovely. Love will always find its way ❤️
Simran20 #2
Chapter 1: Such a wonderful story... really liked it❤️❤️
Thank you so much for the update author nim 💕💕