Prologue: He is Mine

One Way Street To You
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Hello everyone. :)) This is a mixed office AU and Mafia AU. I hope I can deliver this story well.


Year 2001


Sangue Infinito, the name built by Kim Jeonghan and Nam Sunghyun; two best friends who built an empire of shady dealings. Through Jeonghan’s family wealth and an Italian connection, a small underground business grew into an enormous conglomerate. This dealt with drugs, gambling, extortion, import and export of illegal firearms in the underground. Sunghyun, on the other hand, may not be as rich as Jeonghan. However, having come from a military family based in America, his connections with some politicians and police enabled them to evade all sanctions of illicit activity.


In the surface, the conglomerate was named as KimNam Empire and it was consisted of chains of hotels and casinos and an accounting firm. All were legally registered in Las Vegas, Nevada and Manhattan, New York. Jeonghan worked as an accountant while Sunghyun was a graduate of hospitality management. Underneath those slew of businesses was where their illegal transactions were made, where Sangue Infinito functions. Through his consigliere, he made everything appear legitimate from the outside. His best friend was the brain of their family. Truly his trusted right-hand man.


Jeonghan was the Don of Sangue Infinito while Sunghyun was the Consigliere. Despite the fact that they built the empire together, Sunghyun was content to be the group's counselor and adviser. And it was Kim's money that started everything, so it was only fitting that Jeonghan would be the boss.


Upon the death of Jeonghan's father in 1980, his father left him several diaries in which he learned everything about him and his grandfather being mafia members. He accidentally stumbled upon them and read them. Thus, the need to build his own mob group slowly came to life.


In total, minus the members outside the US, Sangue Infinito consists of almost 200 members. The organization grew significantly over the years.


It was in 1982 when the two started everything. They were both 20-year-old university students in New Jersey when they started their first drug deal. It began with high-doses of narcotics until they ventured into cannabis, heroin and other drugs. The money they earned, they rolled everything over until they got their investment’s worth. Jeonghan mostly funded everything.


After he read his father’s diaries, he knew where to find the wealth his father hid from everyone, even his mother. It was as if his father knew he would follow his footsteps. When his mother died of pneumonia during one of the winter storms, he met some of his relatives from Italy, the ones his father had been working with. And he sought their help which they gladly provided. They often said that they saw his father in him. It boosted his confidence to start his own group with the help of his best friend.


Upon reaching age 25, the old Italian mafia members gave him legitimate contact information on where to purchase firearms. They also taught him how to import and export them using Milan as the point of transaction. From there, they continued working underground, building everything from scratch and expanding their group. After a year of brainstorming, the KimNam Empire was created. It was the hub of all illegal dealings. Gambling was conducted illegally in hotels and casinos, and money was laundered through accounting firms. Both exports and imports were handled in Italy. Drug deals were made in clubs and diners around New York and New Jersey. Businessmen owned those clubs and diners from whom they extorted money. Aside from that, they also extorted money from scrupulous politicians who kept dirty secrets from society.


After almost 20 years, 18 years to be exact, Sangue Infinito rose to power. However, along with it, they also gained enemies. Enemies who got threatened by how fast they grew and infiltrated the mafia world.


Sangue Infinito’s hierarchical structure resembled that used in Italy. According to what Jeonghan read about his family background, his Italian-Korean grandfather was also a member of the Italian mafia before he died, then his father took the position of Caporegime until the whole group was dissolved.


For the organizational structure, as mentioned, Jeonghan was the Don or the Boss. Then there was an underboss or second in command. In between those, was Sunghyun the Consigliere or the counselor, the trusted friend and the third in the family. Under the second in command was the group’s five Caporegime or the leader of the crew: Jang Daewoo, Lee Haenim, Lee Jaesuk, Kim Taejoo, Lee Sanghyun. Every caporegime had its own crew called Soldati or Soldiers which consisted of 20 members. And lastly, there were the Soci or Associates. These people were not really part of the family. However, they did rackets that are illegal for the boss or for other members. More often, Soci were the ones who diverted police’s attention when an illegal transaction was happening.


It wasn’t easy to enter and be a part of Sangue Infinito. A person had to undergo a lot of challenges during the initiation process, such as fighting, handling weapons and handling a significant deal without any backup until they passed and took the oath to die for the organization.


To seal the deal of being a part of Sangue Infinito, one would have to be marked by the organization’s small emblem hidden just below the hipbone. Infinity was symbolized by a crimson-colored infinity symbol, a color that cannot be imitated because it stands out above other crimson colors. It was a special customized tint that Jeonghan and Sunghyun paid thousands of dollars to be made.


Sangue Infinito’s international headquarters were located in Seoul and Jeju Island, Korea, in Taipei, Taiwan, in Milan, Italy and St. Petersburg, Russia. They are all disguised as hotels called Hotel Cremisi. The second biggest headquarters was the one in Seoul; the reason why Sunghyun and his wife always had time to travel to Seoul. Sunghyun’s wife, Hyorin, was once one of their high-ranking Soci, their assassin. The two fell in love and Hyorin left her post to help his husband manage transactions at Hotel Cremisi in Seoul and Jeju Island. While for the other HQ, Jeonghan usually tasked his caporegime to handle everything there when necessary.


For the longest time, Jeonghan was the one doing and negotiating everything. The underboss position was still unfilled because the second in command had yet to start his teenage years.


Kim Sunggyu, the only son of Kim Jeonghan, would be the second in command of Sangue Infinito. A 12 ye

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