The Beginning

One Way Street To You
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A/N: I wasn't planning to update but it's Christmas and it's my gift for all of you. :))


Six Years After

Year 2007


Jeonghan just left the hospital for his biannual check-up. He was accompanied by Sunghyun to every appointment.


“So, how are we going to break it to Sunggyu? I think we have dragged everything too long. He's 18 now, and therefore should start training and receiving lectures on how to run the organization. We already kept his post as underboss vacant for too long. He has to take his post now while training.” Sunghyun asked while driving. Despite being the counselor of Sangue Infinito, he knew how to keep his role separate from their personal life.


Jeonghan looked at the window thinking about everything. “I don’t know how he would handle the information but you’re right, we have to reveal everything to him, now that it might not take a long time and he would take my place.”


His best friend only sighed. He knew how conflicted Sunghyun was. He treated Sunggyu as his own son and he was apprehensive that Sunggyu might think they betrayed him for hiding the secret of their family. As a result of his medical tests, he knew that Sunggyu would only be his second-in-command for a few years until he had to hand over his position to him. His son had to learn everything in a short period of time and he was still a university student.


“We’ll talk and explain everything to him soon. We need to prepare him. And when he ascends into my position, we also need someone who would hold the underboss position incumbently.”


“Do you have someone in mind?”


Jeonghan looked at his friend. He had someone in mind but his best friend wouldn’t like it. He had always thought of Sunghyun’s son but they made his friend's children live in Korea for a specific reason, out of all the chaos of the mafia world.


However, with the turn of events six years ago, he knew he couldn’t put Sunghyun’s son’s life in jeopardy. When Sunggyu said he wanted Woohyun, they were shocked. It was an unusual request because Sunggyu rarely asked for something he couldn’t get. It bothered both of them. As time passed by, they thought Sunggyu had forgotten about it but, just a week ago, he started to keep on asking when Woohyun would come to the US. They didn’t know why his son became fascinated with his friend's son just by seeing him once, but the fascination never ended. Sunggyu was waiting for Woohyun to be given to him.


He once told his son after Sunghyun’s birthday party that Woohyun wasn’t like a toy that they would buy at a toy store because he wanted it. But his son learned how to be sneaky and manipulative and made him and his best friend relent and give in. It was not promised that Woohyun would be given to his son, however they promised to see if Woohyun would be willing to live in the United States so Sunggyu could meet him. That was all they could promise Sunggyu. As for Woohyun, he never knew about his son’s absurd request and they never told him anything nor coaxed him to live in US.


“Honestly, I want to pull Woohyun out of Korea and bring him here but I know you wouldn’t approve of it. So, let’s just leave the post open again. Maybe Sunggyu would be the one to choose who he wanted to sit as his underboss.”


“As much as I also wanted to bring him here, we knew no one would be there for Sunggyu if we met our downfall. He would only have my children in Korea and our capos’ sons to be with him.”


“I know. And my son’s interest in Woohyun wouldn't help either. If we’re right on our hunch that Sunggyu wanted Woohyun as someone more than a friend, then he would be Sunggyu’s weakness. If Woohyun was exposed, our enemies would target him to bring down Sangue Infinito.”


It crossed their minds that Sunggyu’s fascination with Woohyun extended beyond wanting him to become his friend. They knew Sunggyu’s uality. His son never hid it from them. It would be nice if Woohyun shared the same gender expression however, he and Sunghyun knew that Woohyun was in a relationship with a woman since last year. Something they never had the guts to tell Sunggyu.


“Let’s just face Sunggyu’s wrath first after hearing our family’s secret. But we know that he is smart. Perhaps he knew that something was brewing behind his back. I’m just glad that we’re able to hide his identity as the heir of Sangue Infinito.”


They tried everything to protect Sunggyu and his connections to them. People knew that he was the son of KimNam Empire CEO but in the mafia world, his face was still unknown to his enemies. On how they hid everything, they falsified some documents that would lead them to him.


In the mafia world, KimNam Empire was just a legit company under the management of Julian Kim and not a company led by Kim Jeonghan the Don of Sangue Infinito. Being able to live and embrace American citizenship, he was able to use an American name. Thus it perfectly hid not only his identity but Sunggyu’s as well. His son was used to using his Korean name but outside, in school, he was Skylar Kim.


“We’ll deal with it one at a time. I still don’t know how to tell him about my heart problem.” He was diagnosed with unstable angina, a condition in which his heart doesn’t get enough oxygen and blood flow. This may lead to a heart attack if not treated. “But I want to keep it from him until I can still handle and treat it.”


Sunghyun looked at him worriedly. His best friend and his wife had been his rock all these years and they were his most trusted confidants. Sunggyu would be in good hands when he left this world, and his capos would also be there for him. However, he had to hold on as long as he can and cling on the hope that he would still see his son take over his position.


“Our family will get through this. This shouldn’t shake us. For now, let’s just plan how to tell Sunggyu everything.”


“Thank you, Hyun. Promise me, you and Hyorin will take care of Sunggyu when I’m gone.” He smiled at his best friend.


"Hey Hannie, what are you talking about? You would live a long life. Stop being so negative. We will take care of Sunggyu even if you do not ask. He’s like a son to me and Hyorin.


“I know. I’m praying that I will still have a long life to see him lead our family.”


“You will.”



Two weeks after Jeonghan had his check-up and after planning how to spill everything to Sunggyu, he and Sunghyun called his son to his office to talk. They couldn’t prolong everything. He couldn’t handle things in the organization like before because of his condition. He needed Sunggyu to fill the underboss position or Sunghyun would have to hold it interimally again while being a Consigliere, something that his best friend was also having a hard time since he was also responsible for the management of all their Hotel Cremisi branches and casinos.


They were seated in the spacious study, anxious about what was going to happen.


“Hannie, stop fidgeting. It wouldn’t help you when you’re that anxious.” Sunghyun stopped him pacing around and sat him in his chair. “If I see you getting up again, I’ll leave you here and let you deal with Gyu alone.”


Jeonghan knew not to contradict his best friend. As much as he was the boss, Sunghyun had the strongest personality among them. His friend had a domineering aura that only dwindled down when Hyorin was in the room.


A knock was heard outside and the door slowly opened. His son entered smiling. Smile that only his favorite people would ever see.


“Hi dad, uncle. So, what's on our agenda for today? Are we planning something? Or are you planning to surprise me with Woohyunnie here?”


“What’s your fascination with my son, Gyu?”


“He’s handsome uncle and I like him.”


“You haven’t even met him yet.” Jeonghan said.


“I will soon. Because you two wouldn’t break your promise, would you?”


The two best friends could only sigh and shake their heads. Sunggyu could be so petty and manipulative at the same time.


Jeonghan redirected the discussion about Woohyun to the main agenda. “Son, sit down and we have something serious to talk about.


Sunggyu sat down beside his uncle Sunghyun and waited for him to speak.


“Gyu, have you remembered everything I told you about our family when you were 8 years old?” He asked his son who in return nodded at him. “What did you remember?”


“Hmm… you said that our family is rich because my grandfather and great grandfather were rich. You used the money to build our company together with uncle’s investment. Our chain of hotels and casinos and our accounting firm are doing well and have made us known in the industry. In addition, we have relatives in Italy who helped you build everything. Uncle 3Lees, Jang and Kim became part of us because they have been your trusted friends since high school.”


It was quite surprising how much Sunggyu remembered. There was more that he told his son and he knew Sunggyu would give him a run-down of everything.


Jeonghan looked at his best friend.



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