Give In To Me

One Way Street To You
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Woohyun and Sunggyu were sitting on the couch inside Sunggyu’s office with ice packs in their hands, nursing their bruises. If it wasn’t for Sungyeol and Sungjong accidentally walking-in, the scuffle would continue until one was black and blue. After Woohyun uttered his apology, Sunggyu started throwing a punch again.


“Yeol, Jjong, leave us here and lock the door.”


“Hyung!” The two protested. They would have called Woohyun’s father if Woohyun hadn't asked them not to.


In his piercing stare, Sunggyu was full of authority and demand. The two younger ones had no choice but to follow. They were not in the position to defy the mafia boss.


When the two left, Woohyun glanced at Sunggyu who was still enraged. It was frightening to see him inflamed and provoked. And he knew he was still preventing himself from being consumed by anger.


He tentatively walked towards his husband’s side. The ice pack he held was left on the glass table in front of them. Sunggyu remained silent when he sat down close to him. He could see his left knuckle, which was already turning white.


Woohyun wrapped his arms around the mafia boss, hugging him by his side. He rested his chin on Sunggyu’s shoulder and started talking.


“Baby, let’s talk. Please?” Still no response from the other.


“I’m sorry I went behind your back. I know what I’m getting myself into. But I can’t just sit down and worry about your life, waiting to see you alive or dead one day. I cannot live without being able to protect you the way I should. I’m sorry, babe.”


Sunggyu’s stiff body relaxed on his hold a bit however, still he could feel the anger.


“Give in, Gyu.” He whispered. He knew his hold and soft voice was affecting the other. “Give in.”


Then he heard his voice.


“Do you know how you disappointed me? Are you even on your right mind, Woohyun? This world isn’t a joke. You have to commit crimes. You have to kill. Do you even have a heart to pull a trigger to anyone and kill them? Are you strong enough to torture people? You think I don’t want you here just because it’s dangerous? No. I don’t want you here because this isn’t a place for people with conscience and you have plenty of that.”


Woohyun got tongue-tied. The problem was that he already knew that very well and had already argued with his father about it.


Sunggyu looked at him and gave out a puff of air. “This is a world full of cruelty Woohyun. I’m giving you a chance to run away."


His hands brushed his husband’s hair. “Babe, I’m not running away. I’m ready to learn everything.”


“Are you ready to kill? Killing is not for the faint-hearted, Woohyun. Me, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo and Sungjong, we were trained to kill since young. It wasn’t for everyone. It wasn’t for a person with a heart.”


“Gyu, I would kill for you. As long as I can protect you, I will."


“Woohyun, this isn’t about killing to protect me!” Just by the tone, Woohyun could already identify his husband’s thoughts. There was a frustration in Sunggyu’s voice because apparently, for him, he was sounding more ridiculous every minute he opened his mouth.


“It is killing anyone who is a threat to the family! You have to take the lives of people who steal from us, sell us to enemies and others that you wouldn’t even believe you have to kill for. And you have to take away lives without remorse, without a heart. You will be a killer, a sinner and a murderer. Don’t do this Woohyun. Don’t do this to yourself.”


It was a plea from his husband. A plea he had to ignore. He had to make Sunggyu realize that he was ready for everything. That he knew very well that he had to battle with his conscience.


In an attempt to convey his determination, he turned Sunggyu's body towards him and looked directly into his eyes.


“Babe, listen to me. I’m sorry if I’m being stubborn. However, I’m choosing a life with you and if this is your life, I want to share it with you. I don't care how harsh the training is. As long as we are working beside each other. I know I have to leave my righteous life. Nothing you said had not crossed my mind. Those things have already been explained to me by my father. But give me this one, Gyu. I want this and choose this life with you. Please.”


They sat there staring at each other. It was a moment of impassibility and stolidity.




As Sunggyu stared at Woohyun, he could see his tenacity, obstinacy and single-mindedness. He was surely his mirror. They were really the same. The pertinaciousness and the fixity of purpose was there. Once he caved in to his wants, he knew there was no turning back for his stubborn husband. Would he want Woohyun to succumb to the darkness of their world? The answer would always be no. He didn’t want him to change his lifestyle. But the look in his eyes told him that no matter what he said, he wouldn’t stop until he got what he desired. So mullish and so like him.


“You are crazy for wanting this life.” He slithered his arms on his husband’s waist and buried his face on to his shoulder. “I would hate myself more if I introduced you to this world.”


“Baby, I am the one who was forcing myself into this. Just let me into your world. Give in to me.”


Woohyun’s soft and husky voice always had a hypnotizing effect on him. And he was on the verge of submission. The last thread of hope in his heart that wanted the man he loves to wake up and get himself runaway from the madness of the mafia world was barely hanging. A little more and he knew he would indulge on what his husband wanted.


“Give in to me, Gyu. Let’s make this work.”


And that was the last straw. The spell-binding effect of his husband’s voice manipulated him into capitulation.


“You will be the death of me Woohyun. I’m gonna regret relenting into this.”


“Thank you baby.”


Sunggyu tightened his arms around Woohyun and settled his face more onto his neck. He never wanted to let go because he felt he brought Woohyun to the pit of hell. It was like he pushed him to the edge of a cliff where he would either jump to his death fast or slip off and dangle at the edge for a slow, agonizing end.


The firm embrace was returned with a hug tighter than Sunggyu’s. It was full of pressure and was making his body calm from all the rage he felt earlier.


“Don’t worry about me, baby. I can handle it. Have a little faith in me.“


“Just… don’t let yourself get killed.” His voice was muffled because of how hard he pressed his face into Woohyun’s neck. “And you’re gonna remain hidden. No one should know about you being second-in-command."


“It’s your call. You let me in. Do whatever you like with me. It’s my compromise for you.”


“I’m not planning to be all nice to you. I cannot show any softness here. And you will do whatever I say without questioning me.”


“I know.”


Woohyun pushed him off, his bruised and cut lips. He winced in pain at the slightest touch of his finger. He then closed the gap between their lips and kissed him as gently as it could ever be. His eyes shut involuntarily and the butterflies in his stomach woke up. Response from him came instantly.


Their lips slotted perfectly against each other, moving slow and sweet. No tongues were involved but the vehemence was there. It was devoid of lewdness but as passionate as all the indecent kisses they used to share.



Time passed and they continued relishing the kisses they shared. Until a knock on the door interrupted their moment. Their lips parted and Sunggyu took the icepack again and dabbed into his bruises as he walked and opened the door.


Sungyeol and Sungjong were still there but now joined by his uncle Sunghyun who looked worried. He rolled his eyes on them before opening the door wider to let them in and check that he didn’t kill Woohyun.


“You two fought? Why can’t the two of you get along?” The consigliere looked at them exasperatedly. “For god’s sake, you two have mouths to talk."


“Dad, it’s fine. No one is dead. We can start talking now.”


Sunggyu sighed and dismissed Sungyeol and Sungjong who were supposed to be working in KSG. He returned back to his chair and started their agenda.


“I’ll be the one teaching him all about the organization but Gyu, you would be the one to monitor his training." It was Woohyun’s father who volunteered for the lectures despite asking him before.


"No, Dad. I want Sunggyu to teach me everything.”


Sunggyu cursed under his teeth. He had too much on his plate and Woohyun was being a brat towards his father again. He could clearly see how his uncle showed resignation to his son.


“Gyu, take him. I can’t fight him anymore.”


But there was one thing he was intrigued about. “Uncle, why did you decide to bring him here? I thought you and dad didn’t want him near Sangue.”


“I have no choice. He asked for it. I tried to reason out with him. But that's the only way he would forgive us.”


Sunggyu shifted his eyes to his husband. “You blackmailed your own parents?” He asked in disbelief.


Woohyun just casually nodded at him. He couldn’t believe that it was the way he made his parents submit to him. The man he married turned out to be a manipulative man.


“Anyway, I have to find a way for him to legally stay here. I’ll call my USCIS contacts for help.” His uncle got up from his chair and started walking out.


The consigliere halted his steps when he spoke. “No need uncle. He is already living here legally." In his questioning gaze, Sunghyun stared at him. “I took care of it before he left.”




“He’s married and I won’t tell you who he is married to. Talk to him and make him speak. He was the one who asked for it.”


Sunghyun looked at his son. “You are married and yo

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