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One Way Street To You
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A/N: So sorry for the late update. This is unedited because my proofreading app isn't working T_T and I'm too lazy to find a new one. Sorry for all the mistakes.


Woohyun was on the private plane with Hoya en route to St. Petersburg, Russia. It would be more than 12 hours of flight. Hoya was seated on the opposite side with laptop in front of him. He never really saw him not working. Out of all the capos, he seemed to the most matured one.


“Hoya, can I ask you something?” He asked even not glancing at the capo.




“How was Sunggyu’s childhood?” The curiosity in him was eating him. He wanted to know everything about his husband but there were times that he only answered what he was asked.


In his periphery, he felt Hoya’s glance.


“Why are you asking? Do you want me to get in trouble?”


Woohyun sighed and faced Hoya. “Why is everyone so afraid of him?”


“Are you forgetting that he’s the boss?”


“No. But for me he’s still an arrogant jerk who my parents took care of.” Sunggyu would always be one same as he would always be an for Sunggyu. “Anyway, can you just answer my question?”


Hoya turned back his head towards his laptop and started typing again.


“His childhood was normal but lonely. He’s an only child without a mother and was raised by bunch of criminals. Me and the others are the only close friends he has. He’s attached to your parents especially to uncle because he practically raised him with Uncle Jeonghan.”


Woohyun never questioned once on why his parents chose to live away from them nor harbored an ill feeling towards Sunggyu because he spent more time with his parents than with him and his sister. They were raised to understand their parents as to why they could only see them for one month every three months. Moreover, with what Hoya told him that his father raised him with his uncle Jeonghan, he felt guilty.


When his father was killed, he never even asked Sunggyu once about his feelings. His husband gave him his shoulders to lean on, cradled him to sleep, comforted him when he cried and supported him in everything he was going through. But, he never asked him how the other was coping up.


He felt a little selfish. The mafia boss, who was tagged as cold and cruel stood strong for him even breaking inside. How could he forget that Sunggyu was very close to his father and that he was also hurting too much?


“He cried when uncle Sunghyun died. He just didn’t want to show everyone. But one day, he came to me and Dongwoo and let his feelings out. He couldn’t take the pain anymore. Your father was his second father. Gyu loved uncle Sunghyun so much and he was blaming himself for not protecting him enough.”


A pang of pain striked him. It wasn’t because Sunggyu chose to go to Hoya and Dongwoo. But because, on his state of weakness, he forgot his husband. It doubled the guilt when he heard how Sunggyu was blaming himself for not protecting his father.


“You’re worried about him, aren’t you?” Hoya looked at his eyes directly as if he was wanting to see if he would lie. “And you know, it is strange that the two of you are not killing each other as opposed when you were in KSG.”


He averted his gaze away from Hoya. He could answer the first question but he couldn’t comment on his last statement of observation. Hoya was sharp and quick to catch on things; that was what his husband told him. Thus, he reminded him to be cautious.


“I think I am.” He didn’t want to lie. “I was thankful he never left me and my mother’s side in times of mourning but I think, me and my mom failed to see that he also suffered from my father’s death.”


There was a moment of silence between them and he could still feel Hoya’s eyes on him.


“Sunggyu needs someone to take care of him. Someone who would always be there for him. I thought it would be you considering that even the two of you despised each other, there are sparks between you. But you are married to an unknown person and Sunggyu helped you with that. So, I guess, Gyu will just keep on ing until he finds a person he would be willing to give his life to.”


Woohyun wanted to grit his teeth because of what Hoya said. He knew the truth and hearing about Sunggyu’s toys was making him more annoyed. Are they thinking that Sunggyu’s hickeys were made by his ? I have to really put more claim on that bastard. He thought.


“I don’t even know what spark you were talking but why would you think it would be me?”


“I’m not answering that.”


Hoya just continued with his work and never talked to him again.


When they landed at St. Petersburg’s private airstrip, a car was already waiting for them to bring them to the Hotel Cremisi branch there.



Woohyun felt the jet-lag. He looked at the time from his phone and it’s already 5:00pm, nine in the morning in New York. He launched facetime and called Sunggyu. He missed him already.


After few rings, the boss answered in a sleepy voice and bed hair.


“Hey sleepy-head,” He said softly. “I already missed you babe.”


“I miss you too. How’s your flight?”


“Comfortable. I slept for 6 hours straight. Hoya was busy with something and I’ve got nothing else to do.”


He could hear Sunggyu snickers even it was muffled with blanket.


“Get used to him. Hoya doesn’t know when to stop working unless he’s with Dongwoo.”


“They are still a weird couple.”


Their conversation jumped from one topic to another randomly. Even apart, they still had many things to talk about. And Woohyun wasn’t really used to sleeping alone for almost half a year.


Woohyun gave out a long breath while staring at his husband on screen.


“Wish you’re here babe.”


The mafia boss rolled his eyes on him. “It’s only for three days, Hyun. You’ll survive. Anyway, I have to get up for work. You should rest now.”


“Ok. Talk to you later. I love you.”


“I love you too.”


The future underboss tossed and his bed until he fell asleep.




Sunggyu was with Sungjong in their HQ. They were studying all the files and footages that the youngest got from researching about Mr. Brandon’s rift with their late consigliere.


From all the files given by Sungjong, it seemed like Mr. Brandon was a chronic gambler and was supposed to be keeping himself away from gambling since he was enrolled in Gambler’s Anonymous. The man was a former army who was dismissed from service because of negligence of duty that caused death of 3 army soldiers. He was a bachelor and full of debts. When Myungsoo gave him the application for loan of Mr. Brandon, he approved it just like any other applications he received.


“Boss, look at this footage.” His eyes turned to the laptop that showed the man inside their casino in Las Vegas. It was dated two months ago.


As the video played, they could see him playing poker and losing. He had a scuffle with one of the players and security threw both of them out. His uncle walked inside the casino a little later and they could see the man was looking at him while on the phone.


“Did you check his phone?”


“Yes boss. I searched all the numbers he called and none of it was suspicious. Only bunch of lenders he owed money to. I even got his call, text and data logs for the past years but nothing.”


They played all the CCTV footages and they were getting frustrated because it seemed like a dead-end.


“Wait! Replay that video again.”


It was a video on the hallway of the restricted area where the administration offices were located. No one can access that area without a key card but the man was there.


“How did he get inside? Get the logs of all the key cards that accessed the admin area this day.”


Sungjong started working on it and Sunggyu continued watching the footage. After a while he saw that his uncle manhandled Mr. Brandon and tossed him on the floor. They were talking about something and he adjusted the volume. Their CCTVs were state-of-the-art and all were audio-video CCTVs.


“You! How the did you get in here? You were dismissed from service after I call everyone I know to accept you in the army. You and your gambling problem ruined you and you have the guts to ask me for money?”


“Sunghyun, just lend me one last time and make me win, You managed this hotel and casino. You can do that.”


Mr. Brandon didn’t seem to be fit to be in the army. Because his uncle was smaller than him but could still throw him to the floor.


“I’m not going to lend you anything. You owed me more than money. I helped you to straighten your life you ing bastard!”


“You’re going to regret this Sunghyun.”


The man stood up and walked out of the door.



As soon as Sunggyu was finished watching, Sungjong already had all the logs.


“Boss, I think you have to see this.” Sungjong gave him printed logs and a profile of one of the employees of the casino. “This man was the one who accessed the admin area that time and then he also used his key card to the storage after 10 minutes.”


“Get the crew in Vegas to bring this man in the warehouse there. I cannot fly there to interrogate him. But you and Dongwoo can. Go and book your tickets.”


When Sungjong left, he went back to thinking of his uncle’s relationship with Mr. Brandon. If he helped him get to join the army, they might have met before. Then, he thought of his aunt Hyorin. His aunt should know who the man was.


His fingers hovered over his phone and called Hyorin.


After talking to her, everything made sense. The man was had been using his uncle since college days.


Do you mean John Brandon? He was your father’s and Sunghyun’s classmate in college. You already saw him once I think. He visited the two when you were 8 years old. He asked for help to enter the army and since your uncle had built many connections there, he helped him. He had a gambling problem since college. That was what your uncle told me. They even helped him graduate by helping him cheat on the exams. Why are you asking about him?


He didn’t answer his aunt’s question. Tho

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