That Winter at Apbada


Haunted by the pain of the past, twenty-year-old Bona made a tough decision of returning to high school and graduate. Meeting Wonwoo was not part of the plan, but his enthusiasm moved her heart.

“Kim Doyoung, I want to see you.” She wept. The pain in her voice startled him. The name made Wonwoo curious. Could he be the person that broke her heart before?

“Who’s Doyoung?” he blurted in the midst of the never-ending battle of silence. The guy’s name has been getting on his nerves. He ran out of patience.

“Don’t say his name carelessly! You don’t know him!” she shrilled.

“She’s right. I am being delusional for thinking that I could change you.” Bona swallowed in the last of her words. She didn’t ask for any of this. All she wanted was to pass 12th grade peacefully and vanish without a trace.

“Go away! I don’t need any of this, I don’t need you. Go away!” she shouted at Wonwoo, holding back the pool of tears, supressing herself from breaking.

“You don’t have to say it twice. I’m leaving, anyway.”



Hi, there. Thanks for taking time to check out my story. English is my second language, so excuse me for words repetition or miss-spelling. Note that the name of the characters only potray their physical appearance and does not reflect their personalities in real life. The backstory of each character could be a little overwhelming as you get deeper into the story. Feel free to share your comments if I need to tone it down a little. Have fun reading this!

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