06 Audition / part 01

Cinderella's brother
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A/n: While reading, you can listen to Wang Yibo's amazing voice and to an amazing song, mentioned in this chapter: "Stand Up ( Twenty)"


【ENG SUB】#2022湖南卫视跨年 王一博Wang Yibo新歌《廿》《NIAN/Twenty》,首唱惊艳全场!






"Qing Jiějiě, he is the guest I was telling you about.
I assume that he was just looking for you, aren't you Scary-Eyes?", A-Yuan hurried to answer  his sister's angry question.

"Xiao Yuan! Cut it off! Don’t be rude!
I've told you not to call him like that!
Please forgive him  Lao Wang, I apologize on behalf of him.
I've already told you that he is just a spoiled little brat.", Zhan shouted at his little brother, his words causing a veritable uproar in the room, all the other three persons speaking at the same time.

The kid was protesting at his GeGe's offensive 'spoiled little brat', Yibo was trying to assure Zhan that he was not disturbed with A-Yuan's nickname for him, while Xiao Qing was screaming hysterically, struggling to cover all of them:
"When did you tell him that?
How did you know him and when did all of you meet?"

Zhan felt his jeans pocket vibrating, so he took out his phone and walked to the window for a bit of privacy, asking the others to be silent.

After speaking for a while , he handed the phone to his sister: "Mom!"

"What does she want again?", the girl puffed, sitting down on the couch and crossing her legs ily, with the obvious goal to seduce the Prince.

"But, I'm not going by myself, I'll be in the company of the other singer, requested for the audition. He will protect me very well, I don't need  the idio…ermm, your son to come with me!
So what if I'm a girl and girls need protection? My  brother is a girl, too, therefore  he will not be able to protect me.
He couldn't even protect his own pathetic being, don't you remember when he came home beaten up because he is being the he is, ha, ha?", Qing laughed, rolling eyes in annoyance.

Yibo walked to the window, where the two brothers were entangled in a comforting embrace.
He ruffled A-Yuan's hair with a hand and with the other one wiped the tears glistening at the corner of those magical eyes...Eyes that put a spell on him from the first moment his own eyes met them:
"Don't be sad, please. It breaks my heart to see you like this.
I want you to do what your mom was telling your sister, I need you to come with me... I mean to come with your sister."

Then he turned toward the girl who was just ending the phone call:
"Miss Xiao Qing, I have not enough time to tell you, for now, how incredibly disgusted I feel with your nasty way of speaking to your mother, and with the offensive words you used related to your brother!  They are your family for god's sake!
Anyway, I must say that  your mother is right, if we will be accepted after this first audition, an adult family member will be needed  to sign as their consent for the agency to go further with their analyzing proceedings. I know that you are already 18 years, but as it was  just a very short time before, I am sure that they will consider that you are still in your family’s care, so they will surely ask for a family member older than you to sign the agreement.
Thus, you need Lao Xiao Zhan, who is already a 20 years old adult, to represent  your mom who is not able to  be there!
I will call my mother, as well,  to come over, if I am accepted."

"Alright, agree, but only because I need my prince to forgive me for upsetting him, for whatever incomprehensibly reason might have happened.
Now let's go downstairs and wait for him.
Don't let us wait  too long, you don't have to get dressed too fancy, anyway nobody will look at you. After all, myself and my BoBo will be the stars!", the girl glared at her brother, snatching away Yibo's hand resting on Zhan's shoulder and dragging him outside the room.


"GeGe, did something bad happen to you? I heard you crying last night. And what is this about with this whole audition thingy, and how come  they are scheduled to sing together?",  little A-Yuan bombed his older brother with questions while  following him to his room for getting dressed.

"Don't worry, little brat, everything will be okay, especially if you behave, mom didn't educate you to be such a  mannerless son!"

"But his pupils are so intimidating,  threatening and piercing like a huge, dangerous insect's eyes for real!
He is a scary bug, well, a handsome scary bug I have to admit, but I still don't like him because he is breaking your heart!",  the seven years old kid pouted cutely.


Xiao Zhan kept the ripped knee  jeans he was wearing before and quickly dressed in a clean shirt. He grabbed in his way out a red suit jacket and a thin silk tie, just in case he would be requested for a formal outfit for being allowed inside the agency.

By the time he  ran out of the house,  Wang Yibo and Qing Mei were already waiting for him in a cab.




Qing rolled her eyes at his sight, laughing when he climbed on the front seat:
"Oh my dear God, ripped, skinny jeans, really? I was sure that you would embarrass me, no wonder that those guys who beat you up, called you a fashion terrorist , besides a despicable !"

"Please, Miss Xiao Qing, don't call him that, it hurts him,  also it embarrasses people around him and you. I really  hate when you do that!
Besides, he doesn't look as bad as you try to make him feel, those jeans are fitting him great.
He has beautiful long supermodel legs, some nice perky  bum, wouldn't it be a loss to hide them in some baggy pants?", Yibo smiled to the eyes watching him through the rearview mirror, while pulling away his hand from the girl's insistent grip.

"Hmm, I apologize for getting you embarrassed, even though I don’t understand the reason. I promise to try to never get upset again my  prince.
But I want to understand something else, what do you call beautiful?
Those sticky legs almost breaking from the overwhelming  weight of those massive buttocks?
How could you call then, my -appealing, smashing legs?
Are you blind, or maybe...are you gay perhaps, like this disgusting brother of mine?
But you can't be, I know that you had dozens of girlfriends, you are not called prince for nothing!
So, Xiao Zhan, stop developing false hopes, my prince BoBo could never be yours!"

"Qing Mei, what crazy things are you talking about there?", Zhan  spoke in a cracked voice and hid his flamed face, while  glancing at the cab driver in embarrassment.
He lowered his eyes when meeting Yibo's eyes in the mirror.

"First of all, please stop calling me BoBo, or your prince! It’s annoying.
As for the girlfriends, I didn't have so many girlfriends like those rumors going around are saying, and even if I had a few, I was never in love with neither of them.", Yibo mumbled, squirming in his seat.

"I apologize again, of course that I shouldn’t call you my prince so soon, not before the dating official announcement anyway, you’re absolutely right.
Of course that you were not in love with those girls! You were a prince waiting for his matching Cinderella to meet and to fall for her!", Qing giggled, snuggling her face onto the prince's chest and sliding her arm around his waist.

"Indeed...", Yibo sighed, fixing his piercing stare on the doe eyes from the mirror and placing a hand on the front seat passenger's shoulder.

Xiao Zhan flinched at the burning touch, and at Qing's angry scream:
"BoBo, I mean Bo Ge, why are you touching him?
Do you want to get infected, don't you remember what he really is?" 



"This is the building of Yuehua Entertainment Company!", the driver cut her off, parking the car in the parking lot of an imposing building.

After a short argument between the two boys, about who should pay the taxi ride, Yibo gave up and let Zhan pay, while Qing was waiting  in the car for “her prince” to open the door for her precious highness.

"Miss Xiao Qing, I would be much obliged to you if you would not insult your brother anymore, you don't know how lucky you are for having siblings, I was a single child to my parents and I have always envied my friends with brothers or sisters.
Especially since your brother is so caring and tolerant towards you, you should be glad to have such a great person beside you!", Yibo spoke to the spoiled girl as calmly as he could, while leading her towards the building's entrance, earning a thankful gaze from the still flustered boy, walking behind of them.







After  filling a few questionnaires with all kinds of personal information, the two candidates were accompanied by a staff member in the audition studio, while Xiao Zhan took a seat in the auditorium hall with a few other people, probably other candidates' companions and also the staff members who will evaluate the candidates' potential.

Zhan didn't forget to take the pictures requested by his sister: "They are a very beautiful pair,  standard height difference between them,  both of them with great bodies, perfect faces and heavenly voices. They really look like a prince with his princess, I would never fit in this picture, they make a perfect couple together, too perfect  to be ruined by anyone, me included!", Zhan smiled  bitterly to himself.




A man approached the two nervous candidates from the recording booth:
"Hello, I'm Lin Hai, and I will accompany you on the piano. Don't be scared, here are the sheets. Try to follow the notes and pour your whole soul into singing, what they care about is mainly your voices, but also about your skill to display feelings in your singing.

Miss, you'll be the first.
Good luck to both of you!"

While Qing was performing, Zhan could conclude from the jury's faces that the audience was pretty pleased with what they were hearing.
He showed a thumbs up to his sister, then he listened with closed eyes, to Wang Yibo's angelic voice, swaying unwittingly his head on the rhythm of the song.

He could hardly open his eyes and watch the singer's performance, his vision being blurred by the thick veil of profound love he was feeling.

He was l

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