Chapter One

Beauty of My World

Upon no response, Taehyung turns around, feeling the rain hit him as he steps out from under the house's roof. He focuses on the pitter-patter of the rain. 


He ignores the fact that he's bare-footed, allowing his feet to dig into the muddy ground. He ignores the way his body tremors from the cold of the rain. He ignores the heavy weight on his chest. 


'It's better to do this now,' Taehyung tells himself. 'Before, I lose myself.' 


"Taehyung!" he hears but continues walking. He doesn't know where to but he just wants to get away. "Taehyung!" his pursuer sounds closer now. With a tug on his arm, Taehyung stops walking. 


"Where are you going?" his pursuer questions, worry evident in his voice. 


"Since you won't leave, I will," Taehyung announces. Though he can't even see, he keeps his body turned away from him. "Now, let go of me," Taehyung orders, yanking his arm out of his grip. He only takes one step until he's interrupted. 


"I will never leave you!" Taehyung freezes. "As I promise, I'll only leave when you don't need me anymore-"


"I don't need you anymore!" Taehyung turns around, fists clenched. "So leave and never come back. I don't want to hear your voice anymore, Seokjin." 


Taehyung lets the words sink in, realizing that though he said them to cut Seokjin, he feels them cutting into himself as well. 


However, this seems to have done it for only the rain replies to Taehyung. 


Then shakily and barely audible, Seokjin doesn't give up, "I'll only leave you when you're able to see the beauty of the world again." Taehyung's fists unclench, falling to his side. He could feel the rain running off of them. "Then, if you still want me gone, I'll leave."


Taehyung's hand falters as he feels Seokjin pick up his hand. "So," Seokjin's voice is quieter now. "Let's go back inside." Taehyung doesn't fight it as Seokjin leads him through the rain. 


'Why?' he wonders as he focuses on Seokjin's hand around his. 'Why are you still here?' He focuses on the warmth of Seokjin's hand. 'Why haven't you left me?' 



***(Four months ago)***



Taehyung pulls his sunglasses off, letting his eyes meet the sun. He closes them, seeing how the light still manages to peak through.


He turns towards the voice, keeping his face void of any emotions. "You've grown so much!" the alpha male notes, eyes wide in shock and what looks like happiness but Taehyung doesn't believe it. 


"A lot happens in thirteen years, doesn't it?" Taehyung asks rhetorically. At this, the alpha's eyes flicker and his expression becomes downfallen. 


Taehyung brushes past him, heading towards the car which is still the same as it was thirteen years ago. He waits for the alpha to catch up, waiting for the car to unlock. Once it does, he sets his luggage in the back, sitting there as well. He dismisses the alpha's dismay and glances out the window. 


He stays like this for the entire car ride until they arrive at the farm. Not missing a beat, Taehyung gets out of the car, taking his luggage with him. The alpha follows him, though a lot slower. "Let me help you," he offers and Taehyung accepts, handing him his suitcase and duffel bag. 


The alpha takes it and heads inside, assuming Taehyung will do the same. However, he doesn't. Instead, he slips away. Following the familiar paths, Taehyung's eyes roam the strawberry plantation as he makes his way to his desired destination.


It looks like the strawberries are just about ready to be planted. The cycle has begun again. 


Taehyung's hard shell cracks just a bit as he reaches the maple tree. The tree is full and adorned with leaves of green. The breeze bristles his hair and the familiar scent of the maple tree greets him. 




"Where are you going?" 


Taehyung doesn't bother to turn toward the owner of the voice. He continues tying his shoes as he answers, "I'm going to look at apartments in the city." 


He stands up and meets the confused alpha. "What do you mean?" the alpha man asks.


"I want to live in the city," Taehyung tells him, enjoying it as the alpha looks almost hurt by this. 


"You don't need to look for a place to live. You already have a home," the alpha gestures to the house. 


Taehyung scoffs under his breath, "Home." He shakes his head, "I'm not sure if I'll ever find a home but I sure as hell knows, it isn't this place." He lets the words sting and leaves the house. 


'Home,' Taehyung glances in the rearview mirror of his car, looking at the big, empty farmhouse. 'This stopped being home ever since you sent me away.' 


Thirteen years ago, it was home. It was a home occupied by a loving family. The family consisted of an alpha male, an omega dad, and an only child. 


Life was quiet, peaceful, and fun. The only child was a cute little boy who loved to play in the fields, stuffing his face with strawberries whenever he saw the red heart.


Even as the boy grew, the distance between him and his parents did not. They were still the happy family of three. That was until the omega dad got sick and he didn't get better. 


Together as the power of three, they preserved and hoped with all of their hearts. 


Sadly, the omega dad never got better. The child was left with the alpha parent who sent him away without a second thought three days after the funeral. 




"Maybe you should give your father a chance," Hoseok suggests. 


"Why would I?" Taehyung closes one eye and then throws the dart. 


It's been a week since Taehyung has come back home but he barely stays at the plantation, avoiding his father every chance he gets. 


Today, he had Hoseok come pick him up. They were now at a bar playing darts. "He sent me away because he didn't want me around."


"Well," Hoseok throws the dart. "Maybe he has his reasons. Hear him out."


Taehyung throws his last dart, scoring all his points. "I don't want to hear his excuses."


Hoseok comes to his side, throwing an arm over his shoulder. "I'm just saying, you're living with him again. You can't keep avoiding him."


"I can keep avoiding him," Taehyung takes a sip of his coke. 


"But I can't keep picking you up. As much as I like spending time with my best friend," Hoseok squeezes his shoulder. "I can't," he deflates. "I have work and your plantation is hours away from the city." 


"Then," Taehyung turns to him. "Let me stay with you at your apartment until I find a place."


"Wow," Hoseok breathes out. "You really don't want to be with your father, huh?" 


He doesn't. It doesn't help that every chance he gets, his alpha father attempts to converse with him. The kid him would have loved that, always yearning for his father's attention. But he's not a kid anymore. 


It's funny that before his father sent him away, he was always trying to start conversations between them. While his father gave him curt responses. Now, it's the other way around. He scoffs at the irony. 


"Anyways, I don't think you would like it at my apartment. You do remember that I now live with Hyunjoo, right?" Hoseok reminds him. 


"How could I not? You talk about her night and day," Taehyung says as he takes a sip of his coke. 


"How could I not? She's the loveliest, prettiest and cutest omega anyone can ask for. Don't you want to find someone?" Hoseok asks him, buoyantly. 


Taehyung thinks for a second. An omega to go with his alpha? He's never thought of it before. It's kind of foolish, isn't it? To be tied down to someone that intimately.


"No," he replies flatly. 




"You're home." Taehyung nods. "Did you eat dinner yet?" his alpha father asks.


This is the part where Taehyung lies that he did or that he's not hungry. "No," he tells the truth. "Did you?" Those simple words light up his father's face and Taehyung feels guilt for a split second. 


"I just finished cooking dinner," his father tells him with a smile. "Let's eat together." Taehyung nods and they both go to the dining room. 


"How was your day?" his father asks as they start eating. 


"It was fine," Taehyung replies. "And yours?" 


"Good," he says. The rest of dinner is silent but it's a nice kind of quiet. Taehyung volunteers to wash the dishes. 


When he finishes and heads upstairs, he hears his father call out, "Taehyung." He stops on the stairs and looks behind him where his father is. "I need to talk about something with you. Are you free tomorrow?" Taehyung nods. His father smiles, "Goodnight."


Taehyung's brain stops functioning for a moment. He can't remember the last time someone wished him 'goodnight'. Especially, his father. 


Quietly, he repeats the word, "Goodnight." His father's smile widens. 




"Are you enjoying the food?" Taehyung's father asks. 


Taehyung raises his head to see his father watching him expectantly from the other side of the table. He nods, "It's good." His father smiles. 


The whole day, Taehyung didn't run away from his father. His father was building a birdhouse so he helped him. His father went to give lunch to the workers and Taehyung went with him. Then, his father suggested that they go out to have dinner. 


"Better than my cooking, I suppose?" his father jokes. 


Taehyung plays along, "A lot better." His father looks stupefy by this. "Kidding," he adds, eyes escaping to the food on his plate. His father's burst of laughter makes him look back up. He stares, the sight looking odd to him. 


The last time he laughed was when his omega dad was still alive and healthy. 


His alpha father stops laughing but a smile is still present on his lips. "It's been nice having you back, Taehyung." Taehyung begins eating again. "I'm sorry." He stills, the fork in mid-air. "I shouldn't have sent you away at such a young age." 


Taehyung's eyes focus on his father's glass of water. "I..was going through some stuff at that time. I didn't want you to have to deal with it considering you were just a child." 


His father clears his throat, "I understand if you're still upset at me. No excuse can make up for what I did. But hopefully, we can get over this hurdle and be family again." 


Taehyung lets his eyes meet his father's. He tries to look past his bitter feelings and remember what his alpha father was like before his omega dad passed. "We can try..." His father's eyes light up. "For Dad," Taehyung finishes. His father nods and Taehyung almost thinks he sees tears in his eyes. 




"Are you seeing anyone?"


"No," Taehyung answers, eyes on the road. They finished with dinner and he's now driving them home. 


His father's been asking him a lot of questions but unlike the other times, he doesn't ignore them. He should give his father a chance. After all, he's been gone for thirteen years. 


"Ah, really?" his father doesn't look convinced. "You look like you'd be popular amongst both omegas and betas." Taehyung throws a confused glance at him. "I-I mean you take after your dad. You have the same eyes as him." At this, Taehyung looks back at the road. 


"Your dad was really popular. He was the prettiest omega at our university. He was the campus celebrity," his father chuckles. "Everyone liked him and all the alphas fell head over heels for him." 


"Did you fall head over heels for him?" asks Taehyung. 


His father smiles, "Not at first. I didn't understand why one would be so crazy over another person. That is until he and I were partners for a project. I saw his eyes up close and I fell into them." His smile softens, "That and his personality."


Taehyung blinks. He's never heard of their love story before. 


"That's why I," his father clears his throat. Taehyung turns to him but he looks out the window. "I want the same for you." 


Taehyung tilts his head, "What?" He could hear his father inhale. He could also smell his father's pheromones which were trying to create a calm atmosphere. 


"You're engaged," his alpha father announces. "To an omega. His name is Kim Seokjin."


Taehyung's eyes twitch and for the first time, he could truly describe himself as blinded with rage. "How could you do this?!" he yells. "You have no rights!" 


"Taehyung-ah," his alpha father says calmly. "You'll like him." 


"I already don't like him!" Taehyung could feel the car filling up with his anger. "Cancel it," he grits. 


"I can't-" 


"You can and you will," Taehyung orders, glaring at the other alpha in the car. "This is why you invited me back home, isn't it?" His hands around the steering wheel tighten. "So that by marrying me off to some omega you think is perfect, you'll feel better about yourself." 


"This isn't-" 


"Oh, wait," Taehyung spits out. "Or is this marriage some sort of business deal?" 


"I am your father!" the alpha screams. "How dare you speak to me like this?!" 


"And here's the old man I know," Taehyung seethes. He turns to him, "Don't say that you're my father. No father would ever send their kid off to another country when they're only thirteen years old! Especially, not right after their other parent just died!" 


His vision blurs. "After Dad died, you didn't love me anymore," he whispers. "You never spoke to me or listen to what I said anymore. You didn't even look at me," a tear slips from the corner of his eye. "Your son."




Suddenly, a bright light lit up the car. Taehyung returns his eyes to the road where a big truck was headed straight at them. The honking was too late. 




Nothing. He’s surrounded by nothing. Yet, there are people around. He can hear them. He can also faintly pick up their scents. He's on a bed but it's not his. Then, it all comes rushing to him. 


"Father!" He sits up, stretching his arms out. "Where are you?" 


"How are you feeling?" an unfamiliar voice ask him. He flinches as someone who is not his father touches his arm. 


"Do you feel light-headed?" another strange voice rings out. 


"Where is my father?" Taehyung whispers, opening his eyes as wide as possible but still seeing only the darkness. "Why are all the lights turned off?" 


Suddenly, there are no more movements or voices. He can only hear the beeping of the monitor. "Mr. Kim, I'm Dr. Seo," a voice starts. "You were in a car accident with your father." The memory of the big truck comes back to him. 


"You were hurried to the hospital. You have a bruise on your forehead and.." Dr. Seo clears his throat. "Your corneas were damaged." 


Taehyung shakes his head. "I can't be blind," he breaths out in disbelief. 


"You are on the list for donated corneas," Dr. Seo informs him. 


"I can't be..." Taehyung's hands fly up to his head, feeling the bandage wrap around his eyes. Immediately, he starts unwrapping it. 


"Mr. Kim!" Nurses(at least that's who he assumes they are) try to stop him. "Mr. Kim, please leave the bandage on," Dr. Seo voices sternly. He's too late as Taehyung manages to push enough nurses away to undo the bandage. 


The bandage falls onto his lap, marking his success. However, tears fill his eyes and he hates it even more that his vision is not getting blurry by them. "I'm sorry, Mr. Kim," Dr. Seo speaks quietly. 


Taehyung can feel his tears streaming down his cheeks. "Where's my father?" he repeats, barely inaudible.


"Unfortunately, he died on impact. Sorry for your loss, Mr. Kim." 




Taehyung hates that he can only differentiate night and day from the nurses bringing him his meals. Every night, he tells the nurses to leave the lights on before they leave because maybe that'll be the night his sight returns. Yet, he can't even be sure they're doing what he asks. 


He especially hates falling asleep because even in his nightmares, everything is nothing. In those nightmares, his last conversation with his father repeats and repeats until he wakes up. Every morning, he whispers the same thing, hoping his father can hear from wherever he is, "I'm sorry."


It was his fault. He overreacted and became angry, causing them to fight. He was the one driving. He was the one not watching the road, too busy pouring his emotions out. It's his fault his father is dead. 


"Taehyung? Taehyung?" 


"Yes," the word quietly slips from his lips. 


"I'm not sure if you remember us," a male voice starts. "But we're friends of your father." Upon Taehyung's silence, he continues, "A long time ago, your father and I decided that to bring our families closer, we should-"


"Marry your kids to each other," Taehyung finishes for him impassively. "He told me that night," he answers their unvoiced question. 


"Taehyung," a woman's voice begins. He feels her touch his arm and momentarily stiffens. "You'll be discharged in three days. When you do, Seokjin will come to take care of you at your house."


"He's not here now, is he?" Taehyung realizes. 


"He's busy," the man makes up an excuse. "We just need you to sign the marriage certificate to make you and Seokjin's marriage official." 


Marriage with someone he's never met before. How absurd. It was what caused them to argue which led to the car accident. If he hadn't argued with his father then he'd still be alive. 


A heaviness settles on Taehyung's shoulders. "Where's the pen?" he complies. It was what his father wanted. The last thing he wanted before Taehyung took his life. He should be a good son and fulfill his last wish.


They put a pen in his hand and the certificate in front of him, directing his hand where to write. He signs without a fight.




"Are you gonna be alright here?" Hoseok asks as he and Taehyung enter the house. "I can stay with you until-"


"I'll be fine," Taehyung interjects, sounding harsher than he intended. "Thanks for bringing me home," he thanks softly. 


"Of course," Hoseok says. Taehyung feels Hoseok's arm on his shoulder as he directs them to the sofa. Sitting down, Hoseok continues, "If you ever need anything, I'm here for you." Taehyung's head bobs. "Do you know when exactly Seokjin's coming here?"


Taehyung didn't want to talk about him but looks like it was inevitable. "His parents just said that he'll come after I get discharged." 


"If you don't mind me asking," Hoseok starts. "How are you going to proceed with this? Have you changed your mind about this marriage?"


"I'm only marrying him because it's that last thing my father wanted," Taehyung voices. He could hear Hoseok open his mouth to speak but only a breath leaves. "As I told you, I don't do relationships."


"But Tae," he could hear Hoseok shift, probably to face him. "Since you two are married, maybe you should keep an open mind," Hoseok advises. 


Taehyung doesn't say anything despite his strong disagreement with Hoseok's advice, knowing that his friend is just trying to help him. 


However, his mind has already been made. He and Seokjin are only married on paper and in name. Their relationship in real-life will just be like a business deal. Hopefully, this "Seokjin" will understand that and not meddle with it.




Taehyung kicks the leg of the table after hitting it for the hundredth time. His arms reach out, searching for the wall. Finding it, he leans against it, trying to calm himself. For the past twenty minutes, he has been trying to reach the kitchen.


From the small aches everywhere, he probably has a million bruises by now. He is not getting used to this new lifestyle. He hates it. He hates feeling like an elephant stuck in a closet. 


Gaining his composure, Taehyung starts moving again. He's shuffling and has his arms out as he navigates his way to the kitchen. He groans as he stubs his toe. 


He in a breath and flinches when he hears knocking echoes throughout the near-empty house. For a second, he thinks he's imagining the sound but the knocking continues.


Slowly, he follows the knocking which he presumes is coming from the front door. He reaches it after what seems like forever. He turns the doorknob, feeling the outside air rush in as he pulls the door open. 


His nose crinkles, trying to pick up a scent. "You must be Kim Taehyung," the stranger notes, sotto voce. 


"And you are?" Taehyung interrogates, brows pinched together, not liking how this person knows who he is but he doesn't know them. 


"I'm Kim Seokjin." At this, Taehyung stills. "I apologize for arriving so late. I didn't disturb your sleep, did I?" Seokjin meekly says. 


Taehyung feels heat rush to his cheeks. He didn't even know it was nighttime. He tilts his chin up, "Behind this house is a smaller house. You'll be staying there."


He begins to close the door but the door stops to Taehyung's confusion. "I was told that we'd be living together since I'll be taking care," Seokjin explains, though the words sound unsure. 


"Oh," Taehyung wets his lips. Looks like Seokjin does not understand. He resists the urge to roll his eyes. He steps out of the house, stumbling as he finds his footing. He feels embarrassed by this but dismisses it, "Are your parents here with you?"


It's quiet and Taehyung feels a tad irritated by the delayed response. "No, they're not here. Only I am," Seokjin finally lets out.


"Let me get this clear," Taehyung leans forward to where Seokjin's voice is coming from. "You're here and I'm here because we were forced to be here. Only on paper, are we married. However, I'm not your husband and you're not my husband." 


He steps back, feeling like his case is now clear. "So, do as you wish but leave me alone," Taehyung asserts, shutting the door. 






With a push, the door finally gives and Seokjin almost goes flying to the ground. He collects himself, brushing the stray hair away from his eyes before pulling his suitcase in with him. 


He pulls out his phone to turn on the flashlight. He closes the door behind him, locking it though the lock isn't that reassuring. His attention returns to the inside of the little house Taehyung told him about. 


His flashlight stumbles on a string hanging from the ceiling. Cautiously, Seokjin pulls on it and the lights come on. He's appalled as his eyes scan the "small" house. 


It's smaller than Seokjin expected. The room he's standing in has blankets laid out on the ground to act as a bed. That itself takes up half of the room. 


He staggers to the other door he sees, hoping that it leads to the bigger part of the house. With a twist, the door opens to reveal a cramped bathroom. The toilet is directly in front of the sink and the bathtub is right next to them. 


Seokjin closes the door, having seen enough. He takes his shoes off and then plops down on the blankets, swiping through his phone. His lips form a pout as he struggles to get a signal. 


After a few tries of holding his phone up to get any connection, he stops. Giving up, he throws his phone to the side and brings his knees up, and wraps his arms around them. 


What is he going to do? Though he just met Taehyung less than an hour ago, he can tell the alpha harbors great dislike for him. Maybe he was wrong about coming here. He shouldn't have signed the marriage certificate. What was he thinking?


Seokjin sighs, already regretting his decision. 'But why did he sign it if he was just going to give me the cold shoulder?' he ponders.


He's smart enough to know that no one acts cold and rude for no reason. 


Perceiving the time, Seokjin gets ready for bed. All the while, fretting over how he should approach Taehyung tomorrow. 




The following morning, Seokjin wakes up bright and early. He takes a shower, brushes his teeth, etc. When he steps out of the little house, ready for the day, he's astounded. 


Sunlight allows him to view the plantation properly, along with the house Taehyung is in. The house is large and grand, looking like it came right out of a postcard. The house stands at the top of the hill, overlooking the plantation. The plantation stretches on for miles and he can't find the end of it. Already, there are workers in the fields. 


Seokjin closes his mouth(which he did not realize was open in awe). He eyes the back door to the house, contemplating if he should try talking with Taehyung again. 


He decides against it and pulls out his phone, frowning when he still doesn't get any signal. He looks down at the workers and an idea pops up in his head. 


Hurriedly, he proceeds down to where the workers are. It takes longer than he expected and by the time he reaches them, he's out of breath. They're all busy working, not noticing him. He approaches a man clad in all black with a black hat sitting on his head. 


"Excuse me," Seokjin breathes out, tapping his shoulder to get his attention. He gives a friendly smile as the man turns around. "I just got here and my phone's not getting any signal. Is there a phone I can use or a place where service is better?" 


The man, who by his scent, is a beta, stares at Seokjin for a second before giving a late reply. "Uh-yeah, signal isn't good around here so none of the phones work." At this, Seokjin unknowingly presses his lips together, pouting a bit. "But," the beta continues after seeing his disappointment. "There is a town one and a half-hour away  where signal does works."


Seokjin's eyes light up. He can call his parents then and tell them of the situation. Yet, hope fades as he remembers that he doesn't have a car. "How far would the walking distance be?" he asks meekly. 


The beta's eyes widen. "You want to walk there?" he asks with disbelief. 


Seokjin smiles nervously and admits, "I don't have a car." 


"Ah, I see," the beta nods. He presses his lips together and a dimple momentarily shows. "I can take you if you want," the beta offers, almost timorously. 




"Thank you so much," Seokjin thanks as he and the beta man gets into the beta's truck. 


"No problem," the beta says, starting the car. He starts driving, throwing a few glances at Seokjin as he does. "Are you the new worker?"


"Pardon?" Seokjin asks, not understanding. 


"I've never seen you before so I was just wondering what you're doing on Taehyung's plantation," the beta tells him, eyeing him again. 


"Oh," Seokjin realizes the beta must be wary of him, not knowing who he is and where he came from. "I just arrived here last night. I'm not a worker. I'm.." Seokjin's throat dries and he finds it hard to utter the rest, the rest of which reveals himself to be Taehyung's husband. 


The beta seems curious now. Suddenly, Taehyung's words from last night ring in his head, 'Only on paper, are we married. However, I'm not your husband and you're not my husband.'


"...Taehyung's relative," Seokjin finishes with a lie. He nods as if that would make it more convincing. 


The beta seems to believe him, eyes going back to the road. "How's Taehyung doing?"


"He's," Seokjin's not even sure how he's doing. "Fine." 


"That's good," the beta says genuinely. "I haven't seen or spoken to him for some time now." To this, Seokjin becomes curious as to who this friendly beta is to Taehyung. As if reading his mind, the beta adds, "My family owns the plantation next to his." He turns his head to Seokjin and with a soft upturn of his lips, introduces himself, "The name's Jungkook."


Feeling like the action should be reciprocated, he introduces himself, "I'm Seokjin." 


Jungkook's smile brightens, "Nice to meet you, Seokjin." 


"You too," Seokjin says with a soft smile, glad to have made an acquaintance. They continue driving with small talk here and there. "Are you close to Taehyung at all?" Seokjin asks, wanting to figure out more about the alpha. 


Jungkook shakes his head, much to Seokjin's disappointment. "My family bought the plantation next to his when he had already gone overseas for school. After the accident, I spoke to him and we came to the agreement that until he's capable, I'll be mostly managing his plantation."


"That's nice of you," Seokjin notes. 


Jungkook brushes his compliment off, "He and his father are good people. His father always helped us out so this is the least I can do." 




"He doesn't like me at all, Yoongi," Seokjin informs his friend. 


"It hasn't even been a whole twenty-four hours and you two already hate each other?" Yoongi asks from the other line.


"I don't hate him," Seokjin defends. "But he seems to hate me. What should I do? Should I just tell my parents it's not working out and come back home?" 


"You just got there. They'll probably tell you to give it some time," Yoongi says to which Seokjin agrees. "I'm curious. Why did you agree to the marriage in the first place?"


Seokjin stills at the question. "I suppose I just wanted to see what kind of person he is..." He knows that's not the full reason but he keeps his lips sealed. 


"Well, you saw him and he's rude. Now, the question is, why are you contemplating staying?" Yoongi asks. 


"I..." Seokjin thinks for a moment before gathering his words. "I want to help him, Yoongi. He's all alone and he must be going through a hard time." The words hang in the air before he quickly adds, “Besides, my parents want this for me.” 


Seokjin has always gone along with what his parents tell him to do. It’s not a bad thing. He agrees with their choices. They’re a close family, a hardworking one as well. His beta dad worked hard to build his company from the ground. It was difficult, especially with how society was back then(and sometimes even now), viewing betas as only workers who are incompetent to hold power. 


His omega mom also worked hard in pursuing her dream of opening a restaurant which is thriving right now. Seokjin is their only child. He just finished university and should be working at his dad’s company. However, a sudden marriage announcement occurred. 


"Mmh, I guess you should stay if you feel that way," Yoongi says. "You're not bothered by the fact that he's an alpha?" he asks and Seokjin can hear the concern. 


"I think I'll be fine," Seokjin says into the phone. "Thanks, Yoongi." 


"Of course. Anytime you need me, call, okay?" Yoongi tells him. 


"I will. Bye," Seokjin says into the phone before ending their call. 




"If you ever need anything, feel free to ask me," Jungkook says as he stops in front of Taehyung's house.


"Okay," Seokjin smiles. "Thank you, Jungkook." He gets off and Jungkook drives away. 


Seokjin walks around the house, deciding to take the back door instead. It's unlocked and he easily slips in, ending up in the kitchen, the place he was looking for. He bought some groceries and gets to storing them. The cabinets and fridge are near empty, making Seokjin glad for buying more food.


"Who's there?!" Seokjin flinches a little at the voice. He turns around and meets a visibly shaken-up Taehyung. His brows are furrowed and his jaw is clenched. 


"It's just me, Seokjin," Seokjin manages to get the words out. Feeling guilt-ridden, he adds, "Sorry if I frightened you." 


Taehyung's furrowed brows don't go away. They draw together even more. "What are you doing here?" he asks sharply. 


"The small house doesn't have a kitchen.." Seokjin feels his nerves eat at him, seeing that Taehyung is displeased. "I bought some groceries so I came to put them away." 


"Leave as soon as you're done," Taehyung turns around, walking away. 


Seokjin's mouth hangs open, wanting to say more. He closes it and goes after Taehyung. "Taehyung," he annunciates slowly, the name rolling off his tongue for the first time.


This causes Taehyung to stop, back still turned to Seokjin. "I know that you didn't want this marriage and I'll respect that but," Seokjin his dry lips. "I want to help you." He waits in anticipation as the words sink into Taehyung.


"You want to help me?" Taehyung questions, almost warily. 


"I do," Seokjin answers, gathering his confidence. “We can just be like caretaker and patient," he offers. "I'll take care of you until you don't need me anymore." He takes in a breath, "Then, I'll go back and I'll tell my parents I want a divorce. We'll return to our normal lives." 


Belatedly, Taehyung turns to face him, facing the wall a little more than Seokjin. "Stop." 


"What?" Seokjin asks, confused. 


"Stop with the act," Taehyung speaks, barely audible. "I don't need your pity. If I wanted a caretaker, I would've hired one." He turns around as if that was the end of the conversation. 


"Wait, I," Seokjin reaches for Taehyung's wrist, stopping him. "I-I didn't mean to offend you. I'm sorry." 


Taehyung spins around faster than Seokjin expected, making him almost lose his balance. He pulls his wrist out from Seokjin's hold. "I don't need your apology either," Taehyung grits. "I don't need you. I don't need anyone. If you wish to stay so badly, then stay but don't come near me. So just crawl back home and complain to your parents if you don't like my terms."


Seokjin stares at Taehyung, sullenly. "Why are you like this?" he questions, stung. 


Taehyung's brows smooth out but Seokjin can't tell of his expression because of his sunglasses. He doesn't say another word as he turns around and walks away. Seokjin doesn't try to stop him anymore. 






Taehyung feels relief run over him as he hears the back door close. He finds the sofa and sits down on it. Leaning back, he closes his eyes and tries to find sleep. 


Yet, his mind keeps replaying Seokjin's words, 'I know that you didn't want this marriage and I'll respect that but I want to help you.'


He scoffs as he thinks to himself, 'No one is altruistic. Everyone expects something in return.' 


This isn’t how it’s supposed to go. Seokjin isn’t supposed to care and be bugging him like this. 


He opens his eyes and again feels dolorous as there is no change from when he had his eyes closed. He clenches his fists and stands up. Deciding that his bedroom would be of more comfort for sleep to come, he attempts to make his way there. He bumps into multiple things, feeling more and more frustrated as he does. 


Why hasn't he gotten used to being blind already? How has he not gotten used to the layout of the house yet? 


Finally, he arrives at the stairs. This is the part he hates the most. Shakily, like always, his hand finds the handrail. While the other hand takes the wall. He takes his time, moving agonizingly slowly to make sure he doesn't miss a step. 


'I don't need anyone,' he muses as he continues up the stairs, steadily. 'I'm fine. It's not like I'll be stuck like this forever.' As he nears the top, Seokjin's words are still lingering in his head. Taehyung sighs, 'I only married you because that's what my father wanted.' 


He can feel that he's nearing the second floor. Out of nowhere, he feels an itch in his eye. He stops walking and rubs his eye. Forgetting that he has sunglasses on, his hand hits the glasses instead and they fall off. He winces as he hears them tumbling down the stairs. 


Turning around, he moves down the stairs. Bending down at each step and feeling for the glasses. His doctor advised that he should keep them on for protection but he doesn't need to wear them. 


Still, Taehyung prefers to wear them. He doesn't want people to see his eyes. His eyes must look disturbing. He wonders what they look like. Are they looking off into a never-ending scenery? Are they blank and lifeless? 


He finds them and quickly puts them on, hiding his eyes from the world. He stands back up, making his way up once more. 'I'm perfectly capable of living in the darkness for just a while,' he climbs a stair. 'I don't need anyone.'


As he's about to take another step, he's reminded of Seokjin's last words, 'Why are you like this?' 


His foot hangs mid-air. 'Why do you care?' Taehyung thinks bitterly. He steps down but his foot doesn't touch the next step, slipping and taking the rest of Taehyung with it. 






Seokjin picks at his food, unsettled by his and Taehyung's conversation two days ago. Ever since, he hasn't tried to talk to the alpha, not wanting to anger him any more. "Seokjin?"


"Huh," Seokjin escapes his thoughts, looking at a doe-eyed Jungkook who seems to be waiting for a response. "What did you say?"


"I asked if you like it here so far," Jungkook repeats genially despite it being clear that Seokjin has not been paying attention. 


"The scenery is really pretty and the fresh air is nice," Seokjin tells him with a smile. 


"But?" Jungkook tilts his head, sensing Seokjin's troubled mind. 


Seokjin hesitates on telling him the truth. He's only met Jungkook this week. Wouldn't he be overstepping if he tells him about his personal problems? 


Jungkook blinks innocently at him and Seokjin gives in a little, needing some advice. "I'm having a hard time...getting Taehyung to open up," he confides. 


Jungkook doesn't look surprised by this. "Don't worry about it too much," Jungkook starts. "He's hard to approach when he doesn't want to be approached."


"Oh, is that so?" Seokjin feels a little better already, knowing that it's not because of him exactly. 


"If you don't mind me asking, why did you come here? You never told me why. Only that you're Taehyung's relative," Jungkook looks at him for an answer.


"I'm just here to take care of him," Seokjin says. "He doesn't want to hire a caretaker so I offered," he adds, adding some truth. 


"I'm glad," Jungkook mumbles. 


"Pardon?" Seokjin asks. 


Jungkook shakes his head. "Nothing. I just.." his eyes flit towards Seokjin's then away. "I'm glad that Taehyung has someone to help him out." 


Seokjin nods but pouts a little. How will he get Taehyung to open up to him just enough so that he'll let him help him?




Unable to sleep, Seokjin gets up and steps out of the little house for some fresh air. He notices that the lights in the kitchen of the big house are still on. 


Seokjin presses his lips together. Is he just imagining or have they been on for two days straight? He turned them on that one day he went in to store the groceries. After his and Taehyung's dispute, he hasn't gone into the kitchen as well. Having most of his meals with Jungkook instead. 


Feeling unease, Seokjin goes towards the big house. He enters the kitchen, flicking the lights off upon seeing that no one is occupying the room. He's about to leave but stops when he hears a slight movement. 


Seokjin walks deeper into the kitchen, listening to the sound. "Taehyung?" he asks, hearing what sounds like breathing. He leaves the kitchen and enters the living room. To see his surroundings better, Seokjin finds the light and turns it on. 


He gasps as light sheds on Taehyung who's passed out in front of the stairs. "Taehyung!" Seokjin hurries to his aid. He lifts him to a sitting position, shaking him gently. "Taehyung!" Seokjin raises his voice with urgency. The alpha doesn't respond, only continues his soft breathing. 


Seokjin's eyes land on a cut on his forehead. The blood that leaks out from it has already dried. His eyes scan the rest of Taehyung's body for any injuries, noticing that his ankle looks a little odd. 


Seokjin inhales deeply, trying to sort his thoughts. He tries his best not to panic and find a solution. 


"Jungkook," Seokjin realizes. He sets Taehyung back down on the floor gently. About to get up, he stops when he feels a weak tug on his finger. 


His eyes widen, seeing that Taehyung is somewhat conscious. "Are you okay? Are you alright?" he worries. Taehyung doesn't look like he's in the state to reply so Seokjin explains, "I'm going to get help. Don't move. I'll be right back." Taehyung lets go of his finger and he sprints out the front door. 




"How is he?" Seokjin asks, right as the doctor comes out. 


"He sprained his ankle and has a small concussion but other than that, he's fine," the doctor tells him. "He can go home today but make sure he eats. He hasn't been eating these past days."


Seokjin nods attentively, "I'll make sure he does." 


"Also," the doctor begins. "his alpha senses don't seem to be as clear they should be."


"What?" Seokjin's eyes bulge. "How does a fall from the stairs take away his alpha senses?"


The doctor shakes his head. "I believe it's because of his prior car accident. Since then, they've been fading." 


"Will he get them back?" Seokjin asks, concerned. 


"He should. They've never permanently disappeared from anyone as far as I know but I don't know how long it will take. Just make sure he takes care of his health and avoids stressful situations." 


Seokjin nods, "Okay. Thank you." 


The doctor leaves and Seokjin enters Taehyung's room. 


Taehyung is sitting up in his hospital bed. His glasses are back on. A cast is around his ankle and a huge band-aid is on his forehead, in place of where the cut was. Seokjin also notices a darkening bruise on his chin. 


Taehyung only notices him when he closes the door behind him. Immediately, he turns away from Seokjin. Seokjin settles himself on the chair beside the bed. His view is Taehyung's back but he doesn't bother to move. 


"How do you feel?" Seokjin asks, interrupting the silence. Only the beeping of the monitor answers him. His eyes fall on Taehyung's almost unnoticeable shaking hands. 


He gets up from the chair, rounds the bed, and sits down on it beside Taehyung. Taehyung's nose twitches and his lips part. "I can't smell you," the words escape his lips softly. "I can't differentiate an omega from a beta or an alpha. My hearing is that of a normal human." His lips quiver a little, "I'm completely blind and now I can't even walk."


Seokjin's eyes falter as he takes in the sight of Taehyung. "It'll get better," Seokjin annunciates faintly. "I know that not knowing when it will is excruciating but," he glances at Taehyung who for the first time, does not look cold or angry. "It will and I'll be with you," his eyes dart to the window. "I'll help you recover faster, okay?" He winces, ready for Taehyung to start objecting.


"Okay," Taehyung lets out. Seokjin's shocked but he doesn’t say anything. His eyes go to the window, staring at their reflection and seeing them together for the first time.

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