Chapter Eight

Beauty of My World

"Ow," Taehyung hisses, causing Seokjin to pull the nail clipper away rapidly. 


"Did I cut you?" Seokjin asks, panicked. He brings Taehyung's finger up to his eyes, searching for a cut. 


"No," Taehyung replies, blank-faced. "I just imagined how it'd be if you did."


Seokjin clicks his tongue in irritation while Taehyung laughs. "Haha, very funny," Seokjin remarks sarcastically. It's been a week since "that night". Like promised, neither has mentioned it since. Still, it would be a lie if Seokjin says nothing has changed. 


Though he was walking on eggshells around Taehyung at first, he realized that by doing so, he would be remembering that night. Therefore, he pretended that it never happened to the best of his ability, doing his best to treat Taehyung like he did before. Taehyung seems to have taken another approach to forget. 


He has never called him, "Jin" again or did anything to indicate "that night". But he has been(for a lack of better word), nicer. He was nice before. It's just that now he's more..nice. 


This slightly different attitude tugs at Seokjin's heartstrings even more. He knows it's foolish to think that Taehyung could be acting like so for him. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to dream.


"I'm done," Seokjin tells Taehyung, dropping his hand. 


"Thank you," Taehyung thanked with a soft smile(which Seokjin tells himself he imagined).




A yawn leaves Seokjin's lips. He feels like it's been forever since Taehyung went into the bathroom to wash up before going to bed. He doesn't usually take this long. Should Seokjin just skip tonight's shower and go to sleep?


He throws a glance at the mattress, again seeing how tiny it is for two grown men. Perhaps, he should suggest they go back to the big house(the actual house). Or, at least one of them. 


The door to the bathroom opens. Taehyung's wet hair is slick back and a towel wraps around his waist. Seokjin's cheeks color pink. Quickly, he rushes past Taehyung, closing the bathroom door behind him. 


Seokjin stares as he's met with the sight of the bubble-filled bathtub. Did Taehyung forget to drain the bathtub? 


As if reading his mind, Taehyung calls out from the other side of the door, "It's for you." Seokjin blinks, not sure if he's hearing right. "It's good to take bubble baths once in a while to soothe your muscles," Taehyung continues.


"...Thank you," Seokjin lets out quietly. 


He's not sure if Taehyung even caught what he said, but it's confirmed that he did when he replies with a, "You're welcome." 


Seokjin pulls away from the door and moves towards the bathtub. One of his hands goes under the water, feeling how warm it is. 'Is this why he was taking so long?' he thinks with a small smile.






'That wasn't too much, was it?' Taehyung questions himself. 'Of course not. It was just a small act to show my gratitude.' 


He pulls away from the door, moving towards the wardrobe. In his head he counts his steps, 'One...two...three...four...five.' Seokjin had told him to remember the number of steps to certain places to not be so lost. 


As he recalls, it's five steps from the bathroom to the wardrobe. Tentatively, he reach out for the wardrobe, afraid that he failed. This conclusion is debunked when his fingers touch the wooden surface of the wardrobe. A smile graces his features at his success.


After getting changed into his blue, silk pajamas(he assumes from the silky material) that Seokjin got for him, he counts his steps to the mattress. Lowering himself, he gets under the warm, cozy blankets.


He pulls the blanket up till it rests under his nose, frowning upon smelling nothing. He doesn't get why sometimes he can smell and sometimes he can't. Hopefully, he'll find out tomorrow when he and Seokjin go see the doctor. 


Hearing the bathroom door click, he turns his back to it, closing his eyes in case Seokjin's not yet dressed. Even though he can't see, he still wants to respect Seokjin and not make him uncomfortable.


Preceding the sound of shuffling, the buzzing of the light dies, and he hears Seokjin's steps come closer to the mattress. The blanket is lifted slightly as Seokjin gets under and Taehyung scoots farther away to allow him space.


Taehyung attempts to fall prey to slumber, but for some reason, exhaustion is nowhere near him. He turns onto his back, hoping that it'll be a better sleeping position. In doing so, his shoulder brushes against Seokjin's. He's about to move, but doesn't, finding comfort in knowing that Seokjin's by his side.


"Taehyung," Seokjin begins, voice soothing and pleasant to his ears.


"Yes," he answers.


"I was thinking that perhaps, we should start sleeping in the big house or, at least one of us should since this little house isn't the most spacious living area," explains Seokjin.


Admittedly, Taehyung's grown..attached to this place. However, he agrees since this "little house" really is just a shed and they're always squeezed together on the mattress.


"I suppose you're right," he concludes. "Let's go together to the big house." 


"Mmh," Seokjin hums in agreement. 


That's good. The feeling of being together is mutual. With that, Taehyung can finally go to sleep.




Taehyung yawns as he stands by the door, waiting for Seokjin. "I don't understand why we have to go so early," he complains with a yawn. "Isn't my appointment at noon?" 


"Yes, it is," Seokjin answers, still packing their things. "But we have to get to the city which already takes two hours. Also, the earlier we check in, the better it is since it may be busy." Seokjin arrives at his side, "Let's go."


"Mmh," Taehyung goes to extend his white cane, but before he can, his hand is taken by Seokjin. He still extends the white cane, utilizing it and expecting Seokjin to let go.


Yet, he doesn't as they leave the plantation. He doesn't as they walk to the bus station so Taehyung allows himself to tighten his grasp around Seokjin's hand.


The walk to the bus stop goes by faster than Seokjin thought and they arrive early, having to wait twenty minutes before the bus comes. 


"Wait here for a bit," Seokjin instructs him. "I'll be right back." With that, he lets go of Taehyung's hand, leaving him alone at the bus stop. 


The chilly morning urges Taehyung to stuff his hands into his coat pockets, keeping them warm. However, as he stands shivering, it feels like Seokjin's been gone for an eternity. 


Ignoring Seokjin's instructions, he takes a few steps in the direction Seokjin left. "Seokjin," he calls out, hearing nothing, but his voice. He realizes he has no idea where he is and what is around him. Where did Seokjin go and why has he not returned? Is there even anywhere to go from here? Taehyung had just assumed it was long fields of plains secluded from people. If so, where is there for Seokjin to go?


A car swooshes past Taehyung, and the stench of gasoline follows it, causing him to scrunch his nose. Then, a new wave of questions floods his mind. 


Did Seokjin hitchhike? Is he now in a car getting further and further from Taehyung? Has he abandoned Taehyung in the middle of nowhere? 


Taking more steps in the direction he assumed Seokjin went, he calls out again, "Seokjin!" Only the silence and the cold responds to him.


Taehyung's breathing becomes ragged and he tries again, in a shaky voice, "Seokjin, where are you?!" There isn't a response. 


Maybe he got confused and Seokjin went the other way. Brows pinched together, he spins around, going in the other direction. He continues walking, using his white cane to keep him off the road. He listens carefully for Seokjin's sweet voice, feeling more panicked as the voice is nowhere near.


"Where are you going?" he hears Seokjin's voice again, followed by a touch on his wrist. 


Taehyung spins back around, eyes wide and lost, "Seokjin?" 


"Yeah, it's me," Seokjin says. 


Taehyung's tense shoulders relax. 'He didn't leave. He didn't leave me,' his thoughts sigh in relief. 


"Why didn't you listen to me? You're so far from the bus stop," Seokjin nags him lightly, looping an arm around his and leading him back.


"Where did you go?" Taehyung asks quietly, not wanting his voice to give way to his emotions from early. 


"I saw a convenience store and thought to go buy some things. Their register was acting weird so it took a while," Seokjin explains. "Sorry. If I had known it would take so long, I would've brought you with me." 


Taehyung shakes his head. "It's fine." He takes a breath, feeling the cold air rush back to his face. He's startled when Seokjin's fingers brush against his cheekbone. 


"I found this on my way back," Seokjin tells him, pinning something behind his ear. Befuddled, Taehyung brings his hand up to touch what Seokjin had placed behind his ear.


"A flower?" he concludes, feeling the soft petals.


"Yeah," Seokjin replies with what sounds like a smile. "It compliments you very well." Taehyung can feel crimson color his cheeks. Quickly, he turns away, not wanting Seokjin to see. 




"All of your statistics are the same as last time so that's good," the doctor notes. 


"If it's all the same, how is it good?" Taehyung asks, frustrated. "I'm not recovering at all. I still can't see and I can only smell sometimes." 


"Wait, you can smell?" the doctor asks, shocked. Taehyung can hear him flipping through his notes. "The test says that you still can't." 


"Yeah, I can't right now, but I did a week ago," he clarifies.


"Interesting," he can hear the doctor's pen click, ready to jot down notes. "When did this happen and what fragrances were you able to smell?" 


Taehyung hesitates in continuing, feeling slight embarrassment at talking about him and Seokjin. However, if there's a scientific reason why he smelled Seokjin during that night, then he would like to know. Knowing may also help him regain his sense of smell.


"I.." he his bottom lip, nervously. Before continuing, he tells himself that he's just talking to a doctor who'll hopefully help him. "As you know, I'm married to Seokjin." The doctor has already met him. "A week ago, he had his heat and I...helped him." 


"Uh-huh," the doctor says, with the sound of writing following that. "And?" he urges Taehyung to continue.


"And, during that time, I could smell his scent. I didn't even notice it at first despite it being the first time in months that I could smell again," Taehyung recalls, remembering Seokjin's ambrosial scent. "I even described it to him and he confirmed that it was his scent." 


He fidgets with his fingers. "But I haven't smelled anything since, not even him." Oh, how he wishes he can again. "Do you know why that happened?" he ask the doctor.


"Unfortunately, I do not," the doctor says, much to Taehyung's disappointment. "But I'll look into it. In the meantime, if there are other moments when you can tell smell again, tell me."


Taehyung nods, wondering if those moments will actually happen. 






"What did the doctor say?" Seokjin asks Taehyung after he finishes his appointment. 


"Nothing's out of the ordinary. Nothing's changed. Boring stuff," Taehyung shrugs as he slides his sunglasses back on, hiding his eyes from the public. 


They get in the elevator and it closes. Seokjin presses the button for the main lobby. "It's still early so let's find a place to eat before heading back," he suggests.


Taehyung nods. "What do you want to eat?" 


"I don't have a preference." He knows Taehyung didn't really want to meet with the doctor so he wants to make the rest of their trip in the city fun for him. "What do you want to eat?" he asks Taehyung instead. 


"I'm always choosing what to eat. You should choose," Taehyung returns the decision to him. 




The elevator door dings open. "Come on," Taehyung goes first, using his white cane. "You're choosing where we eat and that's that," he says as Seokjin loops an arm around his. 


"Fine, Your Royal Highness," he retorts.


A slight grin decorates Taehyung's face as he shakes his head, causing a smile to form on Seokjin's face. 




After they finish eating, they walk back to the bus stop. "Is there anywhere you'd like to go before we go back?" Seokjin asks Taehyung. 


"No," he answers. "Do you want to go anywhere?" he asks in return.


"No, let's just go home-" Seokjin bites his tongue, but it's too late. He already said the word, "home" which he shouldn't have because it's only Taehyung's home, not his. Taehyung doesn't say anything and Seokjin desperately hopes he didn't hear him refer to the plantation as home. 


He can't get attached to the plantation, the house, or Taehyung. All of those will come to pass when Taehyung recovers and Seokjin will leave.


They arrive at the bus stop. Taehyung sits down on the bench while Seokjin stays standing a few feet away from him. "Aren't you going to sit down?" Taehyung questions, noticing. 


"I'm fine standing," Seokjin lamely replies. 


Really, he just wants to clear his mind and stop thinking about Taehyung. Sitting next to him won't help. 


Taehyung raises his arm and extends it out as if to search for something. "What are you searching for?" Seokjin wonders, stepping closer to help if needed. 


Taehyung's hand bumps into him. His hand goes down to envelop Seokjin's. "Sit with me?" he requests, but before Seokjin can decline, he pulls Seokjin down next to him. 


"Tae..." Seokjin's voice trails off as Taehyung rests his head on his shoulder. 


"I'm tired. Let me use your shoulder as a pillow for a bit," Taehyung articulates gently. 


Seokjin glances down at Taehyung's hand still clasped over his. In his head, he thinks, 'How can I get over you when you keep acting like this?' 






There it is again, that feeling Taehyung gets when he and Seokjin are in physical contact. It's an odd feeling. He doesn't know how to describe it, but it makes him continue to want to be with Seokjin.


Realizing how crazy he is, Taehyung knows he should pull away from Seokjin. However, his position is far too comfortable and the feeling of being with Seokjin like this is also comfortable. 


Does Seokjin also feel this feeling? He knows he's supposed to forget the existence of "that night". Yet, thinking back to it, the whole time Taehyung was helping Seokjin, he also had this feeling. 


It made him forget who he is and all he could think about was the present, the now in which Seokjin stirred something deep inside of his chest. 


"The bus is here," Seokjin announces. Taehyung lifts his head off Seokjin's shoulder, hearing the bus pull up. His shoulders sink a little as Seokjin pulls his hand away. 


They get on the bus and right away, the many noises and voices of the people on the bus crowd his ears. Seokjin tugs him by his wrist, leading him to a seat. He plops down on the solo seat and immediately stands up. "Where are you sitting?" 


"There aren't any other open seats, so I'll just stand," Seokjin explains to him.


"I'll stand. You sit," Taehyung declares. He knows that he's blind, but he's not incapable of standing. Seokjin's always doing stuff for him. He doesn't want him to give up stuff for him as well.


"What? No, I'll stand. You sit," Seokjin rejects, standing by his decision. Before Taehyung can interject, the bus starts to move and with a push from Seokjin, he falls back into the seat.


A scoff escapes Taehyung's lips at Seokjin's action, but Seokjin's stubbornness brings amusement to him, causing a slight upturn of his lips. He goes along with what Seokjin wants, staying glued to the seat and no longer fighting him. 


"You must be happy," Taehyung begins. "You won." 


He can hear the smile in Seokjin's voice as he replies, "I am." 


Abruptly, the bus makes a sudden and harsh turn. Taehyung slides towards the window as a weight falls on top of him, followed by Seokjin's yelp.


Putting two and two together, he concludes that it's Seokjin who has fallen into his lap. He wraps an arm around the familiar waist, confirming that it's Seokjin. 


"Are you okay?" he asks, feeling Seokjin's warm breath fan his nose. 


"Y-yeah," Seokjin stammers, attempting to stand. However, Taehyung wraps his other arm around him. "What are you doing? L-let me go," Seokjin demands, squirming. Taehyung doesn't listen, keeping his arms around him.


"I wouldn't want you to fall again and this way, we'd both be sitting," Taehyung teases. To aggravate Seokjin even more, he adds, "Karma works fast, doesn't it?" 


"You-" Seokjin pauses as if coming up with an insult. "You're mean." 


Taehyung laughs heartily at his poor comeback. "I am," he agrees. Keeping his hold around Seokjin, he continues, "I also win." Seokjin huffs in dissatisfaction, while Taehyung's chest hums in delectation. 




"So you'll sleep in your bedroom and I'll sleep in the room across," Seokjin informs Taehyung. Like they agreed on last night, they've moved back into the big house. Unlike Taehyung had expected, Seokjin is sleeping in the guest room while he's back in his old room.


"If you need anything, then just come knock on my door," Seokjin adds before leaving and closing the door after him. 


Taehyung sighs, and gets under his covers. His twin bed feels odd after sleeping on the mattress for so long. He forces his eyes close, trying to go to sleep. Yet, even as he gets more exhausted, he can't sleep. 


He throws an arm to his side, hitting the empty spot next to him. To this, Taehyung's eyes open and he recalls that Seokjin's no longer next to him. 


Retracting his arm, he turns to his other side. No matter how much he wraps the blanket around himself, he feels cold. A sense of wistfulness occupies him as he lies in his bed all alone. 


Unable to handle it anymore, Taehyung gets up. He stumbles out of his room and across to the guest room. His fist hovers above the door, debating if he should knock, not wanting to disturb Seokjin if he's already asleep. 


Hesitantly, he knocks. It only takes two knocks before Seokjin opens the door. "Sorry, if I woke you up," he apologizes, feeling guilty.


"It's okay. I wasn't asleep yet," he hears Seokjin's voice again, already feeling better. "What did you need?" 


Taehyung feels timid as he asks, "May I spend the night with you?" Seokjin doesn't reply for a few seconds and Taehyung braves himself for rejection. 


"Sure," Seokjin finally responds.


Taehyung never felt so relieved and happily enters the room. He walks towards where he assumes the full bed is, only to be wrong because Seokjin pulls his arm in the other direction. "This way, Taehyung," Seokjin softly apprises him. 


Taehyung feels warmth climb into his face and he follows Seokjin's lead. They get into the bed and as Seokjin's about to pull away, Taehyung speaks, "Are you mad at me?" 


"Huh?" Seokjin lets out.


"You haven't really spoken to me since we came back," Taehyung notes. "Did I upset you?" Seokjin must still be upset about what he did on the bus. "About what happened on the bus, I-"


"I'm not upset," Seokjin interrupts. "I just..don't like what you pulled on the bus." Taehyung can't help but chuckle lightly. "H-hey! Stop it!" 


Taehyung's chuckle turns into a laugh at Seokjin's reaction. "Sorry, it's just that you're being cu-" Taehyung stops and clears his throat. 


Dismissing what he was going to say, he offers, "To get back at me, you can give me a finger flick on the forehead. That way, we'll be even."


"Really?" Seokjin asks, surprised. Taehyung nods, pushing back his bangs. Slowly, Seokjin's fingers touch his forehead. Taehyung doesn't realize it as his eyes lightly close and he leans into his touch.


A flick from Seokjin breaks him out of his stupor. The flick hurts more than he expected and his jaw clenches to hold back a hiss. 


Seokjin gasps, "Did that hurt?" 


Taehyung keeps his jaw clenched, shaking his head despite the stinging from his forehead. "Really? It sounded like it hurt," Seokjin says, concerned. 


"It's all good," Taehyung lies.


Seokjin squeaks, "Your forehead's turning red." Embarrassment settles in Taehyung and it doesn't help as Seokjin continues, "Let me go get some ointment." 


The bed creaks as Seokjin sits up. Before he could leave, Taehyung stretch out his arms, grabbing Seokjin's arm to prevent him from leaving. "D-don't. No need to get ointment. It's..not that bad," his voice falters. 


"But I feel like I should do something. It won't take that long. The ointment is just-"


"Just stay here with me," Taehyung interrupts almost tenderly. Seokjin doesn't say anything and the silence cuts in, making Taehyung embarrassed at his words and the tone he used. 


He fakes a yawn, turning away from Seokjin. "We should get some sleep." Quickly, he gets under the blankets, restraining the urge to smack himself in the face. 


However, Seokjin doesn't do what he suggested. "What was wrong with your room?" Seokjin asks out of the blue.


"Um," Taehyung feels flustered at the sudden spotlight on him. He struggles to answer as he thinks back to why he left. Though he knows the answer, he doesn't want to tell Seokjin. 


"I...I think it's better if I go sleep there," Seokjin proposes. 


"No," Taehyung interjects before he can think, sitting up. "The," he gulps, thinking of a lie. As his mind races, he notices the hammering in his chest. "The room felt empty," he decides to tell the truth. The hammering continues, this time more intense. "The bed felt cold." 


Seriously, Taehyung feels like his chest is about to burst at any moment. Is this a medical problem? Should they go to the hospital? 


"I like having you by my side," Taehyung confesses. Again, there's that foreign feeling in him. The feeling makes him feel nervous, yet excited. The feeling makes his temperature spike, yet he doesn't have a fever. "Do you feel the same way?" 


Surely, he can't be the only one feeling this way. 






Seokjin's eyes flicker away from Taehyung. 'Say no. Say you don't feel the same way,' Seokjin tells himself. 


"I.." his mouth is dry as he struggles to lie. He now regrets letting Taehyung into his room. The plan was to slowly distance himself from Taehyung and get rid of his feelings. But what Taehyung keeps doing is getting in the way of that. "I do," Seokjin says at last. 'In a non-romantic way,' he reminds himself in his head. 


His heart does a little flip as Taehyung's face lights up. "So, you don't have to leave," Taehyung states softly. 


Defeated, Seokjin gets under the covers. Taehyung lies back down, yet he doesn't turn his back on Seokjin. Just as Seokjin was about to turn his back to Taehyung, Taehyung takes hold of his hand, stopping him. 


Seokjin's eyes widen and he looks at Taehyung for an explanation. Yet, Taehyung has his eyes closed peacefully and doesn't say anything as he brings Seokjin's hand and his to rest between them on the pillow.


Seokjin knows he should pull his hand away, but he doesn't, enjoying Taehyung's hold. So, he lets his hand and heart be. 


His eyes linger on Taehyung's hand over his, wondering if it's even possible now to stop his feelings.






Taehyung's pleasantly surprised when he wakes up and finds their hands still connected. He doesn't know why he took Seokjin's hand last night, but he does know that it brings a smile to his face. 


"Seokjin?" he asks gently, wondering if he's woken up yet. Taehyung feels like he should get up and get ready for the day. But Seokjin's hand in his keeps him lying in bed.


Lying like this with Seokjin by his side, hand in hand, Taehyung realizes he's never been in such a position before with anyone else. What relationship do he and Seokjin have?


Slowly, Taehyung starts to pull his hand away. However, before his hand is free, Seokjin suddenly grabs it. 


Thinking he's awake, Taehyung's eyes widen, "Seokjin?" Yet, he's responded with the even breathing of Seokjin. 'It must've just been reflex,' Taehyung thinks with a small smile, gently pulling his hand away.


His steps are light as he goes to his bedroom. He changes out of his pajamas, looking forward to the day. Afterward, he goes to his bathroom, to brush his teeth and wash his face. Once done, he opens the mirror cabinet to find some lotion for his face. 


Having not been here for a while, he fumbles with the containers, forgetting which is which. In the end, he gives up, missing the bathroom in the shed. 


He leaves his bedroom and hears noises coming from the kitchen. Following the sound, he carefully makes his way down the stairs and to where Seokjin is.


"What are you making?" he asks upon his arrival in the kitchen. 


"I'm making flatbread," Seokjin answers. "That's fine with you, right?"


"Yeah, that sounds delicious," Taehyung says with a smile. Placing a hand on the counter, he walks closer to where Seokjin is. "Can I help you?" 


"You don't have to help. I can do it myself," Seokjin turns him down.


"No, I want to help," Taehyung insists. He scoots closer to where Seokjin is and is successful as his arm bumps into Seokjin's. "Please?"


"Okay, then," Seokjin breathes out, stepping away from him. "I already mixed the yeast with the water. You can add the flour and parsley to it," Seokjin tells him, setting a bowl in front of him. "Here," he says as he picks up Taehyung's hand, setting it on the bowl. 


"Thank you," Taehyung thanked softly, turning his head and feeling Seokjin's hair brush the side of his face. 


Abruptly, Seokjin pulls away. "I'm going to go get some more ingredients from the fridge." 


Doing as told, Taehyung takes the tiny bowl of chopped parsley and sprinkles it into the big bowl. His hand navigates carefully for the flour. "Seokjin," he calls out as he takes the bowl of flour into his hands. It's quite heavy and he wonders if it's been measured yet. 


"Yes," Seokjin responds from the other side of the kitchen. 


"Did you already measure the flour?" Taehyung asks to make sure.


"Yeah, you can just pour it in," Seokjin explains.


Getting the thumbs up, Taehyung, with no hesitation, dumps the bowl of flour into the bigger bowl. "Taehyung!" he hears Seokjin yell just as a cloud of flour flies up to his face.


Coughing, Taehyung steps back. He rubs at his flour-stained face. "Why did you pour it all in one go?" Seokjin asks as he rushes over to him. 


"You didn't tell me not to," Taehyung mumbles sheepishly while still rubbing his face. 


He stills as Seokjin takes hold of one of his wrists, pulling it down. "Let me help you," Seokjin proposes. 


Though flushed, Taehyung lowers his hands, letting Seokjin wipe away the flour with a wet towel. As Seokjin delicately wipes his face, a giggle escapes from his lips. 


"W-what?" Taehyung questions defensively, and his plan of calming himself disappears. 


"Sorry, it's just that-" Seokjin says between his giggle. "It was pretty funny when I turned around and saw a puff of white engulf you."


Face ablaze, Taehyung angles his face away from Seokjin, wiping at his face again. "Don't!" Seokjin stops him. "Your hands are still dirty." Taehyung's at a loss for words, feeling childish as Seokjin places the towel in his hands. 


Submerged in his embarrassment and busy wiping his hands, he almost flinches when Seokjin's hand touches his forehead. "I missed a spot," Seokjin explains, wiping his forehead with his hand.


Taehyung goes rigid as he hears the thumping in his chest again and most importantly, the slight scent of Seokjin makes its appearance. 


His fingers slide over Seokjin's wrist, stopping him from pulling away. "Taehyung..." Seokjin's voice trails off as Taehyung leans forward. 


He stops once he feels Seokjin's breath fanning his lips. His brows crinkle as Seokjin's fragrance intensifies. Questions form in his head: 'Why is this happening? Why can I only smell around you? Whenever you're around, an odd feeling springs from deep inside me. Why is that?' 


"Jin," he whispers, feeling like a fragile bubble has surrounded them. He has so many questions to ask. Yet, he goes with: "Do you..still think of that night?" 


He holds his breath as he waits for Seokjin's answer. It can't just be him who still thinks of it. It can't just be him who feels this odd, yet exuberant emotion. 


"We're not supposed to talk about it," Seokjin steps back, pulling his hand out of Taehyung's hold. 


He hears Seokjin walk away. Without thinking, Taehyung follows the sound of his footsteps. Along with his sweet scent, Taehyung easily finds Seokjin, pulling him into a back hug.


"Why not?" Taehyung queries. 


"..." Seokjin doesn't say anything and only tenses in Taehyung's hold. 


Taehyung leans forward, dropping his head and letting it lean against Seokjin's back. "I can smell your scent right now." Letting his eyes close, he continues, "I feel like I'm in the clouds. Cherry blossoms are flying around me and the taste of strawberries sits on my lips." The pounding in his chest is back. "I felt that way that whole night we spent together." 


Suddenly, everything clicks together like an epiphany. 


The pounding in his chest is his heart. The constant flustered state he keeps finding himself in, the elation he feels whenever Seokjin's with him, and the unconscious part of him that keeps initiating physical contact with Seokjin are all due to his developing feelings for the omega.

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