Chapter Two

Beauty of My World

"I rearranged some of the furniture so they won't be in the way as much," Seokjin tells Taehyung. 


Taehyung doesn't say anything as Seokjin leads him. Despite his objection at first, Seokjin's hands are placed on his arm, leading him. He has no other choice but to rely on him since he's still blind and now can't even walk properly. 


Seokjin stops walking but Taehyung can tell they're not in his room yet since they haven't gone up the stairs. "I think you should sleep downstairs tonight," Seokjin suggests mildly. 


Taehyung's brows furrow at the assumption that he's going to fall again. He yanks his arm out of Seokjin's hold. "I don't want to. I want to sleep in my room," he asserts, not bothering to hide the rudeness in his tone. 


"But your ankle hasn't healed and the doctor said to not put any strain on it," Seokjin reasons. The weight of Taehyung's cast reminds him as he contemplates what to do. 


"Fine," Taehyung gives in softly. "I'll sleep on the sofa." 


"Okay," Seokjin says and Taehyung hears what sounds like a smile in his voice. However, he doesn't care and waits as Seokjin fetches his pillows and blankets. 


He does more waiting as Seokjin sets the blankets and pillows on the sofa for him. All of this is done in silence but Taehyung likes it. This way he won't have to deal with Seokjin. 


"If you need anything, I'm in the small house in the back," Seokjin tells him as if he doesn't already know. 


"Mmh," Taehyung yawns. "You can go," he dismisses Seokjin, wanting to go to sleep already. Seokjin complies and his footsteps recede, disappearing when the back door shuts behind him. 




A sheen layer of sweat covers Taehyung's whole body as he wakes from his nightmare. He throws the blanket off of him, shivering as he recalls the nightmare which was the car crash all over again. 


"I'm sorry," Taehyung whispers shakily even though his father isn't here to hear it. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to," his eyes fill with tears as guilt consumes him. 


He sits up as he hears a door creak. His eyes widen as he recognizes the creak. The only door in this house that creaks like that is the door to his father's bedroom. 


"Father?" Taehyung questions aloud. No one replies, making him feel foolish. Just as he was about to lie back down, he feels a cold breeze rush past him. 


He sits straight up as goosebumps line his skin. Then he gets a whiff of that familiar alpha scent, the scent of his father. 


Taehyung's breath gets strangled as he comprehends what is happening. Could it be that his father's ghost is out to get revenge? It must be, because of him his father is dead. He killed his father and now he's back to get revenge. 


Taehyung's bottom lip quivers, "I-I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to crash the car. I didn't mean to argue with you. I'm sorry," a tear slips from his eye as his father's scent surrounds him. "I didn't mean to kill you." 


He trembles as cold envelop him, his father's scent overwhelming him. 'He must hate me. He's not forgiving me and he never will. He'll take me with him,' Taehyung's thoughts race. 


Then as he sits there, feeling his father's presence, he starts to accept the idea. It's a good thing. He has nothing left to live for. It makes sense if his life ends now. He's a horrible person. He doesn't need to live any longer.


"Taehyung?" Taehyung escapes his thoughts as Seokjin's voice interrupts them. He grabs for the sunglasses and puts them on as Seokjin nears. "Is something wrong?" Seokjin asks, sounding concerned. 


"I'm fine," he lies. Oddly, the cold that was surrounding him earlier has disappeared entirely, along with his father's scent. 


"Should I turn on the AC?" Seokjin asks. 


"No, no need to," Taehyung could feel the sweat still on him. He must look like he just ran a marathon. "Why are you here?" he questions, accusingly. "You're not sleeping here are you?" 


"I-I'm not. I just couldn't sleep so I came out for fresh air and thought that I should check in on you," Seokjin explains, flustered. "I'll get going," he says. 


Taehyung doesn't acknowledge him, hearing the light switch turn off and Seokjin's steps getting further away. He takes off the glasses and lies back down on the sofa. Just as his eyes close, he feels that coldness again and smells his father's scent once more. 






Seokjin gets up, rubbing his eyes and struggling to get them to open. The knocking continues on the door and he stands up, going over to answer it. His sleepiness vanishes as he's met with Taehyung. He blinks, not believing if he's seeing correctly. "Yes?" Seokjin lets out at last. 


Taehyung stands up straighter. "I can't sleep. Can I sleep here?" he asks, poker-faced. However, Seokjin can see the slight tremor on his shoulders. 


"Okay..." Seokjin agrees, however, confused. How will sleeping here make him sleep better? Taehyung steps forward and Seokjin steps backward as he enters the small house. "There's only one mat though so I'll go sleep in the big house then." 


He turns to leave but Taehyung speaks before he steps out. "Don't," he says, almost abruptly. Seokjin turns around, waiting for an explanation. "Just stay here," Taehyung doesn't elaborate. 


"But..." Seokjin scrutinizes the tiny sleeping mat. 


"We can just share," Taehyung seems to have read his mind. "Now close the door, it's getting cold," he orders. 


Seokjin parts his lips to speak but struggles to form any objections. Accommodating Taehyung's wishes, he closes the door to the outside. 


Dreading it, his feet drag over to the mat where Taehyung waits. "It's down here," Seokjin tugs at his sleeve and pulls him down to the mat. Taehyung follows him and Seokjin pulls the covers over the both of them. It's a tight fit but both of them magically fit. 


His shoulder touches Taehyung's and he tries to scoot away but meets the end of the mat. He turns on his side, back to Taehyung, and his face heating up. 


'It's nothing. I'm just overreacting. Besides, it's only for tonight. Tomorrow, he'll return to the big house and I'll be all by myself again,' he tells himself in an attempt of comfort. 


Talking about that, Seokjin wonders why Taehyung is here. Does this have to do with what happened earlier when he went to check in on Taehyung and found him sitting in the dark, covered in sweat but shivering as if he was freezing? 


He parts his lips to ask but stops himself, not wanting to overstep his boundaries. 




Seokjin was wrong. Taehyung did not return. It's been three days but Taehyung is still sleeping in the small house with him, completely avoiding the big house. 


They don't talk much and when they do, it's usually Seokjin asking something and Taehyung replying with a curt response. Seokjin follows Taehyung around to be there whenever needed. Yet, both are doing their own thing.


Taehyung doesn't do much. He usually sits in silence and then takes a nap. He would wake up and eat then sit in silence, then take another nap. 


Seokjin wants to change that and make Taehyung's day more entertaining. 


They usually eat their meals outside at the picnic table that is there. Today is no different but after breakfast, before Taehyung can run away, Seokjin suggests, "Would you like me to read a book to you?" 


"What?" Taehyung asks. Seokjin can't read the tone of his voice nor decipher the look on his face to tell if he likes the idea or not. 


Nervously, he explains, "I'm about to reread my favorite novel. It's historical, romance fiction. Would you like me to read it for you?" He holds his breath as he waits for Taehyung's reply. 


"Out of ten, how would you rate it?" Taehyung asks, tone neutral. This makes Seokjin relax more, glad not to have the usual cold and harsh tone or short response. 


"A solid ten," Seokjin eagerly answers. "It's really good and heartbreaking. Highly recommend," he says buoyantly. Then remembering who he's talking to, he reels back his excitement. "I can read the first few chapters to you first and if you're not interested, I'll stop." 


"Okay," Taehyung speaks that same word again but it's a word of comfort to Seokjin because it means that Taehyung isn't pushing him away. 




Seems like the book thing was a good idea. Taehyung had him read to him the whole day. They were now in the little house, on the mat, with Seokjin still reading. 


"And that marks the end of the novel," Seokjin finishes, closing the book. He's surprised to finish it all in a day but with nothing to do and Taehyung who keeps urging him to continue, they finished it. 


"That's it?" Taehyung questions, lips pursed together. 


"Yeah," Seokjin answers. "It was really good, wasn't it?" 


"I guess so," Taehyung reluctantly agrees. "I would've liked it a lot more if Wooseok wasn't as stupid though." 


Seokjin gasped, "I don't think he was stupid. He was just sad and hurt." He is also Seokjin's favorite character.


"Which made him think irrationally, causing both him and Xiaojun to die at the end," Taehyung reasons. 


Seokjin pouts at this but doesn't continue their bicker. "At least they end up together," he comments instead. 


"The ending was written pretty well," Taehyung admits. "You cried, didn't you?"


Seokjin feels the tips of his ears redden, "W-well like you said, it was written well and it was heart-shattering when they met each other in the afterlife." Just thinking of it brings tears to Seokjin's eyes again. "Did you cry?" Seokjin asks. While he was reading that particular scene, Taehyung had his back to him so he couldn't see the alpha's reaction. 


"No," Taehyung scoffs. 


"Really?" Seokjin asks with a lilt in his voice. 


"Y-yeah," Taehyung says, unconvincingly. 


"No, I'm pretty sure you did," Seokjin says, despite not being sure at all. However, Taehyung's reaction makes it seems like he did. "I bet your eyes are puffy from crying earlier. Let me see," Seokjin puts a hand on Taehyung's shoulder, turning him to face him. 


The playfulness he feels immediately shuts down as Taehyung jerks his shoulder away, whipping his head to the side and hiding his face from Seokjin.


Then as Seokjin panics about upsetting Taehyung, he realizes that he's never seen Taehyung's eyes. He's always wearing those sunglasses. 


Seokjin knows that they're for protection but he also knows that Taehyung doesn't need to wear them. So why does he?


"Taehyung," Seokjin starts, breaking the tension. His voice is quiet and unsure but he continues, "How come you're always wearing sunglasses?" 


Taehyung is still facing away from him and Seokjin feels like he may not even answer but he does, "I find...comfort in them."


Seokjin lets the information sink in, eyes on Taehyung who has shifted away from him. Again like the time he found Taehyung at the bottom of the stairs, he sees a vulnerable, innocent boy who has no one. It looks like Taehyung's given up on life.


Seokjin wants to change that. Even though he barely knows this alpha sitting next to him, he wants to help him in any way he can. He wants to show him the beauty of this world.


"May I see them?" asks Seokjin, his voice barely above a whisper. 


"See what?" Taehyung mimics his volume of voice. 


Seokjin turns his body so that he's facing Taehyung. "Your eyes," he answers, soft-spoken. "I've never seen them before," he elaborates a bit timidly. 


Taehyung's fingers twitch before he raises his hand and holds it out towards Seokjin. Seokjin slips his hand in his hold, feeling his warmth. Slowly, Taehyung brings his hand up to his glasses. Letting go as Seokjin's fingertips touch the rim of the glasses. 


Taehyung turns his head slightly towards Seokjin in expectance, silent. Gently, Seokjin pulls the glasses off. Taehyung's eyes are closed, his long lashes sitting patiently on his cheeks. Carefully, his eyes open. 


Seokjin's breath catches in his throat. Seeing Taehyung's eyes completely changes his face. He looks like a whole new person. 


He has one monolid, while the other is a double eyelid. A mole aligns itself on the underline of the monolid. His deep brown orbs stare past Seokjin, staring into the distance. 


"Your eyes are beautiful," Seokjin professes. Taehyung's eyes widen, showcasing a caramel color in his deep brown irises. Heat spreads across Seokjin's face as he admits, "I'd like to see them more often." 






Taehyung places a hand over his eye. 'You would like to see them often?' he questions in his head, not fathoming the words. He pulls his hand away, tucking it back under the covers. 


From the sounds of it, it seems that Seokjin has already fallen asleep but Taehyung is still wide awake, his back turned to Seokjin. After Seokjin's comment about wanting to see his eyes more, Taehyung quickly pulled away, pushing his glasses back on and suggesting they go to sleep.


Yet, here he was, sleepless. Sleep runs away even more as he remembers Seokjin's comment on his eyes, 'Your eyes are beautiful.'


He shakes his head, struggling to understand why Seokjin would say such things. 'What does he have to gain from it? Why would he say them?' his mind questions. 


He turns onto his back, hoping for a more comfortable position. His pinkie finger touches Seokjin's pinkie causing his whole body to go rigid. Immediately, his thoughts are screaming at him to retract his hand. 


Yet, a small part of him, not from his head tells him to stay still. So he does. 


He doesn't go to sleep anytime soon, thinking and trying to figure out Seokjin's goal. 'Why are you helping me so much when all I am is rude and cold to you?' Taehyung ponders. Seokjin stirs slightly and his pinkie finger slips away. 


Emptiness intertwines with Taehyung's hand and he forces himself to turn onto his side, facing the wall and not Seokjin. 




Taehyung wakes up, feeling immense pain. "Ahh," he groans as he moves his leg and pain shoots up from his still-healing ankle. 


"Does it hurt a lot?" he hears Seokjin asks, perturbed. 


"Yeah," Taehyung breathes out raggedly. He feels sluggish and so hot. With the energy left in him, he throws the blanket off of him. 


"Wait here. I'll go get some cold water," Seokjin says as if reading his mind. He hears Seokjin rush into the bathroom and then the faucet turn in.


He tosses and turns, unable to stand the pain. As he sits up, he hears Seokjin come back. "I also brought some painkillers," he says. "Do you want to take them?" Taehyung nods eagerly. He pops the pills into his mouth downing the cup of water Seokjin gives him.


He can feel Seokjin wiping him down with a cold towel but his ankle is still throbbing and the pain is spiking up his leg to the point where he just wants to amputate it. 


"It's not working," Taehyung wails, twisting to face Seokjin who's caressing his face with the towel. 


"L-let me go get more cold water," Seokjin says in a frenzied manner. He stands up to leave but Taehyung reaches an arm out, grabbing his hand. 


"D-don't," he grits through the agony. "Don't leave me," he mutters.


Seokjin sits back down. "I won't," he speaks quietly. They sit together with Taehyung unable to stay still due to the pain. "Should we go outside?" Seokjin suggests. Taehyung nods avidly. 


It takes a while with Taehyung limping but they end up outside, sitting with the door to the small house behind their backs. 


Taehyung takes a big intake of the fresh air which helps him feel a lot better. "Is it helping?" Seokjin asks, soft-spoken as if not wanting to cause any more torment to him. 


"Yeah," Taehyung sighs. His whole leg is still throbbing but he isn't burning up anymore. Without knowing it, he leans against Seokjin. 


By the time he realizes their position, his head is leaning on Seokjin's shoulder and he's far too comfortable to move. 






Last night was stressful. Seokjin had woken up in the middle of the night to find Taehyung sweating and groaning. For a few minutes, he blanked out and had no idea what to do. He panicked, even more, when Taehyung woke up, definitely in pain. 


He felt so useless as the painkillers he gave to Taehyung did nothing and the cold towel he was using did not help him at all. Thankfully, his idea of going outside worked. 


When Seokjin woke up, he found himself leaning into Taehyung who had his arms around him and was also curled into him. Immediately, the tips of Seokjin's ears turned pink and stayed pink as he unwrapped himself from the alpha. 


He felt bad leaving Taehyung outside still but not wanting to wake him up, just left to go wash up and make breakfast. 




Seokjin sits down from across Taehyung at the picnic table, having brought all of the dishes out. His eyes linger on Taehyung, trying to figure out if he's feeling better. A smile lights up his face as he sees that Taehyung's taken off his sunglasses.


Then, meekly, he asks, "How do you feel?"


Taehyung stiffens for a second before replying, "Fine. Better now."


It's quiet as both recall last night's events. Seokjin examines Taehyung's face, noting that his complexion is noticeably better and healthier. He looks away when he catches himself looking for longer than necessary. 


Seokjin clears his throat and then goes on with the usual routine, telling Taehyung where each dish is. Then, they eat breakfast in silence but every time Seokjin looks up, he feels a twinge of happiness seeing that Taehyung is alright and seeing his beautiful eyes. 


After breakfast, Seokjin is in the kitchen, washing the dishes. "May I help you?" Taehyung asks, startling Seokjin. He didn't even notice him come in.


"It's okay. I can do it," Seokjin declines but Taehyung ignores him, shuffling until he's beside Seokjin. 


"I can wash," Taehyung says, holding his hand out for the sponge. 


"It's fine really. I can do it by myself," Seokjin tries again but Taehyung grabs his wrist. 


"No, I want to," Taehyung's hand slides up to grab the sponge. "Besides, I have nothing else to do." 


At this, Seokjin lets him help. Frankly, he's not sure if Taehyung will do a good job. However, Taehyung scrubs the dishes well, using his hands to feel for any spot that is still dirty. 


After they finish washing the dishes, Seokjin suggests they start a new book to which Taehyung agrees. 


They sit outside on the soft, lush grass. As Seokjin reads, Taehyung picks a few strands of the grass, playing with them. He looks straight ahead with a blank look but once in a while, another facial expression takes place due to the story. 


This time, Seokjin chose a fun and comedic book. Seeing Taehyung's variety of facial expressions makes him glad to have chosen so even though Taehyung only shows his emotions slightly, quirking a brow, pressing his lips together, etc. 


"Hey." Seokjin stops reading, turning to Taehyung but he looks just confused as Seokjin at the voice. 


Turning around, Seokjin sees who the voice belongs to. "Hi, Jungkook," Seokjin greets with a smile at the familiar face. He bookmarks the spot as Jungkook comes towards them, sitting down beside him.


"I didn't interrupt something, did I?" Jungkook asks, looking between them. 


"No," Seokjin answers for the both of them. "How have you been?" 


"Good," Jungkook chirps. "And you?" 


"I'm good," Seokjin replies. He glances at Taehyung who hasn't said anything, noticing that he's put his glasses back on. "What brings you here?" he wonders, adverting his attention back to Jungkook.


"Taehyung's appointment is on Thursday, right?" Jungkook asks. 


"Yes," Seokjin answers. After asking Jungkook to drive them to the hospital last time when Taehyung fell, Jungkook offered to drive them whenever needed. 


"Oh, okay. I just wanted to make sure," Jungkook says. "I was also wondering if you were free tomorrow-" He's interrupted as Taehyung clears his throat loudly. 


Seokjin blinks at Taehyung who just casually returns to his silence, face void of any friendliness. "I'm sorry, Jungkook but Taehyung and I have plans for tomorrow," he lies, feeling like Taehyung was against Jungkook's plan.


"Ah, I see," Jungkook smiles slightly, disappointed. 


"Perhaps another time?" Seokjin offers, hoping to cheer the beta up. 


"Yeah, another time," Jungkook smiles brightly. "I'll get going then. Bye, Seokjin." Then turning to Taehyung. "Hope you feel better, Taehyung."


"Bye," Seokjin reciprocates as Jungkook gets up and leaves.


"Now back to the story," Taehyung urges Seokjin, scooting closer and taking off his glasses.




"Let's stop here," Seokjin announces. 


"How come?" Taehyung wonders. 


"I'm tired and it's late," Seokjin reasons. Like before, Seokjin read to Taehyung for the entirety of the day. 


"Okay," Taehyung agrees. "But why did you stop at a cliffhanger?" he murmurs but Seokjin hears it. 


"It's a good stopping point," Seokjin says, pleased that Taehyung is enjoying the book. "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere tomorrow," he jokes. 


"I know. I made sure of that," Taehyung says lowly and Seokjin feels heat rush to his face. Taehyung yawns. "I'm going to shower," he moves toward the bathroom. 


Once the door closes, Seokjin shakes out of his stupor. 'Joking. He's just joking,' Seokjin tells himself. He brings his hands up to cup his cheeks, feeling their warmth. 


He forces his hands away, trying to calm down. After all, nothing happened. He goes over to the wardrobe, pulling out his pajamas. Just as he slips his shirt over his head, the bathroom door opens. 


Seokjin yelps as Taehyung steps out. Instinctively, he covers himself with the shirt before remembering Taehyung can't see. Still so, he continues to cover himself as a confused look comes over Taehyung's face. 


"W-what is it?" Seokjin asks, voice higher than usual, still shaken up.


Taehyung tilts his head, probably at the tone of Seokjin's voice but dismisses it. "I can't find the towels."


"Oh," Seokjin stands up straighter. "I washed them earlier." Swiftly, he puts on the pajama shirt. Then, grabbing the freshly washed and dried towel, he walks over to Taehyung. Placing them in his hands, he says, "Here you go." 


Taehyung takes it and closes the bathroom door behind him. Seokjin relaxes again, scolding himself for acting so awkward.






"Thanks for taking us to the town," Seokjin thanks Jungkook. 


"No problem," Jungkook responds and Taehyung can practically hear him smiling. He almost scoffs aloud. He can't see but he can certainly tell that this "Jungkook" dude wants to be more than friends with Seokjin.


Seokjin's sitting in the passenger seat and chatting freely with Jungkook. Meanwhile, Taehyung is left all by himself in the backseats. He tunes most of Seokjin and Jungkook's conversation out. 


"I have a lot of jokes about unemployed people," Seokjin states, to which raises a brow for Taehyung. "But none of them work."


Jungkook and Seokjin both laugh together. Taehyung presses his lips together, containing his laughter. The joke is so lame but coming out of Seokjin makes it somewhat entertaining.


Taehyung didn't think of him to be like that. As he sits in the truck, finally listening to Seokjin and Jungkook's conversation, he realizes that he knows nothing of Seokjin, not that it matters but still. He's slightly offended by how well Seokjin and Jungkook click until his rationality tells him he has no reason to be. 


'Patient and caretaker,' Taehyung reminds himself. 'That's all we are.'




When Taehyung steps out of the truck, the town’s noises rush into his ears. It's overwhelming and he's not used to it all. 


His brows draw together as he tries to sort the sounds. "This way, Taehyung," Seokjin's soft voice breaks through the chaos. He places his hands on Taehyung's arm and relief seeps in. 


Taehyung sticks close to Seokjin, unfamiliar with the surroundings. They walk slowly which Taehyung appreciates, feeling like he may trip at any time. 


He assumes they've entered the hospital when they step inside a building and the clean, hospital smell enters his nostrils. "Sit here and wait a bit. I'll go check-in for you," Seokjin tells him.


"Okay," Taehyung says, sitting down on the chair. From the sounds of it, many other people are also waiting. 


Twenty minutes pass and Seokjin is still not back. Taehyung's palms become clammy and he rubs them against his pants. 'It's just because it's a busy day at a busy hour,' he tells himself.


Another ten minutes pass and Taehyung finds himself listening very closely to all the voices in the room(which is many), searching for a particular voice. 'He didn't leave, did he?' Taehyung's mind speculates. 


He feels his insides twist and his hands grip the handrails, fingers tapping anxiously. 'Maybe he left me and went back outside where Jungkook was waiting. Then they drove away,' his thoughts formulate. 


He inhales sharply, feeling even more jittery. 'Of course, he left. Why would he stay?' his thoughts add. 'Now I'm all alone.'


"Sorry I took a while. The line was long," Seokjin's voice floods his ears. Taehyung feels his breathing even again. "Still so, we're going to have to wait. So I got soft-serve ice cream for us. Tada~" Seokjin places the ice cream in his hand. 


The ice cream immediately cools his once sweating hand. "What flavor is this?" Taehyung asks, mouth dry. 


"I wasn't sure what you like so I just got vanilla drizzled with strawberry syrup," Seokjin answers, voice laced with anticipation.


Taehyung nods. "What did you get for yourself?" 


"I got chocolate drizzled with chocolate syrup," Seokjin chirps. 


"Isn't that too much chocolate?" Taehyung says as he tastes his ice cream. 


"No..." Seokjin says, sulky. The corner of Taehyung's mouth curl up slightly, amused at his childish reaction. "I like chocolate," he states proudly. "It seems like you don't." 


"I don't," Taehyung replies truthfully. "I prefer vanilla." He takes another of his ice cream and it tastes sweeter than before. 


They finish their ice cream and as Seokjin takes his trash to throw away, Taehyung says, "Thank you."


Seokjin's reply is a bit late, nonetheless, he says, "You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the ice cream."


But it wasn't just the ice cream that Taehyung wanted to thank him for. 'Thank you for not leaving me,' he continues in his head.

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