Ryu Chan is certain about three things in her life. Taxes, her marriage, and Oh Sehun. But as of late, his chaotic haphazard self frequents her office in seek of unauthorized therapy. These tiny fissures shed new light on her longtime childhood friend. And it may just be that she truly knew nothing about him at all. That is, something once unlikely may just become likely.




pairing: oh sehun x ryu chan (oc)

tags: fluff, medical!au, sehun-in-scrubs, sehun-as-a-cardiothoracic-surgeon

warning: swearing, suggestive themes

length: short-ish?? (maybe the same length as tcr)




[a/n] helloooo. i've had this idea for such a long time. since the color red days! i wanted to write a therapist/comfort romance because of irene's characterization in tcr. this is not quite psychologist-ish. chan is a psychiatrist (has an MD, works in a hospital rather than a clinic/office, hence the unauthorized therapy part). my plan was for this to be a comfort, adult romance. it might have more mature tones like the baby trap?? 

anyway sue me for wanting to relive surgeon sehun. dr. oh sehun was such a joy to write in the past. and he was dreamy!! except reverse uno because this is a noona-dongsaeng romance of sort. hahahahar. and broken marriage trope yayayaya so sehun can swoop in and save the day!

on a separate note, we also just need another sehun fic since i keep headcannoning baekhyun for everything, it seems. xunqis, we reunite once again.


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