Lee Dan’s had her fair share of ex-boyfriends, but the worst one yet is always in her vicinity. Baekhyun and Dan have the same friends. And they have the same major. And golly, they’ve even got the same professor who’s promised them a spot in the statistic’s doctoral program next fall.

However, in a turn of events, there’s only one spot left. Which means, one has to go—and neither is willing to give up even if that means leaving that spark of chemistry unattended.

(alternatively called: how to stab your ex-boyfriend to death)




forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met
but loving him was red

- taylor swift, red




pairing: byun baekhyun x lee dan (oc)

tags: academicrivals!au, rivalstolovers!au, university!au, second-chance-romance-trope, multimedia

warning: swearing, suggestive themes

length: 6

inspirationsearch www, gilmore girls, the album: red (taylor’s version) by taylor swift




[a/n] i'm such a weak for witty dialogue. like you don't understand ive been watching search www and the ML's got me ed up with his charm and dialogue with the FL. ik they're gna break up but that's why i'm writing this gem. it's a fanfiction encased in a fanfiction bahaha

also might delete this; but lordddd the cover's really ing cute so i wanna keep this around for a little longer. also din's got me ED up with leave the door open-

like where do i buy that baekhyun? 

this is gna be a short story like feb 14th, r u riding, fly away, you know the works (haha shamelessly promoting my fics what r u gna do abt it)

ALSO TAYLOR SWIFT!!! STREAM RED. bro i only started streaming her...but i'm in the top 0.01% of baekhyun's listeners. i gotta go touch some grass.

so. um. how are we feeling about ?? because cough cough it's happening. like if we're not comfortable, i can release it in its own separate chapter when the story ends?


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Chapter 6: Feeling happy but so emotional right now... love the whole story.. I really love her character... the whole time I thought she was quite in fault maybe that she didn't try enough to save the relationship with him maybe cause of situation and trust issues in relations .... but the ending and the revelation totally makes me speechless and it was quite shocking...the cause of their separation...despite their non-stop and unnecessary bickering and all other things, there were one thing for sure that both of them were in truly and deeply in love with each other... the love, caring, understanding and still keep other relationship like even if it was enemy like but still they stick together with each other's side... comforted and saved from the any obstacles like exes.. I really love her relationship with her friend was one of the amazing and heartwarming part.. also her mother was so friendly and understanding...quite cool...not like his selfish, greedy and heartless mother.. how could she just use him like that...what that woman did to Dan and even baekhyun was so heartbreaking... it's really hard to let go love but if it's true then it'll probably they'll be definitely come back to each other whatever the reason or circumstances... just like them.. but felt so bad that they had to endure and ho through this for a long time to reunite though... at least she didn't deny it that was so sweet and heartwarming... the way he comforted her after knowing all these was so sweet and lovely... also love the way he chose her over his mother and that professor..glad that both of them got to be together and also made their dream come true about further educational careers... the m part was so hot and y... after what they went through all those years gap that was definitely a bonus point for them... idk but I'm quite confused why did she said that in the last line... well written everything... the plot, plot twist, characters, events were so interesting and catchy... also so happy for sehun and winter..they were unexpected, unbelievable but miraculously amazing couple... taeyong and chanyeol ..such a good friends... really enjoyed reading the whole story from beginning till end...loved it..thank you authornim for writing such an amazing, catchy and lovely story... loved their relationship development from crush to lovers to exes to again strong bonding lovey-dovey couple... they deserved that happiness... so happy for them 💓
Sykrh_ #2
Chapter 6: Wow! I enjoyed it thoroughly! You wrote it really well! Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful masterpiece🥰
baekparu #3
Chapter 6: This was beautiful omg I loved it
Thankyou so much for sharing your works 💗
Chapter 6: how do you write each story so perfectly well. thank you for this. you're now one of comfort author.
vero3lee #5
Chapter 6: Aww that was so lovely and touching and made me feel soooo alone!!!
bbbh04 #6
Chapter 6: this was so beautiful
Chapter 6: This was so beautiful 😭😭😭💕 i wish i had someone like baek in my life ☹️ thank you for writing this💕 and i will always wait for u to update between the devil😍💕
Chapter 2: Sometimes it's just not easy to let someone go. They have messed with your heart too much. You can deny that it's gone but you are only fooling yourself.
Chapter 6: crying this is so good. i really really lovee your writing style
Chapter 6: Am crying like 😭😭😭 woah his mother seriously.. How I wish they talked but well I think she felt like he always had another world. So she got accepted at duke, did she accept it? Am so proud of her tho that she got that chance. Also thank you Baek for choosing her over that ty prof and definitely over his mom. Im kinda likw what kind of mom would take over his son inheritance? God, people is so selfish and greedy.
The authornim!!! Was so hot huhu like the pent up tension between them >\__<. Thank you for sharing this story. I also love her friendship and I also love the fact that Baek stays beside her despite annoying thru all those years. These two deserve the ❤️.