the baby trap


Hea’s life is turned upside down when her estranged twin leaves her newborn orphaned. Now, she has no choice but to step up as Ai’s surrogate mom. However, things take a turn when Hea finds out that her twin had been two-timing the high fashion model, Jaehyun, with his older brother who also passed away in the same accident. With neither parents in the picture, an intense battle of custody takes place, and with Jaehyun and Hea fighting the same battle—they might just find themselves playing for the same team.





i make you shine brighter

when the two worlds converge

on earth, we call that L-O-V-E

- nct 127, sticker




pairing: jeong jaehyun x lee hea

genre: fluff, messy, humor, romance, baby trope, friends-to-lovers trope

warning: swearing, suggestive themes

length: 50k-70k (can be subjected to change)

inspirationlife's too short by abby jimenez, something blue by emily giffin, life as we know it




[a/n] i uh have no idea what i'm doing. this is a relatively new idea i just had today. i've been reading so many contemporary romances so i couldn't help myself. queen of messy here but this is gonna be a comfort romance hopefully

bro im so sorry i know i said i would finish tcr and janus but jaehyun looked SO GOOD in nct life in gapyeong. like a whole dilf. i've never lusted over someone so much and he wasn't even shirtless in the pool. but i could see the silhouette of those ABS. lord save me. his long curly hair BYE I NEED TO GET LAID

also here's how to pronounce hea: hae-yah


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Chapter 1: Oh wow that escalated fast indeed
Hiii.. this is really good ;)
Chapter 4: It's really hard nowdays to feel happy isn't it? I noticed that I am struggling more with my emotions and feelings of depression. I tried to bring it up to my family and even to my new doctor and it gets brushed off as just feeling down because I have been unhealthy for so long. It does a number on you doesn't it? It's hard to feel like you want to do the things you really like or love.
I can tell you this, you are really, really God at writing. It feels very natural. To read the dialogue and situations you have created are very realistic. I can read through your updates and not feel stressed that things do not flow. You have talent and the ability to tell a really good story and I want to thank you for sharing that.
This poor site is going through a down phase and I know a lot if people are leaving but if you stay to write, I'll stay to read. 😊 I hope you feel happier soon.
Chapter 3: I'm glad that Jaehyun came back into the picture because she would not have lasted much longer on her own.
Chapter 4: I was really clueless on what she does, now I found the light🤣
missmong79 #6
Chapter 4: girl..I think you are pretty good..keep doing what u love at your own pace. we wont rush you and I think this story is quite impressive. fighting!
Chapter 4: Oh girl..there are people out here waiting for you, appreciating you, your work, your effort. I know I do! I want to read more about the stories you write, about yourself from your little author notes. I am definitely hooked on this story especially! I admit this is the first time I saw your name and saw your story and I wonder why I didn't find it sooner because damn you wrote a masterpiece(s). I couldn't even wait to see your other stories before finishing this one (hence the confusion I got on the male lead that I have to reread the first chapter again with Jaehyun in mind XD). Idk how much my words can affect your mood, your state, condition. But I hope it did contribute a bit in any way. I know depression is hard. I've been there and sometimes I still found myself there, in and out.

I hope you found a way to lighten it a bit. And I hope you update this fanfic again^^

P.S. I have to say that Mark Lee is not like that XD I couldn't imagine Mark Lee being a jerk, spit out profanities, unsincere relationship, casual HAHAHAAHHAHA because he's our precious good boy Mark Lee! He's a CHILD lmao XD
Chapter 2: Idk what has come over me but I thought this is a KaixOC story until I read this chapter and Jaehyun's name popped out! I was so imagining Kai all over her!! MY BAD!!! I reconfirmed back to the prologue and yeah it's Jeong Jaehyun I am so sorry! Maybe because I was scrolling your other stories before reading the first chapter of this story and there was Baek (a lot of Baek) and Sehun and Kai(?) or maybe I was just missing Kai and yeah need to get laid!!!

Anyways I love your story!! Even more so because it's Jaehyun like I first clicked because of him alright! Anyways off to read the remaining chapters. XD
Chapter 4: I love your work and I am sure other people do too but please allow me to be brutally honest here. You don't need to think about us. You've said it yourself, you love writing but sometimes when something doesn't bring you joy and instead you just feel pressured, taking a break is okay.

Ofc there'll be lots of people here waiting for you in case you'd like to return or even just have goofy conversations so don't be afraid to choose what you really want right now. Trust me, we will be here :)

On the other hand, I did not expect an update on this. Why thank u, their set up is so awkward yet captivating. Both of them are infatuated to call it some way haha
Chapter 4: Oh love, please know that you matter, your writing is really good. You have a definite gift for creating relatable characters and believable dialogue that is great paced and just ing good. That being said I understand the urge to disappear, to just erase it all. But like most urges it will pass. It’s a symptom of the bigger beast of depression which is always an ugly fight just to even breathe through. I hate that anyone goes through it, but I have hope that you’ll get through because here you are writing, and sharing that you’re fighting through it. That’s big!
This was a good update. Hae is finally accepting the help and you can see it in her actions with Jaehyun- who is possibly the sweetest man, and I would have spooned him in sleep too if given the chance.