the baby trap


Hea’s life is turned upside down when her estranged twin leaves her newborn orphaned. Now, she has no choice but to step up as Ai’s surrogate mom. However, things take a turn when Hea finds out that her twin had been two-timing the high fashion model, Jaehyun, with his older brother who also passed away in the same accident. With neither parents in the picture, an intense battle of custody takes place, and with Jaehyun and Hea fighting the same battle—they might just find themselves playing for the same team.





i make you shine brighter

when the two worlds converge

on earth, we call that L-O-V-E

- nct 127, sticker




pairing: jeong jaehyun x lee hea

genre: fluff, messy, humor, romance, baby trope, friends-to-lovers trope

warning: swearing, suggestive themes

length: 50k-70k (can be subjected to change)

inspirationlife's too short by abby jimenez, something blue by emily giffin, life as we know it




[a/n] i uh have no idea what i'm doing. this is a relatively new idea i just had today. i've been reading so many contemporary romances so i couldn't help myself. queen of messy here but this is gonna be a comfort romance hopefully

bro im so sorry i know i said i would finish tcr and janus but jaehyun looked SO GOOD in nct life in gapyeong. like a whole dilf. i've never lusted over someone so much and he wasn't even shirtless in the pool. but i could see the silhouette of those ABS. lord save me. his long curly hair BYE I NEED TO GET LAID

also here's how to pronounce hea: hae-yah

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