february 14th


byun baekhyun has always been the wild child. from streaking campus on your first day of uni to drunkenly dancing on a table in a random pub, he relies on you to keep him in check. each valentine's day you both spend together is filled with his antics, but when sizzling chemistry smack-dabs itself in the middle of your platonic relationship—you’re forced to accept that maybe you no longer want to be just his pretty sidekick. 




so won't you come and be my lover?
you're not the 'you' that everyone knows
you're only my baby, my privacy

- byun baekhyun, privacy




pairing: baekhyun x you (unnamed; first pov)

genre: fluff, best-friends-to-lovers

warning: swearing, suggestive themes

length: short




[a/n] hi this is a mental break from angst. also for you janus people who just want a feel-good fic. i'm planning on trying a different format with this story. i hope you guys like it! i'm so excited for this. i needed this. honestly. finals got me ed up //3


i swear i’m not ghosting y’all (like exo is rip) but i’m working on chapter one!! hopefully you guys will LUV it <3
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