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One by one the girls entered their dorm worn out and beyond exhausted.
Seulgi slumped her tired body on couch. “I’m soooooo tired” she whines as Yeri collapsed beside her, the youngest’s head resting on her lap.
“Me too”
Joy sat on the reclining chair to rest her legs.
Irene smiles, placing her arm on the backrest of Joy’s chair. “What do you guys want to eat? I can cook”
“Unnie why don’t we just order out?” Joy suggested, earning a collective yes from the girls on the couch. “We’re all tired and I’m sure you’re tired too”
Irene looks back at Wendy. “Wendy?”
Wendy looks up from her phone. “Huh?”
Irene furrows her brows. Didn’t Wendy heard what they were talking about? “We’re going to order out. What do you want to eat?”
“Ahhh… pass” Wendy forces a smile. “I’ll try to get some of that much needed sleep”
Silence engulf the living room as the heavy atmosphere looms around them.
Seulgi and Yeri threw Joy a brief glance before looking at Wendy.
“I’m sorry for being a party-pooper. I promise I’ll make it up to you guys”
They reluctantly nod. Wendy doesn’t know if she nodded as well because she couldn’t see her but she assumed she did.
Wendy gave them a thumbs up then head towards her room, ignoring their worried stares. She knows Yuri told her to pretend like everything is okay but she’s not an emotionless android, she’s a human with a heart and her heart told her she can’t bear to be in the same space as her.
Closing the door behind her, Wendy bump her head against the door.
“Maybe someday but not today”
Wendy threw her phone on the bed, not caring that it bounces off the mattress to the floor. She then plops her tired body on top her bed, arms spread out to her side. She slowly closes her eyes hoping sleep will visit her this night.


So, I try to awkwardly smile once again
When your thick scent passes by me


Wendy has her eyes close while her head thrown back, resting on the couch’s back rest.
They just finished pre-recording their title track and are now back in the dressing room, waiting to be called for their live performance.
Wendy has her earphones plugged inside her ear, listening to Yuri’s playlist, when she caught a whiff of a familiar scent.
The scent that she always looks for, the scent that makes her happy, the scent that she loves. Now, brings her nothing but pain and anger.
Wendy then felt a shift on the cushion beside her. Thinking hard if she should open her eyes or not, in the end she decided to just keep her eyes close. Honestly, Wendy would’ve opened her eyes if she felt a nudge or even a tap but she didn’t and she doesn’t know if she should feel disappointed or relieved that she decides to walk off after a few minutes sitting beside her.


Stop thinking about her, stop missing her
How can I erase you for today?


Wendy opens her eyes, turns her head to look at the clock on her nightstand, 1am. She slowly rises to sit then propped her left arm on her left knee. She just spent three hours thinking and as always sleep didn’t visit her.
Stupid brain wouldn’t stop thinking about her
Running a hand through her hair, Wendy looks around to look for her phone. Her brows immediately furrowed when she sees it beside her. She remembers it falling on the floor and she also remembers not picking it up.
Maybe Irene-unnie
Wendy opens her phone and went straight to the messaging app.


Are you awake?
Just chilling at home. Why?
Can’t sleep. What do you think should I do?
I’ll pick you up. Be ready in 10 minutes


Wendy shrugs, stands up to get ready anyways. Since she can’t sleep, might as well make herself busy rather than sit here and wallow in her sadness.
Wendy doesn’t need to wait long because eight minutes later, she received a message telling her that they’re already waiting for her in front of the dorm’s building. Good thing she’s already finish preparing and there’s no need to spend minutes on makeup since no one will see them.
Darkness greeted Wendy when she walked out of her room. Makes sense since its wee hours in the morning. Her members are already in their respective rooms and fast asleep.
Wendy’s eyes immediately landed on her door. Bitterness engulfs her heart as she thinks about her, comfortably sleeping on her queen-size bed, not having a problem falling asleep while she’s here sneaking out because sleep won’t visit her no matter how tired she is.
The beeping sound of her phone broke Wendy out from her trance.


Kid, where are you? Let’s go!


After sending her reply, Wendy pockets her phone then head to the door. She might’ve caught something from the corner of her eyes but she dismissed it

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