[1] You, The Only Person

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Who are you looking for?

When the only person who waits for you

Is here, right here


I have my eyes closed while my head rests on the seat’s headrest and earphones plugged inside my ear.

We arrived earlier than expected and since it’s still raining outside, I’ve decided to stay in the car for a couple of more minutes.

I’m fully aware of the pair eyes directed at me and the continuous buzzing of my phone but I ignore all of them because I don’t want to talk to anyone right now.

Ironic isn’t it, the most talkative member of the group doesn’t want to talk. Some people might say, the world is coming to an end. Well, maybe not the world but my world.


I love you, you, the only person

The only person I have loved like crazy



I slowly open my eyes and takes off one of my earphones. “Yea?” I can see hesitation in his eyes. “Something wrong?”

The bobbing of his throat tells me that he’s nervous. “Have you browsed the web today?”

I never lie, I’m known as the second worst liar in the team. “No” but how did I manage to lie so blatantly?

He nods. “Don’t check your social media or browse the internet for the meantime. The other managers and the management have decided to put you on a social media blackout”

You? I arch a brow at that. I’m the only one being put on social media blackout?

“Okay” I put my earphone back then closed my eyes once again.

Fatigue is already creeping up on my system and if I waste my energy questioning him why I’m the only one being put on social media blackout, then I’m afraid I might not be able to go to my schedules with a bright smile and contagious energy.

It’s only Monday but why do I feel like I’m already midway through the week?


Should we start from the beginning when we were in love?


Now I believe it when people say, once you’re going through something a sad song is no longer just a song, it becomes a representation of what you’re feeling.

I inhale deeply.

Whoever writes these depressing songs, I just wish they already found their happiness because no one deserves to feel this kind of pain.








Wendy immediately stands up and bows as soon as the CEO enters the room.

He walked up to her and they shared a handshake before he motioned for her to sit. Wendy immediately complies and sits down as he takes the seat in the middle.

Wendy is trying her best to read the room but his silence and neutral expression didn’t give away anything. She remembered what their SNSD-sunbaenim told them… “The ‘talk’ with the CEO will either be good or bad, nothing in between. So, you should always be prepared”

She’s prepared, or at least she thinks she is. But still, she’s only human and nervousness is a normal human reaction especially if you’re meeting your boss alone. And now that she realized it, she thinks this is the first time she’s meeting him alone.

Never, not even once in her whole career life, did she meet him alone. Their meetings would always be her with her members. When her solo album was proposed, she met him with her manager and other staff that will head the production of the said album.

“I’m sure you’re curious why I asked you to meet me?” he finally spoke after a grueling minute.

Wendy nods.

“SBS offered the youngstreet DJ gig to–”

“With all due respect sir, I think that’s not the reason why I’m here” Wendy honestly doesn’t know what came over her to rudely cut him off like that.

God! She wishes he will not fire her but it’s the truth! If this meeting is related to work then shouldn’t her manager be with her? Wendy honestly feels like this talk is about something else.

The brief small smile on his lips caught Wendy’s attention but he quickly covered it with his intertwined hands. “No beating around the bush, alright” he lowers his hand and is now back to his neutral expression. “I just want your opinion on this…” he took something from the folder then placed it in front of Wendy.

Wendy stares at the blurry picture. She can’t ignore the painful pinch on her heart because no matter how blurred the picture is, she recognizes that back anywhere.

He taps the picture. “I’m sure you know who that person is in the photo?”

Wendy clenched her jaws to stop it from trembling. She answers his question with a nod since she can’t guarantee that her voice will not tremble if she decides to speak.

“Joy-ssi has said in countless interviews, on different occasions, that you are her best friend and that she confides in you more than anyone else in the team. So, let me ask you Wendy-ssi… do you know about this?”

Wendy grits her teeth, is that mockery on his tone? She clenched her fist that’s resting on her lap.

“I don’t”

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