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Muffled sound coming from the next room caught everyone’s attention and in no time, everyone is crowding the door, looking through the small window, hoping to catch a glimpse of the person singing on the next room.
Sooyoung shakes her head and continue her stretching.
Dance lesson will start soon and if she wants to debut, she needs to focus on developing her skills and practice twice as hard or even harder than the rest. There’s no room for trivial matters like watching who is singing on the other room.
“Sooyoung come look! Seungwan is practicing”


That caught Sooyoung’s interest. She slowly stands up and approach the small window.
Rumor has it that Seungwan is very gifted. Can play the instruments and can sing well –very well. A little lacking on the dancing department but easily makes up for it because she has very powerful vocals.
Sooyoung also heard that they were casted on the same year, and that puts more pressure on her.
Seungwan’s back is facing them but Sooyoung can clearly see the coach’s face. It was easy to know that she’s impressed with what she’s seeing and hearing. It was not hard to be impressed because even in these soundproof walls, Sooyoung can hear Seungwan’s powerful voice.


In no time, Sooyoung finds herself intrigued by this small but very vocally gifted person.
Sooyoung can’t help but compare Seungwan to her Taeyeon-sunbae. She’s small cute like Taeyeon but her vocal range is as high, even higher, than Sooyoung’s height.
Seungwan has beautiful voice that whenever she’s practicing on the next room, Sooyoung will find herself looking through the small window and watching instead of resting.
Watching Seungwan practice had become a habit to the point that the other trainees were already joking that she has a little crush on her but Sooyoung will quickly dismissed it as her watching for her competition.
Her competition… Does she really thinks of Seungwan as her competition or is she really crushing on her?
Sooyoung once again finds herself looking through the small window while Seungwan is practicing.
The lineup for the group who will debut was finally decided and she will be debuting with Seungwan –Wendy. That’s her English name and that is what she will use as her stage name.
Sooyoung will be in the same group as Wendy –the gifted trainee, with Irene and Seulgi who trained longer than her. Will she be able to keep up with them? She is worried.
Sooyoung immediately turns away from the door and bows to the person standing beside her. “Sir, good evening”
Sooman smiles. “Why do you keep watching Seungwan whenever she’s practicing?”
“I…” why does she keeps watching Seungwan? She doesn’t know. “I just want to learn from unnie. She’s so good, maybe I can pick up some techniques from her”
He nods. “She is good but you are good as well, and techniques vary from person to person, Sooyoung. What works for her, might not work for you”
Sooyoung nods.
“Is that really the reason or is there something else?”
Sooyoung bite her inner lips.  Is there something else? She shakes her head.
Sooman nodded. “The contract signing is in a few months, you can always talk to me, okay?”
Sooyoung nods. “Thank you, sir”
“Get some rest and congratulations again”
Sooyoung bows and remained her head low until he walks away.






That something else comes to her few days before the contract signing. So, she approached Sooman without her soon to be members’ knowledge.
Sooman motions Sooyoung to enter. “What can I do for you, Sooyoung?”
“I…” Sooyoung inhales deeply before continuing. “I like Wendy-unnie”
Sooman stops what he was doing then intertwines his fingers together. “I know, I’ve caught you watching her a few times” he smiles. “But are you sure?”
Sooyoung nods.
“The contract is already finished and I can’t do anything about it” he sighs. “Then let’s make this deal… hold off until your next contract renewal. If nothing changes and you still feel the same then you can go ahead and do as you please. How does that sound?”
“But the next contract renewal is after seven years”
“You will be in a no dating clause, Sooyoung. And I don’t give special treatments to my artists. Like I said earlier, the contract is already finished and I can’t do anything about it” he answers. “Look at it this way… you will be living with her, spending time with her, you will learn the good and bad about her. I think seven years is enough for you to think if you really want to be with her or if it’s just a crush that will even

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