[12] Only You

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Your soft voice rings in my ear






My eyes meet yours as I’m in your warm embrace



Joy slowly opens her eyes.
A smile immediately spreads on her lips when she sees Wendy’s captivating brown orbs staring back at her. She will never get tired of this. She will never get tired of waking up in Wendy’s arms, she will never get tired of seeing Wendy first thing in the morning and last thing before she closes her eyes.
“Good morning” Wendy greeted with a smile on her lips. She moves trying to kiss Joy but the latter quickly covers . Her brows furrows. “What’s wrong?”
“Morning breathe” Joy said behind her hand.
Wendy let out a laugh, moves Joy’s hand away then proceeds to kiss her on the lips. “You should know by now that I don’t care about that” she flashes a toothy grin as she pulls away.
But Wendy wasn’t able to move away because Joy immediately circles her arm around her neck.
“Do you seriously think you can’t move away from me after saying that”



I smile at your smile
You make me forget all fear
You make me breath



Wendy beams, her eyes disappearing as she smiles.
Joy almost immediately returns the smile.
The kiss deepens until Wendy is fully pinning Joy on the bed.
“Yah!” they heard Yeri’s voice just outside the door but they didn’t bother stopping. “Whatever you two are doing stop it! Unnie wants you both in the kitchen now!”
The youngest leaves but not before she bangs Joy’s door.
They broke the kiss with a laugh.
“I’ll head out first”
Joy nods. “I’ll pick your outfit for today”
“Okay. You’re incharge” Wendy gave Joy a kiss on the forehead before moving out on top of Joy.
“I love you” Joy said before Wendy could even leave.
Wendy beams. “I love you too” she replies before exiting the room.
Joy lay back down, a dreamy sigh escaping her lips.





Wendy’s frown is so deep, the girls are afraid its forever etched in her face.
“I know it’s a lot to process” Irene starts.
“And we know you should’ve heared this straight from Sooyoung-unnie…” Yeri adds.
“But time is of the essence. You need to know so we can tell you Hyunnie’s plan before the contract signing” Seulgi ended.
Wendy looks at her members. “Why are you finishing each other’s sentences? It’s creepy”
Yeri shakes her head. “Unnie focus” she slaps her hands together in front of Wendy’s face.
Wendy blinks rapidly. “Wait… Sooyoung actually loves me?”
They nodded.
“Like love… love? Not the older sister love or friend love?”
They nodded, again.
“But the news…”
“The news was made to shut down the rumors of our group being gay” Seulgi interject. “Seungwan wake up. We need you with us”
“Seungwan” Irene calls out and Wendy looks at her dumbly. “It’s not one-sided. Sooyoung has been in love with you before we even debut”
“It’s not one-sided” Wendy whispers, a stupid grin appears on her lips.
“Unnie!” Wendy jerks in surprise. “Come back to us” Yeri vigorously shakes Wendy. “You can go to Sooyoungland later”
“What’s this about a plan?” Wendy furrows her brows. “What’s going on?”
Yeri sighs while Seulgi shakes her head, that confirms that Wendy wasn’t listening to them earlier.
“The reason why Sooyoung agreed to the dating news is because the CEO threaten her to disband us” Irene, the ever patient leader, explain again even if she already said it earlier.
“Sooyoung wanted to confess to you immediately after the contract ends but he prevented her” Seulgi repeated. “Then asked her to confirm the news instead”
“Why did she wait long to tell this to us? I mean to you?” Wendy asks.
“Because she knows we will beat him up?” Yeri shrugs.
Wendy look at their youngest disbelievingly.
“But we won’t do that” Irene quickly interjects.
“Still on the table” Yeri whispers but everyone heard her.
“Yerim” Irene warns.
Yeri raises her hand in surrender. “I’m just saying. I bet other the unnies will gladly join in if we asked them to”
“Ignore the kid” Seulgi said. “We won’t deal with this violently. We have a strategist in the group, right Hyunnie?”
Irene nods.
“So, what’s the plan?” Wendy asks.
“Finally!” Yeri exclaimed but the older girls ignored her.
“Since the news is already out and the whole world knows that Sooyoung is in a relationship, we will use that to your advantage”
“And how are we going to do that, unnie?”
Irene smiles.






“Sooyoung we’ll go to the convenient store to buy something to eat. You wanna come with us?” Eunjin asks. Her and Yewon are already on their feet and ready to leave.
The director gave them a few hours of break to rest or eat before they resume filming.
Joy smiles but shakes her head. “I’m not hungry, unnie”
The older girls nodded.
“Just message us if you want us to buy you something” Yewon added.
“I will” Joy smiles. “Thank you unnies”
The left, leaving Joy alone on their shared tent.
Joy checks her phone, no message. She closes her phone then returned it inside her bag. Is it too much to expect a simple message from Wendy? She let out a sigh.
She tried reading her script to get her mind off of Wendy but eventually gave up after a few minutes. She can’t push the thought of Wendy making love to her the whole night, the thought of Wendy sleeping next to her, her in Wendy’s embrace, Wendy’s warmth. If it was up to her she wouldn’t leave Wendy but the others assured her that they already have it covered and she trusts them.

Dmn it!

Joy decided to talk a walk to maybe clear her mind. She took her padded jacket, slips them on before walking out of the tent.
It was a bad idea, Joy concluded.
The night air is freezing, her jacket helped a little but not entirely because the cold still keeps slipping inside.
Joy keeps trembling whenever the wind got too strong so she decided to head back but something caught her attention, well more like someone.
It feels like déjà vu but no, she’s not seeing her Yuri-unnie.
“Wendy” Joy can’t be mistaken because she recognizes that bright smile anywhere.
Wendy walks towards her. “Hi”
Joy frowns. “What are you wearing?”
It freezing but Wendy is only wearing a jeans and simple tee underneath a jacket.
Joy hurries to take off her jacket to put it on Wendy but the older girl stops her. Joy pouts.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
Joy furrows her brows. “Tell you what?” she feigns innocence but she somewhat has an idea what Wendy is talking about. She assumes the others had already told her.
“You know what I’m talking about Sooyoung”


God, she misses Wendy calling her that because nowadays its always Joy.
Joy sighs. “As much as I want to be selfish and be with you. I have to think about the others too”
Wendy reaches up to cup Joy’s cheeks. Her cold hands made Joy frown. “Don’t you trust me? Don’t you trust us?”
“I do” Joy answers almost immediately. “But like I said, I have to think about the others as well. We are a group. What I decide will not only affect me but the rest of us”
“Sooyoung” Wendy moves her hands down to hold Joy’s hands. “We’re no longer kids. We’re all adults and

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