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“Sooyoung… Yerim… please take Seungwan and sober her up” Irene turns to the other older girls. “I assume she’s drunk?”

Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Yuri simultaneously nodded.

Irene just sighs.

The maknaes immediately followed their leader’s orders.

“Unnie” Joy approached Yuri. She noticed the reluctance in Yuri’s orbs but nonetheless gave the drunk Wendy to her.

When the maknaes with drunk Wendy left, everyone was silent… uncomfortably silent, so Seulgi took it upon herself to break the silence.

“Unnies come in” Seulgi place a hand on Irene’s back.

“I’ll get you guys something to drink” Irene announces before leaving for the kitchen.






“Unnie why don’t we bring Wendy-unnie to your room since it’s the closest?” Yeri suggested and Joy just answers with a nod.

Thankfully Yeri didn’t closed Joy’s door so they were able to bring Wendy in without too much hassle.

“I’ll go get a basin and towel” Yeri announced and left the two alone.

Joy just stares at Wendy. Her hair is damp and so is her clothes that it looks like she showered without taking her clothes off. “Wendy…” she calls out softly as she moves the hair that’s covering Wendy’s face to the side. “I’m sorry”

Yeri came back with a basin full of warm water, a towel and a change of clothes for Wendy.

The maknaes immediately tend to Wendy because the older girl is starting to tremble.

This is the first time Joy is alone with a member for too long after the news broke out and she’s glad Yeri is keeping shut instead of asking questions.

They silently work on Wendy, wipping the older’s cold skin and changing her clothes.

After a few minutes, Wendy is already in fresh clothes and no longer trembling.

Joy also made sure that Wendy is comfortably tucked in her thick blanket so that the cold air from the air-condition won’t bother her.

“I’ll take my leave” Yeri announced taking the basin and Wendy’s filthy clothes with her. “I need to see what Irene-unnie will do to the other unnies”


“Hm?” Yeri, hallway through the door, stops on her tracks.

“Thank you”

Yeri smiles. “Whenever you’re ready, unnie”

Joy returned her attention to Wendy as Yeri finally walks out of her room, leaving the two of them alone.






Seulgi doesn’t want to admit it but she’s having fun.

Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Yuri are occupyin their couch while Irene is sitting on the one-seater with her

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