[10] One Last Time

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Unnie can I talk to you?

My head is hurting because my mind is a wreck.
I’ve been sitting in front of the dining table for hours and still, I haven’t sorted out my thoughts.
On my right is my phone, I’ve read her message and I don’t know if she’s waiting for my reply or not. Does the message require a reply?
Then on my left are the cupcakes Eunbi baked with my supervision.



They were having fun. Wendy is joking around and receiving a positive response from Eunbi. They wouldn’t stop laughing, well Eunbi wouldn’t stop laughing and Wendy is happy that she can make Eunbi laugh like this.
“So unnie, what’s next?”
“Let me see” Wendy flicks her hands then wipes them on the apron she’s wearing. “You need to mix it a little more”
Without thinking, Wendy holds the spatula then starts mixing the batter with her hand on top of Eunbi’s.
“Yes?” Wendy’s breath hitched. Their faces were too close for comfort that if she made a sudden movement, their lips will surely touch. Unconsciously, her eyes move down to Eunbi’s lips.
Memories of that night she made love with Joy flashes briefly in her brain causing her to immediately let go and move away from the younger.
“I’m so sorry” Wendy massages her forehead. “I’ll get the vanilla extract” she immediately turns around and approached the cabinets looking for the said thing.
Wendy sighs. She can’t, and will not, do this to Eunbi. She will not use Eunbi to get over Joy.
Wendy turns around with a smile on her face and carrying the small bottle. “Found it”
The time that follows, Wendy was very mindful of her actions and words. She doesn’t want to lead Eunbi on only to break her heart in the end because Eunbi deserves better. She needs someone who will love her wholeheartedly and will not use her only to get over someone.
“Thank you for accompanying me all the way home, unnie”
They stood in front of Eunbi’s house. The container containing the cupcakes they made together is safe and secure in her hands.
Wendy smiles. “It’s not a problem”
“I’m sorry for earlier” Wendy interjected. “I promise you, it won’t happen again”
Eunbi pursed her lips then nodded her head. “Is that your way of saying that nothing will happen between us?” she jokes.
Wendy smiles. “Eunbi, you deserve someone who will give their whole heart and love to you, and not just the half”
“And you can’t do that…” Eunbi added.
“I can’t” Wendy answers honestly.
Eunbi nods. “I understand” she turns to the car behind them then waves.
Papa Shon rolled down the window then waves back.
“Goodnight, unnie”
Wendy watched Eunbi get inside the building, only leaving when she sees Eunbi entering the elevator. She sighs deeply, tucks her hands inside her pocket before walking back to the car.
Even if the devil was once an angel, she’s no devil to be doing something evil.






Joy jolts awake from her slumber when she hears commotion outside her door. She didn’t realize she fell asleep waiting for Wendy’s reply.
She immediately looks at her phone.


Are you at the dorm?
I’m on my way. I brought dinner.


Joy cursed. She should’ve turned the volume up so that the alert would wake her up. How could she forget to do that?
She ignored the lightheadedness she felt when she immediately stands up and just walks out of her room, she hopes its Wendy making a ruckus in their dorm and not some burglar.
Joy couldn’t stop the smile forming on her lips when she sees a familiar back fixing the takeouts and placing them neatly on the table. “Unnie”
Wendy looks back and smiles at her. “Joy”
Joy’s smile drops a little but didn’t fade. Wendy should’ve called her Sooyoung, like how she used to but that doesn’t matter, what matter is Wendy is here. Nothing will sour her mood.
Slowly approaching the table, Joy clenched her teeth and ignored the pinch in her heart when Wendy moves away as soon as she’s close to her.
Again, nothing will sour her mood. Not even Wendy’s obvious ac

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