[9] Evening Sky

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Joy wakes from her sleep, letting out a soft groan as she slowly sits up. The blanket covering her body rolls down exposing her ness.
“What?!” her outburst caused her pain. Her fingers immediately went to her throbbing temple and tries to soothe the pain. “What did I do?”
Joy tries her best to remember what happened last night.
Why is she ? Did she come home with someone last night?

No. I remember coming home alone last night.

Slowly, and painfully, memories of last night comes back to her.
The way she kisses Wendy, the way Wendy held and touched her, Wendy’s sinful mouth and fingers exploring her insides and her screaming Wendy’s name as she reaches her peak.
“” Joy immediately stands up from her bed and searches for her phone.
Kudos to them. They were able to pick the right room —Joy’s room, even though they were too preoccupied with eating each other’s faces.
Joy managed to find her phone, it was sitting on the night stand and next to it is a glass of water and an aspirin. But she ignored it and quickly took her phone to call Wendy.


The number you have dialed is currently unavailable


After five attempts with the same outcome, Joy finally decide to give up calling Wendy and just call someone else.


Joy… hey
I’m sorry it took me long to contact you
Its fine. I know you’re busy
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you a heads up
Meh… we were all caught off guard. It’s not your fault
I know it’s too much. I’m really sorry for dragging you into this mess
Don’t worry about it. So, how was it? Did I do okay?
Yes, you’re very dependable. Thank you
Hey, didn’t I say I always got your back. Stop apologizing and thanking me. I only did what a good older brother would do


Joy smiles. He’s very dependable indeed.


So, for how long will we keep this up?
Honestly, I don’t know
Well it’s a privilege to be Red Velvet Joy’s boyfriend. Even if it’s just for show
How about I treat you? As a thank you
You don’t have to do that. But if you insist, just message me when and where
Have you talked to her?
Everything is a mess right now. I don’t think now is the right time to talk to her
There’s never a right time, Joy. But don’t you think she deserves to know the truth?


Joy inhales deeply.


Maybe some other day but not right now
It’s your call. But don’t take too long. I heard the line is getting longer. You might find yourself no longer her priority
I’ll message you again
Alright. Take care Joy


Joy ended the call then threw her phone to her bed. You might find yourself no longer her priority. Those words echoed inside her head over and over again.



Whatever day it is, the evening sky
I have a habit of not being able to look up at it
As if the whole world has left me
I hate that strange feeling



“Honey” Papa Shon calls his wife.
“Hm?” Mama Shon turns to him.
Papa Shon jerks his head towards Wendy who is sitting by the window just looking outside.
That spot suddenly became Wendy’s favorite. They will always find her in that spot and it’s not looking healthy, at least not for them.

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