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New chapter up, and more coming soon, they're already written ;) - Inspired by NCT Dream's reality show, 7llin' in the Dream - with a Supernatural TWIST:

The Dreamies get to film a reality show for the fans, and most importantly, they get a vacation before the new promotional season starts, but immediately supernatural drama begins. [CH1]


What's the Supernatural TWIST?


Character Summaries:

1) Renjun is a Donor (A counterpart to a vampire - and NoRenMin exists in full force ;)

2) Chenle is transitioning into a Donor (because of Jeno's magic, which he has no control over)?

3) Mark has to adjust to a new romantic relationship - and has a hidden fear of vampires, even though he's living with four of them.

4) Haechan can be sour, then sweet, according to Mark...  Renjun isn't convinced.

5) Jisung, the pore baby vamp, will need therapy after this.

6) Jaemin is stubborn and makes Jeno want to pop a blood vessel... sometimes.

7) Jeno just wants to have fun and unfortunately gets into the whole supernatural drama...


Welcome to the madness XD ...


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But before you get started, allow me to explain how this story came to be?


So, why did I start writing this story?


First, NCT Dream are comedic gold. I don't even need to create funny things to make them funny-


-And they're chaotic like "Wow".


I'd been watching 7llin' in the Dream *cough cough... a lot.  And the show was so fun...


I hadn't written anything - even when I became inspired I'd resist...


This time, I figured if I'm going to get anything written I just need to go with it, so I did.


So, where are we?


I was a little rusty when I started, so there's not much dialogue, to begin with. I'd like to go back and fix that, but I'm too far into the story - and there is original stuff among the canon episode stuff. Especially where Chenle's concerned...


...There's going to be drama and real PLOT.


So without further Ado, let the chaos begin...


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If you watched the show, you can skip around to which chapter calls to you, but you risk missing little supernatural tidbits about each character...


...but if you just want to scroll through each chapter, you can always go back and read the others later :)


Also, I'm not marking this story Mature, because only certain chapters have adult content.  So, they'll be marked with a [M] rating.


Let's Begin-



Chapter Summaries: There are sixteen chapters posted so far :)


>>>Chapter 1:

  The car crunched over gravel.  They were being driven to a summer house where they would film a reality show called 7llin' in the Dream.
  Jeno's phone vibrated.
  "I have a surprise for you," Haechan's text message said.
  Jeno's eyes widened and Jaemin grinned.  "What is it," he asked.
  "What are you up to now," he whispered.
  "Who, Haechan?"
  "Just the fact that you know that-


>>>Chapter 2:  We're the Best of Friends [P1/3]

The Dreamies will be themselves. And...

Jaemin still refuses to feed and everyone is worried about him. [CH2]


>>>Chapter 3:  We're the Best of Friends [P2/3]

Rated [M] for ual content.

They play a ridiculous and loud foot-volley-ball game and Jaemin gets some devious help so that he can feed. & Pore Jissungie's eyes... or ears... same thing...? [CH3]


>>>Chapter 4:  We're the Best of Friends [P3/3]

Rated [M] for ual content - this time it's not just 'stuff, but oral ...

You've been warned. ;)


Jaemin is a menace, Jisung learns a valuable lesson, Renjun's... everything is floating on a cloud of happiness, Jeno is not amused, but he is whipped. Haha.

Chenle's loud, Haechan is loud - and Mark is... Mark. The only normal one. [CH4]


>>>Read Chapter 5:  Dive into Youth [P1/2]

Jaemin is healthy again - yay! Renjun is happy. Haechan is a menace and Jisung is not amused. Jeno just wants to have fun...

There may or may not be a hint of another romantic relationship going on. Leave your suspicions in the Comment Section ;)

There's some backstory for how some of them became supernatural creatures. [CH5]


>>>Read Chapter 6:  Dive into Youth [P2/2]

The guys have fun and Renjun suffers - but so does everyone else ;)

Renjun finds another reason to appreciate Jaemin.

Jaemin, Renjun, and Haechan go grocery shopping.

The surprise relationship is revealed. [CH6]


>>>Read Chapter 7:  Time Flies, We Fly [P1/2]

The Dreamies have fun - and are their devious selves.

They're setting up for a delicious meal & some more vampy stuff is revealed - as well as Chenle and his Donor transition issue.

Plus, vampire strength being downplayed in front of cameras can be entertaining. ;) [CH7]


>>>Read Chapter 8:  Time Flies, We Fly [P2/2]

They eat a great meal, enjoy the weather, and are still their Dreamy-centric selves.

Chenle is keeping a secret about his transition, which could be dangerous. [CH8] 


>>>Read Chapter 9:  Hope it Never Fades Out [P1/2]

This is the longest chapter so far :)

They play beer pong. Jeno and Haechan are thoughtful. Mark's a dork and a romantic. Jaemin's an adorable weirdo.

Renjun finally gives Haechan that special meal he makes.

Translation: He finally feeds him and you get to see their softer side.

You also learn a little history of them being young vampires and donors - and how Mark found out what they are. [CH9]


>>>Read Chapter 10:  Hope it Never Fades Out [P2/2]

They relax around a campfire and tease each other. They talk about their experience while there.

Jaemin really likes the fire.

A few vampy moments ft. Chenle...

Renjun feels nice. Very nice. *Snickers.

A freshly fed Haechan is a magnet for Mark's attention. *starry eyes. [CH10]


>>>Read Chapter 11:  Dear my DREAM, I'll be there for you [P1/6]

They choose an anonymous member of the Dreamies and say a good thing about them or propose a question - and the other members have to guess who they're talking about. [CH11]


>>>Read Chapter 12:  Dear my DREAM, I'll be there for you [P2/6]

They finally turn in for the night and Dreamie-centric stuff happens. Of course, it does.

Then they just have to wait for the cameras to stop rolling and the staff to leave before they can do what they really want to do... [CH12]


>>>Read Chapter 13:  Dear my DREAM, I'll be there for you [P3/6]

Mark has to fight off an obnoxious Haechan... shocker. And Haechan proposes an idea to help their relationship and it's Mark's weakness.

Renjun finally gets to spend time with Jeno in the dog house, but it doesn't go as well as he'd hoped.

Chenle has a major setback with his transition and has to make an important decision. Which he hates with a passion.

The others are absolutely no help at all. [CH13]


>>>Read Chapter 14:  Dear my DREAM, I'll be there for you [P4/6]

Rated [M] for ual content.

Renjun and Jeno finally get to spend some time together *wiggles eyebrows

Chenle searches for them and gets a great idea... and he may kill them later. [CH14]


>>>Read Chapter 15:  Dear my DREAM, I'll be there for you [P5/6]

Renjun suggests that Jeno bite Chenle to see if he gets euphoria. It's the only way to know if his transition has finished.

Mark wants to reveal a long-kept secret to Haechan, but he's afraid he'll get upset.  Let the real drama begin. [CH15]


>>>Read Chapter 16:  Dear my DREAM, I'll be there for you [6/6]

The filming day comes to a seemingly happy end for the fans. Now, they get to spend another day and night - without cameras.

Jaemin and Haechan have to tell everyone about Chenle's transition issue, but he's so happy they can't do it.

So, they need to come up with a Plan B. [CH16]


>>>Read Chapter 17:  Camera Free [Part 1]: Someone besides us...

Jaemin and Haechan try to convince Renjun to keep Chenle's transition issue a secret. [CH17]


>>>Read Chapter 18:  Camera Free [Part 2]: Uh-Oh!

Chenle tries to apologize to Jeno, Renjun tries to tell Jeno the truth about Chenle, Jaemin has a meltdown and Haechan tries to help - with pore Mark getting caught in the middle. It being human sometimes. [CH18]


>>>Read Chapter 19:  Camera Free [Part 3]: I'm Sorry

Jaemin apologizes to Renjun for roping him into this mess, and Renjun and Jisung get into quite a pickle - with Chenle. Dunt Dunt Duuuuh! [CH19]


New chapters coming soon!



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